Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive? Latest Life Update!

Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive

Are you curious to know about Jeff Hewson’s current status? If you are a fan of QVC you might know Jeff well. A former QVC host who is reputed for his charm and ability to sell products on the home shopping channel. Many people even wonder if Jeff Hewson of QVC is still alive or not. Jeff was known for his charisma. He had an important role in QVC’s history and left a lasting impression on viewers.

As of 2024, we can confirm that Jeff Hewson is still alive. However, due to a major health problem caused by a stroke, Jeff has decided not to stay in the public eye. He lives away from Pennsylvania where the office of QVC is located. Stroke has affected his body functions so he has decided to stay away from the QVC spotlight.

In this article, we will learn more about Jeff Hewson. We will explore his career in QVC and his life after QVC. Jeff’s life journey can inspire a lot of us. So please keep reading to explore more with us.

Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive?

Yes, as of 2024, Jeff Hewson is still alive. It’s just he is not in the spotlight and TV anymore. According to some people, he had a stroke, which made his body function not work well. He stopped working and moved away from Pennsylvania, the office of QVC. He lives in Mesa.

There are some rumors that he was sick because of his drinking problems. Due to his drinking problems, he had liver problems and used to live in a nursing home. After some time, he eventually died. But no verified statement supports it. People started sharing rumors when they heard about Jeff’s health issues. It all got mixed up with the wrong information and it quickly got spread.

We should always rely on official and verified sources to confirm this news. In Jeff’s case, the facts show that he is still alive and receiving care in Mesa. So, it is very important to rely on accurate and verified sources to avoid these kinds of rumors and misinformation about public figures like Jeff Hewson.

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What Happened to Jeffrey Hewson From QVC?

Jeffrey Hewson is a well-reputed host on QVC. One day he suddenly disappeared from the TV show. His fans still wonder what happened to him. Rumors started to spread that he was no longer with the network. QVC didn’t provide any explanation for this.  

In 2017 in an interview with the New York Times, Lisa Robertson, a former colleague of Jeffrey Hewson shared that Jeff had a stroke. She shared it at QVC. This stroke caused him partially paralyzed and made it impossible for him to continue his work at QVC. But QVC’s silence about his leave made it more mysterious.

Lisa witnessed Jeff’s struggle to recover from the stroke. It happened when she joined the QVC. He had to learn how to speak and talk again. That’s why he decided to retire and stay away from Pennsylvania, the office of QVC.

Early Life and Career

Jeffery Hewson was born in Dayton, Ohio, on August 5, 1951. In his childhood, he stayed in a nearby place called Franklin. He started to begin his career as a radio host. He used to play music and improve his communication skills.

He also worked as a weatherman on a Dayton TV channel. The job there was to inform people about the weather forecast every day. Then in 1983, Jeff moved to Pennsylvania. There he started to work at a local restaurant.

Even though this job seemed different from his TV work, it turned out to be a big break for him. While he was working there, he came to know about QVC, a new TV channel where viewers can shop from home.

He found the idea fascinating and decided to become a presenter for TV products. Despite some rejections and several attempts on QVC, he eventually got the job, marking the beginning of an incredible career that made him popular among people across the country.

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Rise to Fame at QVC

Jeff Hewson joined QVC in 1986. He quickly became a popular host on the show. Mary Beth Roe and Jeff Hewson were one of the first hosts on QVC. Jeff was known for his humor, intelligence, and ability to make the viewers feel like they were his friends.

He was different from other hosts because he used to present the products with entertainment. He did funny things to show how good the products were, like pouring motor oil on his head to prove a hair product worked. Once he sold a 3200-pound cheese wheel and made everyone laugh.

The antics made by Hewson stand out and helped him become famous. Jeff sold many merchandise, like jewelry and tuxedos. He used to sing karaoke on the show also.

But sadly, with all those, he disappeared without any notice. He has left a mark on the fans with his impressive skills and personality.

Personal Life

Jeffery Hewson’s personal life is worth discussing. Jeff came into the spotlight and he grabbed many people’s attention at an event in April 1992. Talking about his marriage life, he was married to Judy Crowell. They both were colleagues at QVC.

Judy and Jeff used to work on different TV shows on the channel. They got to know each other and fell in love. They celebrated their wedding in the presence of their family, friends, and colleagues. Their celebration was joyful and exciting.

However, the happiness of the couple did not last long. After three months of their marriage, due to some personal reasons they separated and filed for divorce. Many people wondered about their fast and sudden separation from their marriage.

There were rumors about the couple’s separation that Judy wanted to have a divorce just before she went on TV, which upset her. Some rumors even claimed that the reason behind their break-up was Hewson wasn’t faithful to Judy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Jeff Hewson?

    Jeff Hewson is a former QVC host. He was known for his energetic and charming personality and his unique way of selling products.

  2. Is Jeff Hewson still alive?

    Yes, as of 2024, Jeff is still alive but he has stayed away from the spotlight.

  3. Why did Jeff Hewson leave QVC?

    Jeff was hit by a stroke which caused partial paralysis, due to which he left QVC.

  4. Who was Jeff Hewson married to?

    Jeff was married to one of his co-hosts Judy Crowell at QVC. Unfortunately, they are not together as they got divorced after three months of marriage.

  5. What was Jeff Hewson known for at QVC?

    Jeff was known for his unique way of demonstrating and selling products which made him popular with his talents.

  6. Who Were the Original QVC Hosts?

    The original hosts in QVC were Kathy Levine, Bob Bowersox, Jeff Hewson, Patti Reilly, and Lisa Mason.

  7. Is Jeff Hewson Still a host on QVC?

    No, Jeff is not on the QVC. He left his job at QVC after a severe stroke.

  8. Where is Jeff Hewson Now?

    Jeff Hewson is now a host on ShopNBC after leaving QVC and getting married.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Hewson was a DJ before joining the home shopping channel QVC. He quickly became famous in QVC and people started loving him for his fun presentations, even when things were tough for him. He had a great sense of humor and knew how to show off products well.

However, he left QVC because of his serious health problems. People still remember him for what he was. There were rumors about why he left, like saying he had health issues or drank too much, which added some mystery to the story. We looked into these rumors to find out the truth about his life.

Jeff’s story shows us that even when life is hard, we can face it with bravery like he did. His way of living teaches us about staying strong and bringing joy to others, just like he did on the TV. 

What do you think about Jeff? Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive? Latest Life Update!

  1. Just loved Jeffrey Hewson..
    The main reason I tuned in to QVC
    those days…He was so handsome
    I was buying jewelry I didn’t even need.I still have so much Black Hill Gold..Miss the brand.
    The banter between he and Kathy Levine was hilarious…
    Gee miss them both.
    My beloved Mom use to say Mary
    Beth Rowe looked just like the dolls she was selling.
    Still watch QvC but it’s nothing like the glory days when Jeffrey,Kathy
    and the old gang were there.

    1. How funny, I
      Just found your post. My grandma watched qvc daily. They kept her busy, she knew all the hosts and everything about their families and personal details that they chose to share. She ordered lots of items from QVC and always wrote a check as she didn’t have a credit card she died at the age of 94 several years ago, and we found many unopened boxes from QVC under her bed.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your thoughtful, informative comment. I LOVED watching Jeff as a host in my late teens. I believe it was QVN then? A format VERY new to TV as prior to had been several informal “auctioneer” like shows.

    I recall the marriage/divorce to Judy and always wondered what had happened to Jeff. I’m terribly sorry to learn of his medical issues and am hoping, in the “non-creepiest” of ways, to find out something and or learn more about him present day.

    Thank you very much again 🙂

    Happy New Year!!

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