Top Athletes with Successful Fashion Brands

Top Athletes with Successful Fashion Brands

The sports industry and the fashion industry have always been known to be deeply entwined with each other as athletes are usually careful with what they wear considering the amount of eyes they attract from everywhere across the globe. 

This relationship is so intense that some athletes who are not famous in the sports industry they play are usually known for their craft in the fashion industry. But that’s not what we are here to discuss.

In this article, we will be talking about the top and famous athletes who are not only successful in their crafts in the sports industry but also went on to establish successful fashion brands that achieved global fame. So, read more to find out about these athletes.

Serena Williams

First on this list of top athletes with successful fashion brands is the retired Serena Williams, who hung up her racket and tennis shoes, to face her new-found life in the fashion world. In her Tennis career, Serena won everything that could be won to leave an immortal mark in the world of Tennis.

But the 42-year-old is not only a talented tennis player, but also a skilled actress, entrepreneur, good dresser, and a mother. Even before her Tennis career, Serena was no stranger to fame as she had featured in numerous films and television series before she transitioned into becoming a professional tennis player. 

However, some rumours are claiming that she may emerge from retirement to challenge the eighth Wimbledon title in London or a seventh US Open medal.

The leading apps offering sports betting in Alabama have odds on an amazing Williams comeback. This rumour might just turn out to be rumors and not true in any sense, as Serena has already claimed these titles several times during her career.

While it would make an inspiring story for her supporters if she ended up bagging another title out of retirement, the odds of her returning are just too slim as Serena seems to love being a mother and all that comes with it.

A Fashion Icon Award

While we may not see her in the centre court of England challenging the Wimbledon title anymore, Serena continues to win even in retirement as she was announced the recipient of the Fashion Icon award at the famous and reputable CFDA Awards which was held in New York in 2023

Bagging this prestigious award saw her become the first athlete from the sports industry to claim this award, and lots of eyebrows were raised in surprise when it happened.

During her early Tennis career, Serena Williams was renowned for bringing colour to the rigid all-white style of the Tennis world. She played an important role in the ditching of this tradition by entering the tennis court with vibrant colours that matched her aggressive style of play.

This can considered as one of the steps she took in becoming a legendary figure in the world of Tennis. Now, Serena is a proud owner of a successful fashion line called “S by Serena”, which saw her claim the Fashion Icon award in 2023.

Even in retirement, Serena is relentless as she continues to rake in achievements in both the sports and fashion world. But there have also been other successful athletes who have managed to gain success in the fashion world. Below are a few more, should you need inspiration of some sort.

Top Athletes

Russell Westbrook

For those who are unfamiliar with him, Russell Westbrook is a basketball player who plays as a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. He is known for his explosive playing style which helped him make a name for himself in the high-profile league as well as in the fashion world.

In 2016, Russell launched his brand “Honor The Gift”, which reflects the player’s bold and eclectic fashion sense. It is a brand that sought to merge streetwear aesthetics with a touch of luxury, showcasing Westbrook’s commitment to self-expression. The brand’s success underscores the appeal of an athlete-driven label that encapsulates not just athletic prowess but also individuality.

Ever since its launch in 2016, the brand has grown tremendously as people, including NBA fans, enjoy the comfort the clothing line brings to them while making them look good in it. It features the latest clothing technology that sees it keep the wearer cool, dry and ready regardless of the day.

LeBron James

Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you should’ve heard the name LeBron James, who is constantly regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Ever since his professional debut, James has been able to break several records along the way, and he is now extending his reach into the fashion world through his collaboration with Nike, a global brand.

Nike and LeBron James made magic with cutting-edge design and high-performance athletic wear that was launched into the world through their partnership, and James played a pivotal role in the design process. His collaboration quickly became a benchmark in most athlete-led fashion lines.

In 2023, James launched a fashion line with Liverpool Football Club, where the basketball player is a shareholder. This became another successful clothing line for the NBA star in the football world. But this is just one of the few things the player has launched so far into his career as a basketball player. We might get to see more before and after he retires from the beautiful game. Who knows, maybe we’ll see LeBron James transition fully into the fashion industry.

David Beckham

In the world of top-flight football, David Beckham is a legend, and ever since his retirement, the former football player has been extending his reach into the fashion world. We’ve seen him burst into the fashion scene with a couple of engagements with popular brands. His partnership with Kent & Curwen, a British heritage brand, gave him more limelight in the industry with classic menswear.

Many may claim that Beckham’s success in the fashion industry is attributed to his wife, Victoria Beckham a former Spice Girl, who runs a successful fashion brand. She might have been instrumental in the successful launch of David Beckham’s House 99.

But that’s not all Beckham is about. You’ll see him as a fashionista when he steps into the limelight with his wife, and you’ll also see him as an entrepreneur when you see his involvement with Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer team.

Just like Serena, David Beckham still retains that relentless spirit he had during his football career. You can see him brimming with the determination to succeed at everything from football to fashion to even becoming an entrepreneur.

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