Has QVC Discontinued MAC Cosmetics? No MAC On QVC

Has QVC Discontinued MAC Cosmetics

If you watch QVC regularly, you may have noticed many brands that come and promote their products on the show. Especially when talking about the fashion and cosmetic brand, one brand has been catching the eyes of the Qvc audience for many years.

Mac cosmetics brand was super popular in QVC because of its ideas about “everyday fabulous.” But nowadays, people do not see products from Macs in QVC stores. It has left many people wondering, has Qvc discontinued MAC Cosmetics? Well, let’s find out.

People find it really weird that a brand that has been selling for a long time suddenly disappears from the QVC stores without any announcement. When you search about the products in QVC, it says, “The product is sold out.”

There is no official confirmation of why this happened, but some rumors say that the products in QVC’s warehouses have finished, and some say that the company is dealing with a financial crisis and loss while selling at QVC. Some reports also say that the company’s contract with QVC is over. Let’s wait until the confirmation to find out what is actually real.

You may also wonder why people love this brand so much. And why is the absence of MAC on QVC a big deal? So, in this article, we will go into every detail and try to find out the truth. So, let’s dive in.

Why Was MAC Cosmetics Discontinued on QVC?

So, in recent days, when people were searching for MAC Cosmetics products on QVC and HSN, there were only a few stocks available. But, after some days, no product was left in the stock. This was all normal until the company didn’t list the products on QVC websites for so long. 

This made the fashion lovers in Qvc really wonder. People in the QVC community group started questioning each other about why MAC makeup isn’t on QVC anymore. People had different ideas and speculations about this topic. MAC tends to be young at the counter and does not seem a good fit with QVC. So, all of these factors sparked the rumor about Mac cosmetics being discontinued on QVC.

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What’s the Big Deal About MAC Cosmetics Leaving QVC?

In QVC, MAC Cosmetics made a big name among many audiences in a short time. The MAC cosmetics brand products are affordable, and people find them valuable.

In addition, MAC Cosmetics promoted the products with the motto of Everyday Fabulous, and they succeeded in doing so. It was already a big brand before joining QVC, so people trusted it even more.

This brand has also collaborated once with celebrities like Ariana Grande. This step helped connect audiences with the brand, making MAC makeup a big thing on QVC. People really liked the shows and admired the products and even bought them.

One fan wrote this about the MAC Cosmetics:

“I am not surprised they disappeared. MAC trends young at the counter, and it did not seem a good fit with QVC. Unfortunately, they left, as their shows were informative, the guest hosts were knowledgeable, and the products were great.”

Has MAC Cosmetics Officially Left QVC?

As of 2024, QVC or MAC Cosmetics has not officially confirmed discontinuing the products. While MAC cosmetics is still selling products on its website, it has raised concern among its loyal brands about its future in QVC. Many people are hoping for the return of this brand.

But as always, many people think this brand has left QVC. As we know, QVC does not officially announce any brands leaving. But this can also be a moment of silence before the huge product launch. Let’s see what happens in the future. 

Mac On QVC

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What Are Alternatives to MAC Cosmetics on QVC?

If you cannot find MAC products on QVC, consider exploring other alternative platforms, such as HSN or department stores, to give you a wider range of MAC products. Additionally, there are other makeup brands, such as Bobby Brown, Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel, and Mally Beauty, that you can check as an alternative to MAC Cosmetics. The reason for MAC’s leaving QVC is unknown, but we can guess that the arrival of new makeup brands like Laura Mercier can contribute to this.

Is MAC Cosmetics No Longer Available on QVC?

In recent days, many members of the QVC community have observed that popular makeup brands like MAC are no longer being sold on QVC. But you should not be quite surprised that they are no longer available because MAC only sells to a younger audience, and it may not have been a good match with QVC. Unfortunately, they left because their shows were informative, the hosts were knowledgeable, and the products were excellent.

As we know, QVC frequently updates its inventory, and products come and go without any official confirmation about contracts ending with the brands. The absence of MAC Cosmetics could be because QVC’s inventory was low, leading to sell-outs. 

We also have noticed that many people prefer purchasing MAC products from other retailers with good sales and free shipping. QVC has started showcasing lesser-known brands, which could be a part of a bigger plan or just a temporary situation. We’ll have to wait and see how things go in the future. Currently, all of these actions are a regular ongoing trend on QVC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are MAC products not listed on QVC anymore?

There is no official statement, but community speculation suggests the contract might end.

Are there any MAC products left on QVC?

According to community members, there’s only one product left—an eyeliner on a waitlist.

Can I find MAC products on other platforms?

You can explore department stores or alternative shopping networks like HSN, although their range may also be limited.

Is MAC Cosmetics a good brand?

Yes, MAC Cosmetics is a good brand. They make high-quality makeup with a good price range.

Which country brand is MAC? 

MAC Cosmetics is a Canadian brand that was founded in Toronto in 1984. Since then, MAC Cosmetics has been the world’s leading professional makeup authority and is sold in over 120 countries around the world.

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Final Thoughts

Many beauty enthusiasts who bought their products from QVC feel confused and disappointed that MAC makeup is no longer available on QVC.

While there has been no official explanation for the rumor of this brand leaving QVC, people assume that the partnership between MAC and QVC has ended or that QVC is exploring new options with other brands.

If you are a fan of MAC, you should now search for their products elsewhere for the time being. We request you to stay tuned with our community about what will happen in the future.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed by this news, or do you view it as an opportunity to try out new makeup brands? Answer your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Has QVC Discontinued MAC Cosmetics? No MAC On QVC

  1. I am thinking it is possible that the brand is trying to pivot back to attracting a young and creative demo, which was their original bread & butter in the 90s. Their lip oil recently became popular with Gen Z, and as a long time customer of theirs, i don’t blame them. As a shopper to QVC it stinks bc I like easy pay, but as a makeup nerd, i totally get how being onQVC or HSN can dilute a brand. They have sales & free shipping on the brand site, and they sell through the big department stores, so they are still easily accessible.

  2. I enjoyed shopping for MAC cosmetics for their easy pay options and better prices than department stores. QVC would offer bundle sets and very reasonable prices. Now there isn’t one MAC item on their site. Why? If you’re going to come with a new department store brand that’s fine as long as the prices are lower.

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