Susan Graver QVC: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Weight Loss

Susan Graver QVC

Do you know Susan Graver? Susan Graver is a famous fashion designer and TV presenter from America. She has done a lot for QVC, the world’s top and the best live shopping channel. Susan was born in New York. She grew up there and she has been selling her designs on QVC since 1986.

Susan has become a big part of QVC for over 30 years. She is known for her designs and fashion tips. Many people like her for her special bed and design prints. Susan Graver has a clothing line that is a favorite for many QVC shoppers. 

In this blog, we will learn about Susan Graver’s life. We will include Susan Graver on QVC, her age, net worth, husband, height, weight loss, and more. We will also explore her when she was young, her school days, how her career got started, and what she likes.

Early Life and Education

Susan Graver was born on December 20, 1953. She was born in Levittown, a small town on Long Island, New York. Susan is known for her friendly neighbors and strong community. She spent her childhood in this town.

Susan always loved being creative since her childhood. Her family always encouraged her to paint, draw, and even make clothes for her dolls. She has a brother Joel, who also likes to keep her family life private.

Susan’s love for art wasn’t her only passion. She was a cheerleader and she loved playing piano in her high school. She always let her show her personality and love for music.

She went to college to study Psychology and Arts after high school. She studied psychology so it helped her to understand people’s thoughts and feelings. This also helped her in the fashion business. The art part of her degree let her learn more about design and creativity.

From her childhood hobbies to her college studies, all these experiences helped her to become a famous fashion designer. Susan’s story shows that she had a supportive family and her love for creativity which can lead to a successful career.

Susan Graver QVC

Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameSusan Graver
Nick NameSusan
Date of BirthDecember 20, 1953
Age70 years as of 2024
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Origin ResidenceLevittown, Long Island
ReligionNot Known
ProfessionTV Host & Fashion designer
SchoolNot known
College/ UniversityNot known
Education QualificationsBachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Arts
Net Worth$4 million USD as of 2024
Marital StatusMarried
Famous ForQVC Host

Physical Appearance ( Height, Weight)

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
FigureNot Known
Height5’7″ inches
Weight55 Kg
Dress SizeNot Known
Shoe SizeNot Known

Personal Life (Family, Husband, Children)

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
SiblingNot Known
HusbandRichard Graver
ChildrensSon- Michael
Son- David
Daughter- Jaclyn

Susan Graver Husband
Susan Graver Husband

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Personal Life

Susan Graver is married to Richard Graver. They have been married for over 35 years. Before getting married they were best friends. Their strong friendship has always made their relationship happy.

The couples have three children. They are Michael, David, and Jaclyn. Jaclyn works with her mom, making videos about fashion style and advice. Michael and David prefer to keep their lives private, but it’s clear they’ve grown up in a loving family.

Susan’s mom’s journey is great and important. Despite her busy career she always has love and time for her kids. She worked a lot during her pregnancies and after her children were born. Her mom and in-laws also helped her a lot to balance her work and family life. 

Richard was a student of law then, and he supported a lot. Susan’s family has been a big part of her success. Their love and encouragement have helped Susan become a well-known name in the fashion world.

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Susan Graver Daughter
Susan Graver Daughter

Susan Graver Career

Susan Graver started selling her clothes on QVC. Her designs, known as “Easy Care, Easy Wear,” became popular. Over time, Susan’s role at QVC grew. She not only sold clothes but also gave fashion advice, especially helpful for working moms. 

Her brand, Susan Graver, became a big success on QVC. Susan has been with QVC for over 31 years. Her journey from a new designer to a famous figure on QVC is amazing. Susan had many special moments in her career. In 1994, she was on the cover of “Income Opportunity” magazine, showing her success. 

In 2000, her book “It’s a Fit” was a top seller on QVC, even though it wasn’t a big hit in bookstores. These moments show Susan’s hard work, talent, and understanding of what people want. This makes her a beloved figure in the fashion world.

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Susan Graver QVC

Susan Graver’s Net Worth

Susan Graver has been in the fashion world for over 30 years, and she’s earned a lot of money from it. As of 2024, she’s worth about $4 million. That’s a hefty sum, showing how dedicated and talented she is.

So, where does all this money come from? Well, Susan makes money in a few different ways.

First off, she works with QVC, a big TV network in the U.S. Susan designs clothes and sells them on QVC, reaching lots of homes. This is a major way she makes money.

Then, there’s her own fashion line, the Susan Graver Collection. It has all sorts of clothes, and people really like them. This boosts sales and profits, adding to her wealth.

Susan also earns money from her book, “It’s a Fit.” It’s full of fashion tips and has been a big seller on QVC. She makes videos about fashion and style, bringing in more cash.

Since she started with QVC in 1986, Susan has reached a big audience and sold her designs to many homes. Her “Easy Care, Easy Wear” designs are popular, and they’ve helped make the Susan Graver brand a success on QVC.

And let’s not forget her role as a presenter on QVC. She gives viewers fashion advice and styling tips, and people really enjoy these segments. This has helped increase her popularity and income even more.

All these things together have helped Susan build her net worth. Her hard work, creativity, and smart business decisions have paid off, making her a well-known and well-off figure in fashion.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Susan Graver has always loved being creative, even as a child. She enjoyed painting, drawing, and making clothes for her dolls. This love for creativity has stayed with her throughout her life and influenced her career in fashion.

Besides art, Susan also likes playing the piano, showing another side of her creativity. In high school, she was a cheerleader, indicating her enjoyment of being active and part of a team.

We don’t know much about Susan’s hobbies, but we can guess that she spends a lot of her free time doing creative things. Perhaps she’s sketching new fashion ideas, playing the piano, or keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Regardless of her activities, it’s clear that Susan’s passion for creativity and design is a significant part of her life. It’s not just her job; it’s what she loves to do. Her interests in art, music, and fashion all blend to make her the successful and creative person she is today.

Susan Graver  Family

Less-Known Facts About Susan Graver

  1. Nurturing Creativity: Susan Graver’s family always supported her design and creativity when she was young. They helped her to explore her artistic talents and helped her to grow as a designer.
  2. High School Cheerleader: Susan was a cheerleader in her high school. She loves being a part of a team.
  3. First Job at a Paint Company: Susan started her career at a paint company. It wasn’t the thing she wanted to do forever, it helped her start her career.
  4. Starting Her Own Business: Later then Susan started her own business. She did her business while she had to care for her one-year-old child.
  5. Joining QVC: In 1986, Susan joined QVC, the same year the network started. She’s been with them for over 31 years, becoming a big part of the network.
  6. Designing for Working Moms: Susan’s ‘Easy Care, Easy Wear’ designs are perfect for working moms. This helped make her brand popular on QVC.
  7. Cover of “Income Opportunity”: Susan was on the cover of “Income Opportunity” in 1994. This was her Poly-Silks line which became famous.
  8. Writing a Book: In 2000, Susan wrote a book called ‘It’s a Fit.’ It’s full of fashion tips and was a top seller on QVC.
  9. Working with Her Daughter: Susan’s daughter, Jaclyn, works with her. They make videos about fashion styles and advice together.
  10. Dedication to Work and Family: Susan’s job is quite demanding, yet she hardly took any breaks, even when she was pregnant or after having her children. This shows her dedication to both her career and her family.

Final Thoughts

This blog post tells us all about Susan Graver’s life and career. It shows how talented and hardworking she is, from her childhood in Levittown, Long Island, to becoming a famous fashion designer and TV presenter on QVC. Susan’s story is inspiring because she not only has a successful career but also a happy family life. 

Her story teaches us that we can have both a great career and a happy family. Susan’s story can motivate anyone who wants to be a fashion designer or a working mom. It shows that with love for what you do, hard work, and support from others, you can achieve your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Susan Graver?

    Susan Graver is a well-known American fashion designer. She has also worked as a retailer and TV presenter on QVC, where she is very famous.

  2. Where was Susan Graver born and raised?

    Susan Graver was born on December 20, 1953, in Levittown, Long Island, New York. She grew up and lived her life there.

  3. How old is Susan Graver On QVC?

    As of 2024, Susan Graver is 70 years old.

  4. How did Susan Graver start her career?

    Susan began her career as a fashion designer. Initially, she worked at a paint company but didn’t enjoy it. So, despite having a one-year-old child to look after, she took the bold step of starting her own business.

  5. When did Susan Graver join QVC, and what is her role there?

    Susan joined QVC in 1986, the same year it started. She designs and sells clothes on TV, and people like what she makes.

  6. What are some notable achievements in Susan Graver’s career?

    Susan was on the cover of “Income Opportunity” magazine in 1994. She also wrote a book called ‘It’s a Fit’ in 2000, which gives fashion tips, and was a big seller on QVC.

  7. Who is Susan Graver’s husband?

    Susan Graver’s husband is Richard Graver. They have been together for over 35 years.

  8. Does Susan Graver have any children?

    Susan and Richard have three kids: Michael, David, and Jaclyn.

  9. What is Susan Graver’s estimated net worth?

    As of 2024, Susan Graver’s net worth is about $4 million

  10. What are Susan Graver’s main sources of income?

    Susan’s main sources of money are her work on QVC, fashion line, book sales, and videos where she gives fashion advice.

  11. What is Susan Graver’s book ‘It’s a Fit’ about?

    ‘It’s a Fit’ gives fashion tips and ideas. It was a big hit on QVC when it came out in 2000.

  12. What is the ‘Easy Care, Easy Wear’ design philosophy of Susan Graver?

    ‘Easy Care, Easy Wear’ is about making clothes that are simple to look after and comfortable to wear. Many QVC customers appreciate this about her designs.

  13. What role does Susan Graver’s daughter play in her business?

    Jaclyn works alongside her mom, Susan. Together, they create videos about fashion styles and tips, forming a successful team that many people enjoy watching.

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