Is Kathy Levine Back on QVC? Big Reveal

Is Kathy Levine Back on QVC

Have you heard this news? One of the fans’ favorite hosts on QVC, Kathy Levine, is returning after a very long time.

This news has brought special excitement to the fans of this amazing host.

Kathy Levine has returned to QVC after more than 20 years of being gone. However, she has not returned to QVC as a host but with a brand new collaboration with one of your favorite brands, “Diamonique.”

When she was asked about her return in an interview, Kathy Levine said:”Diamonique was celebrating a 35th birthday, and it was suggested I make a guest appearance. “

Kathy added: 

“Many of my audience members were young kids when I started in 1986. Now, like me, they’re grandmothers. Can you say loyal? I love them.”

Not only this, but we will also explain Kathy Levine’s amazing career and her new roles after returning to the QVC. So, stay tuned to our article for an in-depth explanation of your favorite QVC host.

Why Kathy Levine’s Return to QVC?

The exciting news started spreading when QVC posted about it on Facebook on May 30, creating a buzz among Kathy’s fans. Known for her charm and expertise, Kathy is back as the official spokesperson for QVC’s iconic simulated diamond brand, Diamonique.


After this message, several of Kathy’s fans were concerned and started questioning the QVC community and other platforms. So, this news quickly got the limelight and started spreading.

And you might be wondering, What led to this comeback of Kathy Levine? It all began with a casual conversation between Kathy and QVC’s Senior Vice President, Susan Schick. This talk gave Kathy an incredible opportunity, especially with Diamonique celebrating its 35th anniversary. Kathy Levine’s return is a homecoming, bringing back a familiar face and voice that played a key role in shaping the world of home shopping.

Kathy Levine Back on QVC

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How Has Kathy Levine’s Role Changed Since Her Return?

Kathy Levine’s comeback to QVC is not only an old memory but also a fresh start for her career with the QVC network. Now, Kathy is hosting her show and working as a special guest in her new role with her collection in the Diamonique brand. This also includes returning a favorite, the “Kathy Ring,” from her old collection. Kathy’s role now combines the memories of her past with new and innovative creations.

In a conversation with QVC’s Senior Vice President, Susan Schick, Kathy said she lived close to QVC’s West Chester PA studios. Susan suggested the role and Kathy was very excited about it. Also, being excited about Diamonique’s 35th anniversary, Kathy proudly declared herself the brand and face of Diamonique. And just like that, Kathy is back on the QVC in her new role.

What Can Fans Expect From Kathy Levine’s New Line?

Fans of Kathy Levine and Diamonique are in for something special with her new line and with this new role at QVC. Kathy said she is about bringing back the charm and style that made previous shows a hit. She also highlighted the comeback of the famous “Kathy Ring,” now called “The Icon.”

Kathy said she wants to reconnect with those who have loved her designs. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the scene, this is your chance to own a piece of QVC history reimagined for today’s audience.

Kathy, known for her lively jewelry shows with the late Joan Rivers, got into this new opportunity during a chat with Susan Schick, Senior Vice President at QVC. Kathy revealed a whole new line of Diamonique products on June 24, bringing more non-stop excitement.

But before that, in the June 1 segments, Kathy brought back “The Icon,” a classy ring with a big heart-shaped stone on a bold crisscross band. Kathy understands that many people have lost or wished for this ring over the years. Well, now is the time to own or replace this iconic piece of jewelry.

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Who Is Kathy Levine?

Kathy Levine is a well-known figure in the world of home shopping and one of the original queens of QVC. With her charming personality and charismatic style, she became very popular on the home shopping network from 1986 until 2000. Throughout her career, Kathy played a significant role in QVC’s success and contributed to a substantial portion of their sales.

 In 2022, Kathy recently announced her return to QVC, and fans were thrilled to see her return as a guest host on QVC with Diamonique. This was a nostalgic moment for her fans and longtime viewers. 

Kathy was born in September 1951 and has been married to Steve Taub since 2000. Kathy Levine’s influence on QVC and her return in 2022 has created new excitement among her loyal fans and newer audiences. They all are eager to witness her charismatic presence once again on QVc. 

Kathy Levine is a name that echoes through the world of home shopping. She was a star on QVC and widely known for her great skill and friendly charm. So, are you excited about Kathy Levine being back on QVC?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kathy Levine hosting her shows again?

Kathy Levine is returning as a guest with her line “Diamonique” but not as a regular host. However, despite not hosting her shows, her segments still promise the same energy and passion she is known for.

Will the “Kathy Ring” be the only item in her new line?

While the “Kathy Ring” is a highlight, Levine’s new line will feature a full range of Diamonique products, showcasing her signature style.

Has Kathy Levine been involved with QVC during her hiatus?

Levine has been pursuing other ventures but remained close to the QVC community. Her return marks a new chapter in her relationship with the network.

Final Thoughts

Kathy Levine’s return to QVC is not just a comeback but also a celebration of a legacy that has touched millions of viewers. After her return, she won’t be hosting regular shows but will be managing her new role as the face of Diamonique.

With her line featuring the iconic “Kathy Ring” and a full range of Diamonique products, Kathy aims to gain that spark that made her a beloved figure in home shopping. Her return is a pleasant surprise to the loyal fans who have followed her journey since 1986.

As Kathy steps back into the QVC studios, one thing is clear she is back and ready to shine brighter than ever. The excitement among her old and new fans and her presence on QVC will bring joy and nostalgia to her home shopping network.

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