Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive? Unveiling the Truth

“Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive?” Many people ask this question because Jeff played a big role at the home shopping channel QVC. Jeff Hewson was known for being funny and having a great personality. He was also really good at selling things on TV.

But suddenly, he wasn’t on TV anymore, which made many people wonder where he is and what he is doing now. This article will help you learn more about Jeff Hewson’s life, what he did in his career, and what he might be doing now.

Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive?

In 2023, Jeff Hewson is still living but is not in public view anymore. He had a stroke, which made part of his body unable to move well. Because of this, he decided to stop working and moved away from Pennsylvania, where the QVC office is. Right now, people don’t know where he is because he has kept his life private since he left QVC.

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Early Life and Career

Jeffrey Hewson was born in Dayton, Ohio, on August 5, 1951. When he was a little boy, he lived in a nearby place called Franklin. Initially, he worked at a radio station playing music, which helped him get good at talking to people and being a friendly voice. Later, he even worked as a weatherman on TV in Dayton, telling people about the weather every day.

In the year 1983, he decided to move to Pennsylvania. There, he started working in a local restaurant. This job might seem like it had nothing to do with TV, but it actually led him to a big chance in his life. While working there, he learned about QVC, a new TV channel where people could shop from their homes.

Jeffrey thought this was a cool idea, so he decided to try and get a job there as a presenter who shows the products on TV. He had to try out a few times, but he got the job! This was the start of an amazing career where many people in the country got to know and love him.

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Rise to Fame at QVC

In 1986, Hewson became a part of the QVC team, and it didn’t take long for him to become a star on the channel. People liked watching him because he was funny, smart and knew how to make people feel like they were friends. When he showed products on TV, he did it in a fun way, unlike other hosts.

He did some really funny things to show how good the products were. Once, he even poured motor oil all over his head to show how great a hair care product worked! Another time, he sold a really big cheese wheel that weighed 3,200 pounds, which made everyone watching laugh and enjoy the show.

Doing this funny and a bit crazy things became something Hewson was known for. It made him different, and people loved watching him because of it. It was a big reason why he became so popular.

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Personal Life

In April 1992, something big happened in Hewson’s life that caught the attention of many people. He married Judy Crowell, a lady he worked with at QVC. Even though they were on different shows on the channel, they got to know each other and fell in love. Their wedding was a happy and colorful event, with their family, friends, and work buddies all coming to celebrate.

But sadly, their happiness didn’t last long. Only three months after they married, they separated and filed for divorce. This sudden break-up made many people talk and guess why it happened. There were whispers that Hewson had told Judy he wanted a divorce just before she went on TV, which upset her. People said they broke up mainly because Hewson was not faithful to Judy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Jeff Hewson?

    Jeff Hewson was a popular host on QVC, famous for his lively character and special way of selling products.

  2. Is Jeff Hewson still alive?

    Yes, in 2023, Jeff Hewson is still living, but he has stepped back from being in the spotlight.

  3. Why did Jeff Hewson leave QVC?

    Jeff Hewson had to leave QVC because he had a stroke, which made part of his body not move as well as before.

  4. Who was Jeff Hewson married to?

    Jeff Hewson was married to Judy Crowell, who also worked as a host at QVC. Sadly, they got divorced only three months later.

  5. What was Jeff Hewson known for at QVC?

    At QVC, Jeff Hewson was famous for his lively nature, fast thinking, and unique ways of showing products that made many viewers like him.

Final Thoughts

Jeff Hewson had a cool job playing music on the radio before becoming a famous QVC host. He was always nice and fun to watch, even during hard times in his career.

He had to stop working at QVC because of a serious health problem, but people still remember him and like him a lot. His story shows us that life can sometimes be tough, but people can be strong and keep going.

2 thoughts on “Is Jeff Hewson of QVC Still Alive? Unveiling the Truth”

  1. Just loved Jeffrey Hewson..
    The main reason I tuned in to QVC
    those days…He was so handsome
    I was buying jewelry I didn’t even need.I still have so much Black Hill Gold..Miss the brand.
    The banter between he and Kathy Levine was hilarious…
    Gee miss them both.
    My beloved Mom use to say Mary
    Beth Rowe looked just like the dolls she was selling.
    Still watch QvC but it’s nothing like the glory days when Jeffrey,Kathy
    and the old gang were there.

    • How funny, I
      Just found your post. My grandma watched qvc daily. They kept her busy, she knew all the hosts and everything about their families and personal details that they chose to share. She ordered lots of items from QVC and always wrote a check as she didn’t have a credit card she died at the age of 94 several years ago, and we found many unopened boxes from QVC under her bed.


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