Is Valerie Parr Hill Leaving QVC? The Real Story

Valerie Parr Hill

Valerie Parr Hill is a famous American TV personality, actor, businesswoman, and QVC home designing expert. Many people know her from the famous QVC show. Valerie has been working on QVC since 1993, for almost three decades.

Several rumors have been spreading about Valerie Parr Hill leaving QVC. You may wonder, “Is Valerie Parr Hill leaving QVC?”. Well, the answer is no. Valerie has not announced this, nor has QVC said anything about her departure.

Valerie hasn’t been on the show this much, which made her fans wonder if she is leaving from QVC. In this article, we will talk about these rumors and her successful journey throughout these years.

Is Valerie Parr Hill Leaving QVC?

In recent days, Valerie has not appeared on TV shows regularly. People assumed that she wanted to leave QVC. But she has denied these rumors. Valerie Parr Hill is not leaving QVC. Through her social media, Valerie said that she is taking a brief break from hosting her QVC show, but she has already returned. Valerie continues to be a loving host on the QVC network. People really enjoy watching her unique charm and her expertise in home decor.

The Absence and Return

Valerie Parr Hill was absent from her show for some time. Her fans and supporters were wondering if she was leaving the show. But later, she returned, making an Instagram post about her return. She didn’t clarify why she was out of the show for some time. Maybe she has some family issues or is planning something big in the future. Nobody knows!!

But anyhow, her statement made her fans happy that she isn’t leaving.  

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Valerie Parr Hill: A Comprehensive Overview

Valerie Parr Hill, who is a famous media personality in America, was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on April 25, 1958. She is well known for her work in home decorations through QVC TV. Her parents, Dr. Eugene Q. Parr and Joan Lykins Parr, raised her. Valerie Parr Hill has two siblings, and she is the youngest among them. Her dad was a doctor who helped people with bone problems, and her mom taught Sunday School at their church until her death.

 Following their father’s footsteps, Valerie’s two brothers, Eugene Parr Jr. and Jeffrey W. Parr, became doctors. But Valerie Parr Hill had an urge to do something creative and different. From a young age, Valerie loved all things related to design and being creative. 

Valerie went to Glendover Elementary School and Tates Creek High School, finishing in 1975. After that, she went to Wheaton College in Illinois for her higher studies.

Valerie Parr Hill began her career as a public servant after graduating in the 1980s. At the same time, she generated funds for higher education, wildlife conservation, and fine arts institutions.

After this, she decided to start her own company. In 1993, Valerie signed a contract with QVC while representing wreath sellers and made her QVC debut on the show Decorating with Wreaths. She was the mother of two children until that time. But she somehow managed to raise her kids and build her career at the same time. Jane Tracy later presented her show.

While in her time doing higher education, Valorie learned so many things about business. So,

In 1991, she started her own business called The Valerie Parr Company. Her company provides home decor services with different products. 

Since that time, Valerie has never looked back. Her name and popularity keep on rising. She is a prominent figure in the QVC Network.

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The QVC Journey: A Success Story

Valerie Parr Hill

Valerie was born with so many talents. Her first talent showed up when she received the title “Junior Miss Fayette County Pageant” in 1974. Valerie competed at the national level and finished second. She demonstrated her love for the piano by playing a song from Rhapsody in Blue on the piano.

Valerie Parr Hill started working with QVC in 1993. She started with the idea of selling ten wreaths on a one-hour show on QVC Television. Her show was so hit that it ended 20 minutes early because everything was sold out so fast. After this, QVC recognized her talents and started providing her with more opportunities, which shaped her career in the future.

People have been watching Valerie’s QVC show for over 30 years but never get bored with her show. People love her amazing, down-to-earth personality, cool style, and creative ideas. She has played a huge part in the success of QVC Television by reaching over 350 million homes worldwide.

She is one of the most famous and successful home decor personalities. Parr Hills has utilized her talents and written her own home decor book, “Decorating for the Holidays.” Parr Hill can also be seen on QVC shows such as Heartfelt Holidays, Home Fragrances, and Heartfelt Homes.

Her story is one of hard work and never-ending dedication to your passion. Her journey as a strong and successful woman has been an inspiration to many people around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Valerie Parr Hill?

    Valerie Parr Hill is a well-known person in America. She is an expert in making homes look beautiful, a successful businesswoman, and a writer. Many people know her from her TV shows on QVC.

  2. When did Valerie Parr Hill start working with QVC?

    Valerie started her journey with QVC a long time ago, in 1993.

  3. Why was Valerie Parr Hill absent from QVC?

    Recently, Valerie took a small break from her show on QVC. Sadly, we don’t know the exact reason why she was away.

  4. Is Valerie Parr Hill leaving QVC?

    No, she is not leaving QVC. She was just on a short break and is now back on the show.

  5. What is Valerie Parr Hill’s net worth?

    As of 2024, she has a net worth of $1 million.

  6. Is Valerie Parr Hill Married?

    Valerie Parr Hill is Married to William Hill, who is originally from Long Island.

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Final Thoughts

The famous TV personality known for her appearance on  QVC with her own programs, Heartfelt Home, Heartfelt Holidays, and Home Fragrances, is a brand name for QVC. After working for so long with the company, Valerie has earned a name, fame, and money. People also love her and take her as an inspiration.

Her passion and dedication toward her role in QVC have contributed to developing QVC Television’s popularity. Even though she took a short break, she is still a very important part of the team.

Valerie is a brand name in the field of decorating. Nobody can match her ideas and experience level. Her fans feel excited and inspired by seeing this independent businesswoman. She has a special place in the hearts of her audience.

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2 thoughts on “Is Valerie Parr Hill Leaving QVC? The Real Story

  1. I have watched Valerie Parr Hill presentations for a number of years. I’ve noticed that her behavior on air has become bizarre. Even the hosts appear to be a bit bewildered about what she is doing. She wanders around the set rearranging constantly and leaves the host behind. I hope she is ok medically. She is so distracting to watch, I have to change channels.

  2. I absolutely adore Valerie Parr Hill and look forward to ALL her shows.

    I would be devastated to see her leave QVC.

    Yes, I notice her rearranging items but attribute that to her being a perfectionist.
    She has had years of experience and has a natural instinct to be able to spot the slightest misplaced what-not.

    As a homemaker who takes pride in her home and having learned from Valerie, I have caught myself doing the same thing. ..It’s what we do!

    And in her case, and because of who she is, she is a pro at what she does!!


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