Chris Pryme Husband Death and Obituary: QVC 2024

Chris Pryme Husband Death and Obituary

If you are a QVC fan and you have been watching QVC for many years, you probably know about Chris Pryme on the QVC shows. Chris Pryme is a well-known businesswoman and pastry chef who became super famous on QVC for her show, LocknLock. Many people loved and admired Chris Prime for her engaging personality and charisma.

Chris Prime has been working with QVC for more than 21 years. But she left QVC, and her name is currently making rounds on the internet after sharing the news of her retirement. Recently, there was news going on about her husband passing away. So, what’s the truth?

While leaving QVC, she came into Instagram Live and talked about her husband’s passing. She didn’t give more information about this, but this was one of the reasons she left QVC. Several people on the internet have talked about this topic.

This article will look into Chris’s personal life and future plans. We will also take a moment to remember and celebrate her husband’s life and the good times they shared. So, stay with this article till the end to learn about “Chris Pryme Husband’s Death and Obituary.” We will explain everything in detail. So let’s get started.

Who is Chris Prime?

Chris Pryme is a famous American TV personality, QVC host, and successful businesswoman. She is widely known for her QVC show LocknLock. She was a big name on QVC and worked there for 21 years but left the show in 2019.  

In the show LocknLock on QVC, Chris was famous for her culinary skills and amazing presentation skills when presenting products to a large audience. Over the years, she had established a loyal fan base who loved her passion for the cooking arts and amazing talents. 

There is not much information available about Chris in the public domain. However, Chris was born into a caring and supportive family that helped to lay the foundation for her successful life journey.

Growing up, she showed a huge interest in the business world and immersed herself in books and magazines that increased her entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age, Chris was known for her sincerity, honesty, and her ability to listen and help others. These qualities helped her later contribute to her success. 

Chris Pryme first began her career in gardening, and she quickly gained recognition for her amazing expert skills in this field. Later, Chris joined QVC and spent an impressive 21 years on the, engaging the viewers with her remarkable cooking and hosting skills. 

But, in a touching Instagram video that Chris posted in the spring of 2019, she announced her retirement by sharing the tragic news of her husband’s death. She did not give more details about the death of her husband but told everyone that she was quitting the QVC.

Chris Pryme Husband Death and Obituary Details

Chris Pryme is a well-known American TV personality who has been working on QVC for 21 years. Recently, she shared some sad news on Instagram in Spring 2019. In the Instagram post, Chris told about the death of her husband, and She announced that she was retiring from her job. In the same post, she talked about her plans to retire and the big loss she was going through.

Many people, including her fans on social media and the QVC community, were curious about what happened to Chris’s husband, but Chris didn’t give any specific details about his death. This had left many people worried for Chris, and people were guessing about what might have happened. However, Chris promised to share more information about the incident when she can in the future. 

Many people are eagerly waiting, hoping to hear more from her soon.

For now, we can only show our support and take this opportunity to appreciate all the hard work Chris has done over the years.

Chris Pryme Husband Death and Obituary

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Community Response to Chris Pryme’s Husband’s Death

We know that the passing of a loved one in our life can cast a shadow entirely. But after frequently receiving the kindness and support of others, it can serve us as a ray of hope in these dark times and give us the strength to get up and enjoy our remaining life. Recently, the same incident happened with Chris after she announced the death of her husband. 

Many people and Chris’s fans were saddened to hear about the loss of her husband. People expressed their condolences and shared good memories through social media and QVC forums. On Instagram, many are posting messages expressing their sorrow and offering comfort to grieving people.

Some fans of Chris wrote about her retirement after 21 years of service on QVC, expressing their appreciation for her down-to-earth and sincere personality. Others remembered when Chris mentioned her husband last year and expressed sympathy for her loss.

Here’s what they have to say:

 “Heard she announced that she will be retiring after 21 years, I cannot take the rep Patti. She just laughs too much and, most of the time, over nothing. I think some of my pieces then are over 20 years old when Chris first came to the Q,

I always enjoyed watching her; she reminded me of someone who you would like as a friend or neighbor, very down-to-earth and sincere.

I think I heard she will be on 9/3, and    that day, the TSV is    Lock n Lock; hope they give her a nice send-off.”

Another user wrote:

“Was wondering where she went.    Glad QVC protects her privacy.    I remember maybe last year she “slipped” and said her husband…and I thought, oh…. she’s married!

So sorry for her loss; always hard to go through these life changes. Prayers.”

Chris Pryme’s Retirement From QVC

Chris Pryme has worked with QVC for more than 21 years. In 2019, Chris announced her retirement. She decided to quit all of the legacy and memories that she had made in the past few decades. Chris was mostly famous for her cooking shows. Many people used to love her and take her as an inspiration. 

On her Instagram Live, Chris said that she is leaving QVC. Chris has not given any exact reason for her leaving the QVC. However, it is possible that she had some health concerns, including her back injury. The death of Chris’s husband could also be one of the reasons behind it. Many people loved Chris and her cooking shows, and her retirement news left them sad. 

Regarding her leaving QVC, Chris’s colleagues have shared posts on social media, including David Venable from QVC,  wishing her all the best in her retirement. 

David Venable shared this post on Facebook and wrote:

“Hi, friends! Please join me in wishing Chris Pryme all the best in her retirement. Chris, I will miss you every single day. I’m so happy that our friendship will continue, but I will miss having you at the Q. All my love!”

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What Does the Future Hold for Chris Pryme?

Chris Pryme, a well-known American TV personality who spent 21 years at QVC, has decided to move on in her life. She is starting and working on her new venture. Although her colleagues and fans at QVC were really saddened by her departure, they are also excited to see what she will do in the future.

These days, Chris is more active on social media. She frequently posts about her product advertisements and sometimes posts about the list of her favorite recipes. She looks very happy in her photos and enjoys herself with her cute dog.

Chris has significantly contributed to QVc during her period, and all will feel her absence. As she steps into the new chapter in her life, we wish her all the very best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the cause of Chris Pryme’s husband’s death?

As of now, the exact cause remains undisclosed. Chris has maintained privacy regarding the details of her husband’s passing.

How did Chris Pryme announce her husband’s death?

Chris shared the news through an Instagram video discussing her retirement from QVC.

What are Chris Pryme’s plans for the future?

While the specifics are yet to be revealed, Chris has hinted at embarking on a new venture soon.

What is Chris Pryme’s net worth?

The net worth of Chris Pryme is approximately $3 Million.

Why did Chris Pryme retire from QVC? 

It was quite a surprise for many of her fans, as she was a well-known culinary expert on the channel. She recently announced her retirement in a touching video on her Instagram page, explaining that she had to make this decision due to a back injury. 

Final Thoughts

As we take a moment to write about Chris Pryme’s life journey, we feel a mix of admiration and sorrow for her. For QVC for more than 20 years, Chris was a beloved personality on the show, known for her cooking skills, personality, and business talents.

She had faced many challenges during her career, but she was always positive about it, inspiring many other people with her down-to-earth personality. Recently, her husband passed away, and this sad news has left her fans feeling very sad.

Although she announced her retirement from QVC, the real cause of her husband’s death is still unknown, making this an especially difficult time for her. Despite the challenges, Chris is moving forward in her career with her new dreams and showing her resilience and bravery.

As Chris takes this new step in her life, we offer our love and support, hoping that her future is full of happiness and opportunities. We celebrate Chris Pryme’s life, recognizing her as someone who has touched the lives of many individuals.

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  1. I just dearly love sweet Chris! So saddened to hear of her loss. Love and prayers to you, Chris.
    Every day as I use my Lock n Lock, I think of you Take care of yourself and remember to breathe!
    Cindy R. In Oklahoma

  2. Chris I live in Evérgreen Alabama and just wanted you to how much you are missed on QVC. My husband and I always watched you when you sold your Lock & Lock products. Lock & Lock is the greatest container on the market. I have a ton of it. Hope you are doing good. We love you and miss you do much. Yake care, Carol & Mike Wiley.

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