Who Is Gary Goben Married To? Wife’s Secrets!

Who Is Gary Goben Married To

People really want to know about Gary Goben’s marriage life. People are wondering:  is Gary Goben married? Who is Garry Goben’s partner? As per various sources, it has been reported that he has been married twice. Some sources even reported that his wife died of cancer. But, as of now, this is just a false rumor.

In this article, we will look at Gary’s personal life and some of the facts that we have. We will answer the question: Is Gary Goben married? Who is Garry Goben’s partner? How many childrens he has? You even get to know if he had any dating life and affairs. If you are curious to know about him, keep reading this article.

Who is Gary Goben?

Born on February 13, 1957, Gary Goben is around 66 years old as of 2023. Gary is an On-air Television personality, senior Apparel Designer, and On-air guest for Denim & Company and QVC.

He graduated from the University of Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising. He always had the urge to show his creative talent inside him. That’s why he was successful.

It is hard to dive more into his life because he has revealed little details about this in his media interactions. 

Is Gary Goben married?

Various online sources claim to provide information about his marriage life. 

This question is going through social media on every curious mind these days. Garry Goben has been married not only once but twice. His first marriage was with Norma Jay Goben. They lived happily before, but after developing tensions in the relationship, they got divorced.

His second marriage was with Kenya Duke. This couple got happily married after expressing love for each other. Currently, they are living happily and are satisfied with their relationship. Gary and Kenya have 3 childrens. Altogether, they have a strong bond and make a great family.

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Are Gary Goben and Carolyn Gracie on QVC married?

Are Gary Goben and Carolyn Gracie on QVC married

Carolyn is also a former QVC host, national TV host, VO pro, LA radio vet, and podcast host. She is also a famous personality like David. These two are noticed with each other several times on social media.

 They often hang out and wish each other well. Carolyn was the best partner Gary has had. They worked on the show “Denco with Gary Goben” on QVC. They made it so much fun with the squirrels.

Despite being together and caring for each other, their relationships are only up to friends.

Even showcasing their friendship in a recent Facebook post, he wrote:

“Had Christmas dinner with Carolyn Gracie last night!! What a fun time to catch up and have some delicious food!!!! #freindsforever #merrychristmas2023”

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Gary Goben?

Born on February 13, 1957, Gary Goben is around 66 years old as of 2024.

Where does Gary Goben live?

Gary Goben lives in Exton, Pennsylvania.

How many childrens does Gary Goben have?

Gary Goben has 3 childrens with his second wife. 

Is Gary Goben married?

Gary Goben has been married not only once but two times. His first wife’s name was Norma Jay Goben, and his second wife’s name was Kenya Duke.

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Final Thoughts

Despite being a famous TV personality, Gary has limited his social media presence to maintain privacy, leaving people curious about his private side.

He might be creating the balance between his public and private life in this digital age. So, we must respect his privacy and let him live his life happily with his family.

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