Valerie Parr Hill QVC: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Sons

Valerie Parr Hill QVC

Valerie Parr Hill, born on April 25, 1958, has become a celebrated icon in the world of home decor and shopping. As a visionary at 65 years old, Valerie continues to dazzle millions with her unique blend of charm and expertise.

Renowned for her role at QVC, she has transformed the traditional home shopping experience into something extraordinary. Valerie is a testament to successful entrepreneurship with a USD 2 million net worth.

This article will dive into her life’s journey and discuss everything you need to know about Valerie Parr Hill. You will learn how she got into QVC, her net worth, age, height, Husband, Sons, and family details. It will be an exciting article, so stay tuned!

Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameValerie Parr Hill
Preferred NameValerie
BirthdateApril 25, 1958
Age (as of Jan 2024)65 years
Birth LocationRochester, Minnesota, Upper Midwestern, USA
Current ResidenceNew Jersey, USA
Ethnic BackgroundWhite
Professional RolesHost, Anchor, Decor Designer, Author
EducationGlendover Elementary, Wheaton College, Illinois
Net Worth (2023)$2 Million USD
Marital StatusMarried
Recognized AsQVC Host

Physical Appearance ( Height, Weight)

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Body Measurements34-30-36
Height5’7″ (170 cm)
Weight64 kg

Personal Life (Family, Husband, Brothers, Sons)

FatherLate Dr. Eugene Q. Parr
MotherLate Joan Lykins Parr
BrothersEugene Parr Jr., Jeffrey W. Parr
HusbandWilliam Hill
SonsGene Colyer, Jeffrey

Valerie Parr Hill Family

Early Life and Education

The story of Valerie Parr Hill starts in the charming Minnesotan town of Rochester. That’s where she was born. She was born on April 25, 1958, to the Late Dr.Eugene Parr Jr and the Late Joan Lykis Parr. The QVC host grew up in Minnesota. She had a natural curiosity and passion for business. This helped prepare her for her future pursuits.

Valerie showed an early interest in the business world as a child. She exhibited curiosity and tenacity during her early years. This suggested the spirit of entrepreneurship that would later define her professional life. She has an eye for detail and an intuitive sense of what customers want.

Her educational background further molded Valerie’s road to success. In 1975, the TV personality received his Tates Creek High School diploma. She then attended Asbury College, from which she graduated in 1979. She sits on the Asbury College board of trustees.

The home curator also graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois. She has a master’s degree in communications. Before entering the media, she also worked in public service. She was also involved in fundraising for higher education. She was also involved in wildlife protection. She was also involved in fine arts institutions. In 1974, she won the title of Junior Miss Fayette County Pageant. She also took third in the national competition and won the state pageant.

A nurturing environment and a sharp mind mentored Valerie Parr Hill. They prepared her for the tremendous career that lay ahead. 

Hill had no idea that the lessons she learned from his early experiences would help her mold the story of a visionary in the home shopping industry.

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Personal Life (Family, Husband, Sons) 

Valerie Parr Hill’s private life is as special as her professional life. Even away from the spotlight, she remains committed. Her two boys, Jeffrey and Gene Hill, have added a special touch to their journey. They journeyed together as a devoted wife and partner to William Hill. The host finds solace in her loving family life. It also acts as a peaceful diversion from her fast-paced professional life.

Valerie’s Instagram shows their charming family relationships with funny photos. The photos reveal how happy and close the Hill family is. The mother of two emphasizes and treasures these private moments. She does this despite the demands of a busy career. This demonstrates a strong and sincere bond with her loved ones.

In 1993, the couple welcomed Gene as their firstborn child. Two years later, in 1995, Jeffrey also joined the family. The family has remained silent about Gene’s left arm loss. They have been dealing with health issues that resulted in it. She commits herself to her family.

Gene and Jeffrey hold Valerie’s brothers’ names. They are more than names. They symbolize the close relationships and kinship that the Parr Hill family cherishes. Their family’s home in Montville, New Jersey, constantly reminds them of their love for each other. Valerie is making waves in the business world.

Valerie Parr Hill sons

Valerie Parr Hill Career

Valerie Parr Hill marks her distinguished career with commitment and creativity. Since she is affiliated with QVC, her work has left a lasting impression. Her career began in the 1980s when, after graduating, she decided to pursue a career in public service. The QVC anchor participated in fundraising for higher education institutions. She was also passionate about animal protection, the fine arts, and hosting.

Valerie Parr Hill reached a turning point in her career in 1991. She established The Valerie Parr Company. It is an enterprise for her artistic expression through ornamental home décor. This business venture served as the foundation for her venture. This also led her into the world of television shopping.

The significant moment came when Valerie agreed to work with QVC under a contract. This significant event signaled the start of a fruitful partnership. It was also beneficial for the retail network. Valerie Parr Hill debuted on QVC in September 1993. She appeared on Jane Treacy’s program “Decorating with Wreaths.” Besides showcasing her design prowess, this debut helped pave the way for her long-term QVC participation.

Valerie’s QVC career took off. Her creative talent was evident when she launched a wide range of home décor products to the QVC audience. Her creative ideas and captivating on-screen persona won her a lot of praise. Valerie Parr Hill is now known for her distinctive and exquisite items. She is also known for her uncompromising devotion to quality and style.

Valerie is more than a television shopper. She is a versatile entrepreneur, philanthropist, and design expert. She continues to inspire ardent QVC viewers. She inspired designers with her unique creativity, enthusiasm, and business energy. Her career journey is proof of this.

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Valerie Parr Hill Net Worth and Financial Insights

Valerie Parr Hill’s estimated net worth as of 2024 is $300,000. It reflects her successful television career, particularly her influential role at QVC. It also reflects her ventures into the home décor industry. This highlights the extent of her influence in the industry.

Valerie’s business endeavors, particularly The Valerie Parr Company, contribute to her financial success. The company has served as a platform for her creative designs in ornamental home décor. Her association with QVC has increased her net worth and raised her profile.

Valerie Parr Hill’s journey combines a successful personal and professional life. She even sees past the numbers. Valerie’s career trajectory is still changing. Yet, she is still significantly influenced in the commercial and creative fields.

Valerie Parr Hill

Less Known Facts

  • Maya is Valerie’s cat, and she adores animals. 
  • The TV personality has over  39K Instagram followers. She is an active social media user. 
  • In 1950, her parents got married after meeting at Berea College.
  • Jane, the sister of her mother, died of ovarian cancer at the age of 67.
  • Despite her young age, she became Junior Miss of Kentucky in 1975.
  • She also attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management to study nonprofit marketing.
  • Philanthropy is a passion for Valerie Parr Hill. Early in her career, she participated in fundraising activities.
  • The family of Hill had personal hardships. Her son Gene’s health problems led to the amputation of his left arm. 
  • She began her career as a public servant in the 1980s, showing many professional skills. After that, she went into the hosting field.
  • Valerie reflected a personal touch in her approach to family and naming customs. She named her two kids, Jeffrey and Gene, after her brothers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valerie Parr Hill’s net worth?

As of 2024, Valerie Parr Hill’s estimated net worth is $2 million. This reflects her successful career in home décor and television.

When did Valerie appear on QVC for the first time?

Valerie Parr Hill made her QVC debut in September 1993. She starred in Jane Treacy’s program “Decorating with Wreaths.”

What is Valerie’s business name?

Valerie established The Valerie Parr Company in 1991. She founded it as a forum for her creative interpretations in home design.

What is Valerie Parr Hill’s address?

Valerie, a Montville, New Jersey resident, raised her children there. She still lives there.

Why did Valerie give her kids the names Jeffrey and Gene?

Valerie approached naming customs with a personal and familial touch. She named her sons after her brothers, Gene and Jeffrey.

Is Valerie engaged in any charitable projects?

Valerie did indeed take part in fundraising efforts early in her career.

What difficulties has Valerie faced in her private life?

Valerie and her family experienced several personal struggles. This included Gene’s health problems. The family has opted to keep these affairs private. This highlights their family’s privacy and unity.

Who is Valerie Parr Hill’s Husband?

She is married to William Hill, and they have two sons.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the life of Valerie Parr Hill is a fascinating story. It’s about creativity and kindness. It has had a lasting impact on the television and home décor industries. Valerie’s path is one of varied experiences and unwavering devotion to her work. She started with her modest beginnings as a public servant. And end with the foundation of The Valerie Parr Company and her familiar face on QVC. 

Her commitment to her family and entrepreneurial success is an inspiration to many. Valerie’s lasting legacy is a story of passion and creativity. She had a sincere bond with her audience, not for financial gain.

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