Who is Jennifer Coffey’s Daughter- Gabby?

Jennifer Coffey’s Daughter

Jennifer Coffey is a well-known QVC host who has entertained people on television for over a decade. However, many may not be aware of her daughter Gabby, a rising star in her own right. Gabby is only 23 years old and has a unique identity, apart from her mother’s public persona.

Recently, Gabby’s mother, Jennifer, announced her engagement to a man named Davinder, whom she met on the dating app Bumble. So, after hearing this news, it is natural to be curious about Gabby’s life, too. 

So, you might be wondering who is Gabby Coffey? In this article, we will dive into Gabby’s life, relationships, and career aspirations to give you a better understanding of her amazing life. So, Let’s get started.

Who is Gabby Coffey?

Jennifer Coffey’s Daughter gabby

Gabby Coffey is the daughter of QVC host Jennifer Coffey. She lives in the sunny city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with her boyfriend, Ben Share. Gabby is in a romantic relationship with a young man named Ben, and she always expresses her love and admiration for him in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Gabby was born in March 2000. In March 2023,  Gabby celebrated her 23rd birthday at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. Gabby is known for her resilience and creativity. She often tries different fashion and hairstyle hacks on her social media.

Gabby has found fulfillment in her career as an assistant Child Life Specialist, where she positively impacts the lives of young patients at a children’s hospital. In her social media, Gabby enjoys visiting Disney World and embarking on new adventures. Her mother and her loved ones take pride in her journey. She is also active on Instagram, and you can connect with her by following her username @gabbybaudoin.

Why Did Gabby Choose Fort Lauderdale as Her Home?

Gabby Coffey had options for choosing a place to live after she grew up, especially considering her mom’s job as a QVC host. Despite this, she decided to live with her boyfriend, Ben, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Her decision is because she was looking for a different lifestyle than she was used to in Pennsylvania, where her mom lives. Fort Lauderdale is well-known for its stunning canals and beautiful sandy beaches, offering Gabby the best of both worlds. She can enjoy the benefits of city life and the beauty of nature. Gabby has found her ideal home in Fort Lauderdale.

Who Is Gabby’s Boyfriend?

Gabby boyfriend

Gabby is living apart from her mother with her boyfriend. His name is Ben Share. Gabby and Ben Share are committed and regularly share their love on Instagram. Their pictures on Instagram show their romance and the deep friendship and collaboration they have in between. From adorable selfies to exciting journeys, their affection towards each other is amazing.

Gabby says she can’t contain her joy when discussing her feelings for Ben. She admires Ben as a devoted and caring partner who goes above and beyond to make her happy.

How Close is Jennifer Coffey and Daughter Gabby?


Gabby and Jennifer share a strong bond and are often seen together on social media. The pictures above showcase their long-lasting friendship. Jennifer often invites Gabby to appear on her shows and social media to offer fashion-related tips.

They also share photos of themselves hanging out at amazing places together. Jennifer has always admired Gabby for her success and supports her through the ups and downs in her life. Together, they have built a wonderful and lasting mother-daughter relationship.

Jennifer is proud of Gabby and often shares her daughter’s achievements on social media. Recently, she announced on Instagram that Gabby had landed a new job as an Assistant Child Life Specialist. This shows Jennifer’s support and encouragement for her daughter’s career.

They have mutual feelings toward each other. Gabby also values her mother’s guidance and support. Her mother has helped her make important choices in life, like what career to pursue and how to manage personal relationships. Their relationship is built upon mutual respect and love.

Jennifer Coffey’s Daughter

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What Are Gabby’s Professional Aspirations?

Gabby has already set up her professional aspirations at the young age of 23 and has already figured out her career path. On Instagram in 2022, Jennifer shared that Gabby landed a job as an Assistant Child Life Specialist. This role holds significant value for Gabby as it aligns with her life’s mission. Gabby’s self-exploratory journey led her to a fulfilling career as an assistant Child Life Specialist. 

This job aligns Gabby with her passion and mission to help young patients in a children’s hospital. Gabby’s passion for making a positive difference in the lives of children shines through in various ways, from art therapy to NICU care. She is committed to creating a positive impact on the lives of these young patients. Her job is not just a source of income but a way to make a meaningful difference.

How Does Gabby Make Her Birthdays Unforgettable?

Gabby knows how to make her birthdays unforgettable. She keeps the details private, but it’s obvious that her celebrations are amazing. Being the daughter of Jennifer Coffey has its advantages, and Gabby never fails to mark the occasion in style. She ensures that her birthdays are not just parties but celebrations of her love for life.

Recently, when Gabby turned 23 on March 3rd, 2023, and to celebrate, she went to the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. It was an unforgettable experience where music and art combined to create lasting memories. She shares that she wants to celebrate her birthdays with joy and happiness.

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How Does Gabby Spend Her Leisure Time in Florida?

Gabby spends her leisure time in Florida taking advantage of all the state has to offer. She enjoys visiting local restaurants, sunbathing on the beautiful beaches, or participating in community events. Gabby’s leisure activities are about relaxing and experiencing new things to enrich her life.

Gabby also likes to express her creativity by occasionally dyeing her hair pink and trying out new fashion trends, which she shares on her Instagram. She also loves going on adventures to Disney World, just a short drive away, and other places with her boyfriend. Gabby’s playful spirit and love for adventure make these visits even more special.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gabby single?

No, she’s dating Ben Share.

How old is Gabby?

She is 23 years old as of January 2024.

What does Gabby do for a living?

Gabby works as an Assistant Child Life Specialist at a children’s hospital. She focuses on enhancing the well-being of young patients through various support programs.

How does Gabby maintain a relationship with her mom, Jennifer Coffey?

Despite the distance, Gabby and Jennifer Coffey maintain a strong bond, often visible in social media posts and family gatherings.

Final Thoughts

Gabby is not just known as Jennifer Coffey’s daughter. She is making her own identity with her own ambitions and aspirations. Whether it’s her romantic relationship with Ben Share or her job assisting kids at a hospital, Gabby is clear on what she wants and is not afraid to pursue it.

She is a role model for many, demonstrating that you can create your own path independently, even if your family is famous. As Gabby continues to expand her horizons, discover new things, and make her mark on the world, her journey remains a source of pride and joy for her mother, Jennifer Coffey, and all those who know her.

Gabby’s story exemplifies following life’s opportunities with passion and enthusiasm, from her pink hair to her dream career. She is pursuing her passions, going on adventures, spending time with family, and helping others. All in all, she is leading a life filled with joy and happiness.

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