Which QVC Host Husband Dies? Shocking News!

QVC Host Husband Dies

QVC is a big deal for a lot of people. It’s a shopping channel where you can buy all sorts of things from your TV, computer, or phone. But recently, something unfortunate happened that has everyone at QVC feeling down.

The QVC host husband dies, and it’s a huge shock for everyone who works there. This wasn’t just any husband; he was married to a former host at QVC. People at QVC are like a big family, so it hits everyone hard when something like this happens.

In this article, we’re going to talk about this sad news. We’ll tell you who the QVC host is, what we know about how her husband died, and how everyone at QVC deals with it.

Which QVC Host Husband Dies?

Quick Answer: Lisa Mason, a former QVC host, lost her husband in December 2020. He had esophageal cancer and fought it for four and a half years before passing away.

Who is Lisa Mason?

Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason is a big deal in the TV world, especially on QVC, where she used to be a host. She started working there in 1996, and people liked watching her. Why? Because she’s super friendly and knows how to talk to people.

As time went by, Lisa got good at knowing what customers like. She even got shout-outs from newspapers and TV shows for being so awesome. And guess what? She didn’t just talk about stuff on TV; she also made her own line of fancy but easy-to-wear jewelry and accessories that people couldn’t get enough of.

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What Happened to Lisa Mason’s Husband?

In December 2020, Lisa Mason faced a really tough time. Her husband passed away because of a type of cancer called esophageal cancer. He had been fighting this sickness for four and a half years and had been going to the doctor for help.

Even with all the medical care, he couldn’t beat the illness. When people heard the sad news, they were shocked. Fans of Lisa Mason felt for her and sent kind messages to help her and her family get through this hard time.

Why Did Lisa Mason Leave QVC?

Lisa Mason said goodbye to QVC in 2018 after working there for 20 long years. Reports say she left to do other things that interest her, not related to QVC.

Even though she’s not on QVC anymore, people still like her. Her fans keep up with what she’s doing by following her on social media. They’re always eager to know what she’s up to these days.

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Is Lisa Mason Still on QVC?

Lisa Mason

Currently, Lisa Mason isn’t hosting on QVC, and she won’t return. She even said on her Facebook page that QVC isn’t the place for her anymore. This hints that she’s busy with new projects and things she’s passionate about.

Even though she’s moved on, her fans haven’t forgotten her. They’re still super supportive and can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. With her awesome design skills and a great way of helping customers, she’s a hero to people who want to be designers or start their own businesses one day.

How Did QVC React to the News?

When Lisa Mason’s husband passed away, everyone at QVC felt sad. They wanted to help Lisa and her family get through this tough time.

So, what did QVC do? They posted a heartfelt message on social media to say they were sorry. But they didn’t stop there. They also set up a special online page where people could donate money in memory of Lisa’s husband. This way, fans and viewers could also show their love and support.

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Final Thoughts

The loss of Lisa Mason’s husband was sad and touched many people. Even though Lisa isn’t on QVC anymore, people still love and follow her online.

How did QVC react? They were super sad, too. They sent kind words to Lisa and her family to help them through this hard time.

As we all feel the loss, it’s good to know that Lisa has a lot of people who care about her. She keeps inspiring her fans, and that’s something to feel good about.

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