What happened to Carolyn Gracie On QVC? Shocking Truths

What happened to Carolyn Gracie On QVC

Carolin Gracie is a famous American TV personality and one of the best hosts on QVC. They used to appear in shows like “The Garden Party With Carolyn” and “Carolyn’s Closet.”. Carolyn and Hughes used to advertise various goods, including clothing and gardening items.

If you are a regular QVC fan, you might have noticed the presence of a familiar and loving face in QVC. “Have you ever wondered, ‘What happened to Carolyn Gracie on QVC?’ or ‘Where is Carolyn Gracie from QVC now? She left QVC on March 1 after working at QVC for more than 19 years. She said she is focusing on her new projects.

Stay tuned with us if you are also wondering about the hosts leaving QVC and Carolyn Gracie’s future plans. We will explain everything in this article.

What happened to Carolyn Gracie On QVC?

Carolyn Gracie is a renowned American radio announcer and Famous host on QVC, a leading home shopping network in the United States. She is very popular among her fans because of her down-to-earth personality and engaging style.

Carolyn Gracie has left QVC after working for 19 years in the show. She announced she would leave the show on March 1 and thanked everyone for loving her as a host. She expressed this news as “bittersweet” to her fans. Carolyn Wrote:

“After 19 years, I am no longer working at QVC,”

Carolyn said she has some future plans and invited fans to join her on her new Facebook and Instagram pages. She is not working with QVC but constantly engaging with fans on social media, giving information about her journey.

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Why Did Carolyn Gracie Leave QVC After 19 Years?

Carolyn Gracie said that she is planning something she is excited about in the future. She said she has several upcoming endeavors in her store, like pets, gardening, and much more.
Many people and fans were surprised after she left QVC. They used to love her show “The Garden Party With Carolyn” and “Carolyn’s Closet.”

She also talked about her loving time while being a host on QVC and thanked everybody for loving her.

Carolyn Gracie’s leaving QVC was filled with appreciation, anticipation, and a new sense of excitement for the next chapter in her life.

Where is Carolyn Gracie from QVC

Where is Carolyn Gracie from QVC

What’s Next for Carolyn Gracie?

She has not been sitting or doing anything since leaving QVC. Former host of “The Garden Party With Carolyn,” many future endeavors are planned. She is creating new Facebook and Instagram pages for fans to follow her on her journey. 

She posted about this on social media:

“You won’t want to miss all the fun with pets, gardening, RVing, and so much more!” she said. “Remember what I always say- DON’T DILLY DALLY!! I can’t wait to share my next chapter with you!”

After she left QVC, many of her co-workers showed their love towards her. 

QVC host Rick Domeier said:

“Wishing you the very, very best, my friend! “Since we’re neighbors, I hope to see you cruising by in your new RV, off to New Adventures!”

Where is Carolyn Gracie from QVC?

Carolyn is very active on social media, focusing on her new projects. She is trying hard for it. She is happy, playing with her pets, and celebrating Christmas with her family. Sometimes, she posts amazing photos with her colleagues at QVC.

Carolyn hosted QVC shows for nearly 20 years. But she accepted it and learned from it. She says She can’t wait to share the next steps in her journey with her fans.

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Is Carolyn Gracie still on QVC?

While staying on QVC shows, Carolyn Gracie hosted shows, including “Garden Party with Carolyn” and “Carolyn’s Closet. ” On March 1, she announced that she would leave QVC.
Even though she is not present on QVC shows, she engages with her fans on her Facebook and Instagram.

In her Instagram, she added that she looks forward to enjoying “fun with pets, gardening, RVing and so much more.” She finished her note with some nice words to her loving followers.

How Did QVC Colleagues and Fans React to Her Departure?

Many people were sad about her leaving, but nearly everyone was positive about her.

Her co-workers and fans equally congratulated and praised her for her future endeavors. Rick Domeier, a senior program host at QVC, commented, “Wishing you the very best, my friend!” 

Some fans were sad that they were not given a sendoff or a chance to say on air goodbye despite being such fantastic hosts.

Regarding this, one of her fans wrote:

“You are going to be missed. I can’t believe QVC did not even give you a chance to say goodbye to everyone who followed you on the air. Dan & Carolyn, you both gave many years and were my favorite hosts. I am appalled how QVC handled this.”

Is Carolyn Gracie still on QVC

Is Carolyn Gracie still on QVC

Was Carolyn Gracie the Only Host to Leave QVC Recently?

Carolyn was not the only host to leave QVC recently. There were popular hosts, including Dan Hughes, who had been a host there for over 30 years. 

He announced his words to leave the QVC network as an amazing host.

He posted about this on Wednesday:

 “After a tenure of 33 years, it has come time for me and QVC to part ways,” “I say so with nothing less than gratitude to those who have supported me and worked with me over the years.” 

Dan also had made his plan after QVC, just like Carolyn. 

He wrote:

“It is time for me to focus fully on my writing. Spend more time with family and friends, and maybe tinker on a few projects that have sat on the back burner for way too long,”

Why Are Hosts Leaving QVC?

 Many hosts leaving QVC might have something to do with QVC’s parent company, Qurate Retail Group. According to the company’s February 28 press release, this decision affected 400 employees working in the company. Recently, they got rid of many jobs at QVC US and HSN.

The company said: “These decisions are not easy but are necessary for realigning how we manage the business and heighten focus on critical priorities.”

This could be the reason Carolyn also left the QVC.

People were so attached and connected with old hosts, so they didn’t find new hosts entertaining. People are sad about them leaving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did Carolyn Gracie have any specific shows on QVC?

    She hosted shows like “The Garden Party With Carolyn” and “Carolyn’s Closet.”

  2. How did Carolyn Gracie announce her departure from QVC?

    Carolyn made her announcement via posts on social media platforms.

  3. Are there any other hosts who left QVC recently?

    Dan Hughes, who had been with QVC for over 30 years, announced his exit.

Final Thoughts

Though it is a sad moment for many fans, the leaving of Carolyn and other hosts from QVC is a reminder of their successful careers and the influence they had on the network. Their leaving the QVC will create new opportunities for new people to come into the show. We will also get to know about Carolyn’s future endeavors. We should be thankful and appreciative because we got to witness them.

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  1. QVC was entertaining to watch as the hosts were personable and enjoyable. It is no longer the same as the designers like Rivers, Basso, Mackey, Louis D, are no longer presenting. Kate, both Monicas, and others are greatly missed. Now too many celebs are just putting their names out as designers and are not promoting fashions that are practical and wearable. I no longer watch the show but do go online to shop Graver, Mackie, Isaac, Denim & Co, and Quacker. So glad I was a shopping fanatic and have closets full of clothing from real designers who care and not out to sell anything they can for greed and publicity. Love Jayne Browne and really miss Antonella.

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