Is Kathy Levine Back on QVC? Big Reveal

Kathy Levine is a name that echoes through the world of home shopping. She was a star on QVC, known for her great skill and friendly charm. So, is Kathy Levine back on QVC?

Yes, Kathy Levine is coming back to QVC. She won’t be hosting, but she will do something special to celebrate her past and start a new chapter with Diamonique, a well-known part of QVC.

Keep reading to learn more about Kathy Levine’s amazing career and what her return means for her fans and for QVC’s future.

What Sparked Kathy Levine’s Return to QVC?

After more than two decades, Kathy Levine has returned triumphantly to QVC. It’s a homecoming for one of the network’s original hosts, a face and voice that helped define the home-shopping world. But what prompted this return?

It turns out a casual conversation with QVC’s Senior Vice President of Content and Broadcast Production, Susan Schick, led to an opportunity that was too good to pass up. With Diamonique’s 35th anniversary on the horizon, Levine was the natural choice to become the brand’s official spokesperson.

Kathy Levine Back on QVC

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How Has Kathy Levine’s Role Changed Since Her Return?

Levine’s return to QVC isn’t just a walk down memory lane; it’s a renaissance of her career with the network. She’s back not just as a host but as a guest with her own line within the Diamonique brand. This includes reintroducing the “Kathy Ring,” a beloved piece from her previous collection. Her role now encompasses both the nostalgia of her past and the innovation of her present, blending her legacy with new creations.

What Can Fans Expect From Kathy Levine’s New Line?

Fans of Kathy Levine and Diamonique are in for a treat. The new line promises to bring back the charm and style that made Levine’s shows a hit. With the reintroduction of the “Kathy Ring,” now dubbed “The Icon,” Levine is reaching out to those who have cherished her designs over the years. It’s a chance for fans old and new to own a piece of QVC history reimagined for today’s audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kathy Levine hosting her own shows again?

Kathy Levine is returning as a guest with her own line, not as a regular host. However, her segments promise the same energy and passion she’s known for.

Will the “Kathy Ring” be the only item in her new line?

While the “Kathy Ring” is a highlight, Levine’s new line will feature a full range of Diamonique products, showcasing her signature style.

Has Kathy Levine been involved with QVC during her hiatus?

Levine has been pursuing other ventures but remained close to the QVC community. Her return marks a new chapter in her relationship with the network.

Final Thoughts

Kathy Levine’s return to QVC is more than a comeback; it’s a celebration of a legacy that has touched millions of viewers. Her new role as the face of Diamonique brings a fresh perspective to a brand that has been a cornerstone of the network for 35 years.

With her new line, Levine is set to reignite the spark that made her a beloved figure in home shopping. As she steps back into the studios, one thing is clear: Kathy Levine is back and ready to shine brighter than ever.

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