Is Jane Treacy Leaving QVC- What Happened to Her?

Jane Treacy Leaving QVC

If you are a regular QVC viewer, you have probably turned on the show in the mornings and got the feeling that the hosts are friends of yours. You may also have noticed the charming host, Jane Tracy. If you are a fan of hers, you have probably heard about the rumors about her leaving the QVC network. If you are wondering, “Is Jane Treacy leaving QVC?”. Well, you’re not alone. Let’s find out.

While QVC let other hosts from the network, she kept her position. She is still working with QVC and constantly engaging with the audience. So, these are the only rumors you have heard about Jane leaving QVC.

But you have probably heard about Jane leaving QVC a long ago and rejoining. Well, it is true. If you want to know more, read the article to the end.

What Led to the Rumors About Her Leaving?

Recently, QVC has been letting many hosts out of the show, and people thought Jane could be one of them. Some people also complained about her being annoying and interfering with other hosts. So, people guessed she did it all because of her bad relations with QVC. But, in reality, it is not true.

Earlier, in around 2010, her fans were shocked after Jane Treacy gave her resignation from QVC. But, later, she regretted her decision and came back again. This came following an internal review by Liberty Media, QVC’s’ parent company. QVC gladly offered her rejoining, and it looks like she is on QVC because QVC wants her as a host. 

So, all of these stories started circulating on social media once again, spreading the rumors about Jane Treacy leaving QVC.

Who is Jane Treacy?

Jane Treacy is a popular American QVC® Program Host and famous media personality. Not only a host, she is a brand to herself. Working with QVC for more than 37 years, she has given true examples of loyalty and dedication. She is primarily famous for her show “Shoe Shopping with Jane “. But people have also liked her fashion show in recent times. She is a prominent figure in QVC who is loved by many.

She started with QVC when she was only 24 and is now 62. She was born and raised in the United States in an Italian family. Her fathers and grandfathers were shoemakers. She was married to Sean in 1989, who was a former QVC executive. She has two daughters, Diedra and Clara. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and even worked at CNN when she was in college.

What Makes Jane Treacy a Household Name?

Jane Treacy, known fully as Jane Rudolph Treacy, has become a recurring name in every household for home shopping and is mostly known for her role at  QVC. Many people love her show and watch it to keep them company in their homes. They turn on their show in the mornings and feel the host is their friend. Many people love Jane more than other hosts on QVC, pay attention to her, and start buying her products. 

Jane’s’ role in QVC has built genuine relationships with the customers that are beyond salesmanship. She could achieve all this because of her genuine personality, skill in relatable product presentation, and commitment to her audience.

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Why Did Jane Treacy Resign Initially?

Jane’s’ husband was a former QVC host and executive. In 2010, when QVC’s’ parent company, Liberty Media, did an internal review, her husband lost his job at QVC. So, her loyalty towards her husband led her to resign from her job. After her resignation, her husband joined real estate, and Jane started online jewelry sales. 

It looked like this was a new chapter in Jane’s life. But, she instantly regretted her decision and joined QVC once again.

The Twist: Jane’s Return to QVC

After leaving QVC, people thought Jane’s career with the network was over. However, she later regretted her decision and joined QVC once again. QVC gladly accepted the offer. It looks like QVC also wanted her to be the host. After returning, she said that she missed her role and the connection she had with her audience.

How Did Jane Treacy Make Her Comeback?

Jane Treacy’s’ request to rejoin the QVC network was gladly accepted, marking her official comeback. Previously, she worked with QVC for a long time, and it looked like they were also searching for a suitable host like Jane. Joining the QVC as a host once again was a personal decision and a reflection of her value and the strong connection she had built with the network and its viewers. 

Where is Jane Tracy now?

Jane Tracy has made a remarkable career on America’s best shopping network, QVC Show. Working with the network for over 25 years, she has been not only a host but also a remarkable figure that people loved watching and getting inspired by. She is still working with QVC and using her expertise to create an engaging presence among the audience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jane Treacy Leaving QVC?

No, Jane Treacy is not leaving QVC. She did initially resign but later returned to her role.

Where is Jane Treacy Now?

Jane continues to be a prominent host on QVC, enriching the shopping experience for nationwide viewers.

How Long Has Jane Been with QVC?

Jane has been with QVC for over 25 years, making her one of the network’s most enduring and trusted hosts.

Final Thoughts

Jane is not leaving the QVC anytime soon. She is committed to the show for many more years. Her charisma and connection with the viewers led her to this position. She is dedicated to her passion, and the audience loves her role. Her love for her role and audience again brought her back into the show.

Jane Treacy remains an inspirational and prominent figure in the world of home shopping. We are excited to see her new chapters in QVC. We hope she will continue enhancing the home shopping experience with the same warmth and expertise that we “viewers” expect.

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  2. Glad you’re still with QVC! I’ve enjoyed your presentations for many years. Presenting can be tough; you have to be bright, on your mark, know your products, and have presence of mind for the studio situation every moment. You handle all this very well. Best wishes to you and your husband. There will come a time when you are able to say goodbye to your viewers and QVC, but not today 🙂

  3. Jane, you are obviously obsessed with yourself. You and your voice are the worst to listen to. There are so many hosts on there who have grace and class. You talk over people and think you are so cute. The tv goes off the minute we hear your voice.

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