Has QVC Discontinued MAC Cosmetics? No MAC On QVC

You’re browsing QVC’s website, your favorite place to find awesome beauty products, and you notice something strange—no MAC makeup can be found. Isn’t that weird?

It makes you wonder, did QVC decide to stop selling MAC makeup? Let’s dive deeper to figure out what’s actually happening here.

What Sparked the Rumor About MAC Cosmetics Being Discontinued on QVC?

So, how did people start thinking MAC makeup isn’t on QVC anymore? Well, someone named MommyAngie asked about it on QVC’s online community. People had different ideas. Some thought maybe the deal between MAC and QVC ended. Others were sad that MAC stuff wasn’t there, especially during special beauty sale days.

Why Is the Absence of MAC Cosmetics on QVC a Big Deal?

MAC makeup was a big thing on QVC, and many people liked buying it there. It was a big deal when MAC first came to QVC, and people looked forward to seeing MAC on TV. So, now that MAC is gone, everyone is wondering why.

Have There Been Any Official Statements Regarding the Discontinuation?

Neither QVC nor MAC makeup have said anything official about why MAC is no longer on QVC. So, people are just guessing what happened. Some think maybe new makeup brands like Laura Mercier coming to QVC could be why MAC left.

Mac On QVC

What Are the Alternatives to MAC Cosmetics on QVC?

You might want to explore other platforms if you miss MAC on QVC. HSN was mentioned as an alternative, although they, too, seem to have a limited range of MAC products. Alternatively, department stores continue to offer a wide range of MAC products.

Is the Absence of MAC Cosmetics a Trend on QVC?

Some people in the QVC community have noticed that QVC is no longer selling big-name makeup brands like MAC. Instead, they’re showing lesser-known brands. Is this a big plan QVC has, or is it just for a little while? We’ll have to wait and see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are MAC products not listed on QVC anymore?

There is no official statement, but community speculation suggests the contract might end.

Are there any MAC products left on QVC?

According to community members, there’s only one product left—an eyeliner on a waitlist.

Can I find MAC products on other platforms?

You can explore department stores or alternative shopping networks like HSN, although their range may also be limited.

Final Thoughts

Many people who love beauty stuff are confused and sad that MAC makeup isn’t on QVC anymore. There’s no official reason given, so people are making guesses. Some think the deal between MAC and QVC ended, or QVC is trying something new with different brands. If you like MAC, you might have to shop elsewhere for now. But keep watching because things could change.

So, what do you think? Are you sad about this, or is it a chance for you to try new makeup brands?

2 thoughts on “Has QVC Discontinued MAC Cosmetics? No MAC On QVC”

  1. I am thinking it is possible that the brand is trying to pivot back to attracting a young and creative demo, which was their original bread & butter in the 90s. Their lip oil recently became popular with Gen Z, and as a long time customer of theirs, i don’t blame them. As a shopper to QVC it stinks bc I like easy pay, but as a makeup nerd, i totally get how being onQVC or HSN can dilute a brand. They have sales & free shipping on the brand site, and they sell through the big department stores, so they are still easily accessible.

  2. I enjoyed shopping for MAC cosmetics for their easy pay options and better prices than department stores. QVC would offer bundle sets and very reasonable prices. Now there isn’t one MAC item on their site. Why? If you’re going to come with a new department store brand that’s fine as long as the prices are lower.


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