QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam: Is QVC Factory Outlet Legit?

Is QVC Factory Outlet Legit

Have you ever seen websites claiming to sell items at half the price compared to other websites? And the offers are too good to be true, which makes us very suspicious to believe. Well, I’m talking about the QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam. 

If you are a QVC fan, you might love and trust their products very well. Since shopping online is super handy nowadays, people buy all their necessary items online. Using this trust and information, your scammers tend to create a fake website like QVC Factory Outlet Shop. People often believe it is true and fall for the Scam.

Here’s how it works: Scammers find out the real stores like QVC that people trust very well. They buy domains and set up fake online stores. Many people have fallen into this trap and got cheap, low-quality products or got nothing sometimes.

So, you might wonder, are all QVC online shops fake? How do you become aware of these scams? Stay with our article till the end. We will explain the QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam and how to spot these stores and avoid them.

In this article, we will also teach you to be smarter when you are shopping online. You can enjoy shopping safely and confidently. So, don’t miss out till the end.

Is QVC Factory Outlet Legit?

Many QVC Factory Outlet sites promote products like electronics, jewelry, home items, and many more. They also offer huge discounts. So, it makes many shoppers wonder, Is the QVC factory Outlet legit?

The answer is No. The QVC Factory Outlet Shop isn’t real. It is a fake site and store set up by a bunch of scammers to look like the real QVC store. They provide great deals and eagerly await people to fall into their trap. People often believe something too good to be true.

After people buy products from them, they steal their credit card details and some personal information. Many times, people complain about getting something cheap or fake products. Sometimes, they do not even get anything from these stores. So, the QVC factory outlet is not a safe place to shop.

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Unveiling the QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam

Now, you may ask, are all online QVC stores fake? No, QVC and their hosts have legit stores. Later in this article, we will tell you how to find out about them. But first, let’s understand how these scams work and how to avoid them.

What is the QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam?

The QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam is a trick where people make fake online stores that look like real QVC stores. They tend to offer 50 to 60 percent off on different products like electronics, jewelry, home decor items, and more. They allegedly attract customers and make them buy things. People often fall for this trap until they realize their money is gone. They might get something cheap product or nothing.

Scammers often promote these sites on social media. Many QVC fans have stated that they have seen such stores on Google and Facebook ads. 

How Does the Scam Operate?

Scammers often target products that sell higher but are costly. They target a specific type of people to fall into their trap. Scammers rely on people’s deep trust in QVC and promote their products as a limited offer. People often fear missing out and try to buy the products to catch up with the trend. Little do people know they have been scammed. 

People often get fake and low-quality products instead of getting what they paid for. And the risk of credit card and personal details is on top of that.

Scammers may create a fake store like this. It is hard to differentiate which one is legit and which is not.

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Identifying the QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam Sites

It is hard to find out these scam websites. But while setting on, scammers often miss out on many important things. And that could be a warning sign for us. 

They often display fake logos and many QVC product images by copying them. They often claim their “QVC Outlet Stores” are shutting down. In a hurry, people often make mistakes. QVC has no connection with these scams. 

 Fake QVC outlet shops often try to bait customers by setting unrealistic product prices. They provide large discounts on products that are identical to those found on the real QVC site. They copy all product images, descriptions, and content from the original QVC site. If you analyze the site carefully, you can see it is a scam site.

The third thing you can check into is the website’s domain name. Scammers often often use domain names that are nowhere similar or related to real QVC networks. 

How to Identify a Scam Site by its Domain Name?

The names on the scam website are nowhere similar to the real QVC store name. If you look down at this image, this is the real domain name of real QVC online shopping. 

The name is “,” which is legitimate and represents the brand.

Fake sites have names such as “” or “” So, go to the real QVC store next time you’re shopping.

What Contact Information Do Scam Sites Provide?

In most cases, these fake stores don’t provide any physical address or phone number. They only provide an email address that does not matches with the website. Many brands often use different professional emails for their customers. For example, In QVC, while contacting them, they have an email like “[email protected]”.

Sometimes, scammers do provide contact information and addresses to make their websites look legit. They are often fake, so you should check whether it’s real or not.

How Do Scam Sites Use Product Images and Descriptions?

Fake QVC Factory Outlets use stolen images and descriptions of the products from the original site. However, they lack authenticity. So, you should check every product and website description and ensure it is legit. If everything is copied from the original “” site, it’s probably a scam. 

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What Can Customer Reviews Tell Us About Scam Sites?

The fake stores might not have any customer reviews at all, or they might have fake ones. These fake reviews could be copied from other places or made by computer programs called bots.

So, many scam-detecting websites like or Scam Advisor can help you know whether a website is legitimate. You can go there and see if there is any info there about the website. People write stuff there about their experiences with websites they have purchased from, plus some write about the products, too. If the website isn’t listed there, you should stay away.

What Payment Methods Do Scam Sites Accept?

These fake and Scam sites often ask you to pay with unconventional payment methods like wire transfers, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, and other non-reversible transactions. If you buy products from them, it will be harder for you to trace and get your money back.

So, you should always ensure that the website provides secure payment options.

What Security Measures Do Scam Sites Lack?

lScam sites don’t have proper security measures like (https://). While opening any website, if Google says, “This website is not secure,” it’s a warning for you to think twice. These fake stores also lack legitimate contact information, privacy policies, and disclaimers. Sometimes, you can use free tools for security checks, like, before you purchase anything. It is better to check than regretting later. 

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What to Do If You Have Shopped from a QVC Factory Outlet Shop Scam Site

If you’ve shopped from any QVC Factory Outlet site and suspect it is a scam, check and confirm all the information. It would be best if you indeed took quick action. You should contact your bank to dispute charges and make your bank accounts secure. 

There are several relevant authorities or QVC. You can report this site to them. You should not open any suspicious emails and do not respond to messages you receive from these sites. 

Here is a step-wise process:

How to Respond to a Scam: Contact Your Bank

Call your bank or card company first after paying with a credit or debit card in these fake stores. They will freeze your account and can help to refund your money.

How to Secure Your Accounts After a Scam: Change Your Passwords

The next thing you have to do is change the password you used while creating accounts or making transactions. 

How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Emails

They often email you to process their order or even telling to give the money back. But that’s just a smart call from them. The emails they provide you can be phishy, and you might lose your more information. So, do not open them. 

Final Thoughts

The QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam teaches us an important lesson about being aware and cautious while shopping online. Online shopping is an easy task to do, but it has many risks. We need to think and be smart to avoid being scammed. They often provide great discounts with great deals and offers. It would be best if you understood that it is only a trap. You should suspect anything if it is too good to be true. 

Scammers always wait for innocent people to take their money or personal information. So, to stay safe, people should carefully check online stores, their website names, contact information, and customer reviews. If something goes wrong or you get scammed, act quickly by contacting your bank and changing your passwords. You should also report these fake stores so as not to let other innocents fall for this trap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam?

    The QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam is a trap or Scam where scammers create fake online stores that look like the real QVC store. These fake stores promise to provide awesome deals but deliver fake or poor-quality products, or sometimes nothing at all. 

  2. How can I identify a QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam site?

    You can spot these fake stores immediately by looking at their website name, contact information, product details, and customer reviews. 

  3. What should I do if I have shopped from a QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam site?

    If you’ve been scammed by one of these fake stores, you call your bank immediately and file a dispute against these transactions. Always make sure to change your passwords, and do not open any suspicious emails.

  4. How can I protect myself from online shopping scams?

    To stay safe online shopping, ensure the website is real and trustworthy. Don’t believe in deals that seem too good to be true. Never give your personal or financial information to strange or suspicious websites. And don’t pay in ways that aren’t safe.

  5. Where can I report a QVC Factory Outlet Shop scam site?

    If a fake QVC Outlet Store has scammed you, call your bank or credit card immediately and explain what happened so they can help you. You can also reach out to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). They will help to prevent these scammers from tricking others.

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