Why Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC? Insider’s Reveal!

Why Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC

If you are a QVC lover who loves to watch fashion TV programs, you probably know about Laurie Felt. Laurie is a big name in the fashion industry, mainly known for her denim clothes. Besides her brand, she is known for her style and beauty. She is a down-to-earth person with a very engaging personality. These traits of Laurie make her the fan favorite in QVC.

You may have heard about the retirement of Laurie Felt from QVC. “Why is Laurie Felt leaving QVC?” if you are wondering about this, you’re not alone. Is she changing her career, or is there a personal reason? Every fan is wondering.

In an Instagram post, Laurie wrote about leaving QVC to spend more time with her family. 

Laurie worked with QVC for almost 10 years. She launched her famous brand “Laurie Felt – Los Angeles” in 2013. Laurie leaving QVC was a quick decision. Her fans are wondering what she will do next.

Stay with our article till the end. We will uncover the mystery and try to explain everything in detail.

Why Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC?

On April 14, 2023, Laurie Felt shared this message on her Instagram. She said she was leaving her QVC and brand to spend more time with her family. That was the reason, she said. She thanked all her followers for showing too much love for her and her brand. Laurie said she was thankful to QVC for giving her a chance to work there.

It is common for a famous but family-oriented person like Laurie to prioritize her personal life and family over her career. She wanted to take some pause and rest after years of working in the big fashion industry. But we are sure she is not done yet.

Laurie has connected with the QVC family since 2013. She has made a huge impact on the network among her followers. Many people love her denim fashion brand. Laurie has got many good reviews about her products. As an honest fan, we should respect her decision to prioritize her family.

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Who is Laurie Felt?

Laurie is a famous media personality in the USA, and most people know her from her QVC brand. Besides that, Laurie is a mom, a wife, a friend, and a business owner. For the past 17 years, Laurie Felt has been designing and selling fashion live on television to women across America. She has been very popular and respectable among them.

Laurie Felt is a fashion designer, businesswoman, and TV host. She is more than that. She is like a shining star in the fashion world and an inspiration to many women out there. Her comfortable and cool-looking brand has made her so popular and successful today.

Why Is Laurie Felt Leaving QVC

How Did Laurie Felt’s Career Begin?

Felt has been with QVC since 2013, when she launched her now-famous brand, Laurie Felt- Los Angeles. But her career didn’t start with fashion in her early days. Before working as a designer, Laurie worked in the finance industry as a variable goods wholesaler. Her first job gave her a strong foundation in her business.

Can you believe it? This charming and beautiful lady was a model and an actress in Hollywood. But she didn’t like it there. She wanted to do something more in her life and follow her passion for fashion design. After that, she worked as a fashion stylist for some time. Using all these experiences in 2013, Laurie made her line of jeans. She called it Laurie Felt Los Angeles. 

“Back then, what I had to offer was insider access to what celebrities were wearing, and I re-created the styles for real women,” she said about her journey.

After switching her line to QVC in 2016, she said, “I love being John’s ‘plus one,’ but after all these years, I’ve realized I can stand on my own as a lifestyle designer, and I was ready to move,” 

As we all know, after starting her denim brand, Laurie became a big name in the industry and never looked back.

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What made Laurie feel like a beloved figure on QVC?

Laurie Felt is a fashion designer and TV personality who became a favorite on QVC. Her passion for fashion and her love for helping women feel good about themselves made her stand out among them. She is especially known for her affordable, on-trend designs in denim, which have become a favorite among her fans over the years.

 Her classic but modern style has resonated with many people, and her friendly and engaging personality has made her more than just a designer. She has become a friend to many of her viewers. Laurie’s story exemplifies your success by following your passion and starting from anywhere to become something great. 

What Does This Mean for Her Fans and QVC?

Many people felt like losing their main character after Laurie left the QVC show. People were sad about her leaving and sad about her brand closing at the same time. For almost ten years, she worked for QVC and became a bigger part of it. She has contributed a lot to the success of QVC shoes. She was a big part of the channel’s fashion shows and is now gone.

This is what some fans have to say about her leaving:    

“I feel bad that the brand is ending. Her jeans are perfect for me. I wish Laurie well! “

Another fan wrote:

“This hit me hard, too. It is the only brand I’ve found in recent years where I had absolutely no fit issues, and the denim she used was superb.”

Laurie Felt leaving QVC has created an empty spot on QVC and fans, which is hard to fill.

Laurie Felt Leaving QVC
Laurie Felt Leaving QVC

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What’s Next for Laurie Felt?

Laurie has not confirmed her plans for the future yet. It seems that she wants to focus on her family for now. As a wife and mother, she values being there for her kids. She used to work in the fashion world, where everything is always busy and rushed.

However, she has decided to take a break from that lifestyle and prioritize her family. This change shows how much family-oriented she is and how much she cares about her family.  

What is the Future of Laurie Felt Los Angeles?

Laurie is leaving QVC and her fashion brand, Laurie Felt Los Angeles. This is a big change for her and the end of a fashion era. She will have a final sale, which will be the last chance for her fans to purchase her clothing line.

 Although it’s a bit sad, it’s also a new beginning for her life. Laurie wants to spend more time with her family, and this change will bring her closer to them. This may not be the end of her fashion career but rather a new chapter. We are ready to see her epic return on QVC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Laurie Felt?

Laurie Felt is a renowned fashion designer known for her Laurie Felt Denim line, which was launched in 2013 on QVC.

How long has Laurie Felt been on QVC?

Laurie has been a part of the QVC family since 2013.

Where can I find Laurie Felt’s clothing besides QVC?

Laurie Felt’s clothing is primarily sold on QVC, her website, and other online retailers.

What is Laurie Felt Denim?

Laurie Felt Denim is a line of premium denim jeans and clothing designed by Laurie Felt.

Is Laurie Felt Married?

Yes, Laurie is married to Lionsgate chief executive officer Jon Feltheimer.

How old is Laurie Felt?

Born on May 10, 1965, as of January 2024, Laurie Felt is  58 years old.

How many children does Laurie Felt have?

Laurie felt have four children. She has two daughters and two sons.

What is Laurie Felt’s net worth?

According to reports, Laurie Felt’s individual Net worth is around 10-15 Million Dollars.

Final Thoughts

Laurie Felt, a famous personality on QVC, has decided to leave QVC and her brand to spend more time with her family. She has always been so loving and charming and has greatly impacted the fashion industry. Her fans and QVC will miss her, but her legacy will continue to influence the fashion industry forever. 

Laurie’s decision teaches us an important lesson in our life. Sometimes, we need to leave behind things we love for what is important in our lives, like our family. We are not sure about Laurie’s next move, but we hope to see her return to QVC.

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  1. Her jeans are the best! I switched over to her brand and bought nothing else for years. The fit, style and material is everything I want in jeans. I am so sad for me but happy for her. I wish she would consider selling secret to another company so great jeans can still be produced. PLEASE keep them coming somehow.

  2. Her jeans are the best! I switched over to her brand and bought nothing else for years. The fit, style and material is everything I want in jeans. I am so sad for me but happy for her. I wish she would consider selling her secret to another company so great jeans can still be produced. PLEASE keep them coming somehow.

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