Why Is Jill Bauer Leaving QVC? And What’s Next

Jill Bauer Leaving QVC

Jil Bauer is a famous American TV personality and host mainly famous for her show “You’re Home With Jill” on QVC Television. Well, suddenly, she decided to retire from the QVC. It is a sad day for all of Jill’s fans. Jill Bauer was the elegant host, and people became attached to her. She was very informative about all she had done. Jill leaving the show is a loss for QVC because a lot of customers just came into the show for Jill.  

Are you wondering Why is Jill Bauer Leaving QVC? Jill said that she has achieved a lot of milestones throughout her career. So, she will take a leap of faith and chase new things in her life.

So, where is Jill now? And what will she do next? If you are wondering these questions, then read the article to the end. We have explained Jill’s ideas of leaving QVC and her plans after this.

Why Is Jill Bauer Leaving QVC?

After working for 25 amazing years on QVC, Jill Bauer said her goodbyes to the show on June 12. Jill Bauer, who is currently 54, has served QVC for half her life.

Jill came into a live video and explained her reasons for leaving QVC. She said that her children are growing, and now it’s time to stop and take a look at her life and decide that’s it. Jill wanted to take a leap of faith and chase some things so she wouldn’t look back one day and say, ” I wish I had done this or that.

 After 25 years at QVC, Jill was ready to move on to the next Chapter and wanted to spend time with her family.

 Through an Instagram post! Jill wrote, “This past year made me think much about my life. Is this all there is?”

Jill also made a video on Facebook and said this about her decision, “I’m taking a big step to pursue my dreams. I don’t want to look back and wish I had done something different.”

Many of Jill Bauer’s fans were sad about her decision. But everybody supported her decision and cheered her up. Her fans and friends sent her kind messages and thanked her for all the good things and memories she had given to the show.

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What is Jill doing after QVC?

Leaving QVC in 2019 after 25 years of an inspiring and cheerful journey, Jill said she was ready for a change. She gave her fans the message of leaving QVC on her Instagram channel. Jill decided to take a leap of faith so that she wouldn’t regret her decisions in the future. She wanted to fulfill her dreams and spend time with her family. 

With her excellent presenting skills and experience in unscripted on-air presentations and hosting, Jill has been appearing on several TV shows such as the ‘TODAY Show,’ NBC, NY Live, and ‘Good Day New York.’ After leaving QVC, Jill used her knowledge of product, marketing, and development to guide others and launch her new brand called Just Jill. With her new brand, she offers training and consulting services for people to boost their confidence in marketing. Jill has also joined in the role of Brand Ambassador for Scott Brothers Global, 

After leaving QVc, Jill gave her first priority to her family. She attends one of her son’s baseball games and spends time with her daughter when she comes from college. She also goes to the beach and relaxes with her family. 

She hasn’t confirmed her job’s plan yet and isn’t looking to take anything new. She said she was taking a chance on herself and looking forward to pursuing her second act. But we don’t know about her “Second Act”. She might be planning something big for the future. Or, she talked about her “Just Jill” brand. Nobody knows!!!

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Who is Jill Bauer’s husband?

Jill Bauer Husband

Jill Bauer’s husband’s name is Doug Dunne. Many people know that her husband doesn’t like to make media appearances. Jill Bauer and Doug Dunne met each other and instantly started liking each other. They were introduced to each other by her friend, Maria McCool. 

Jill and Doug got married on October 18, 2003. Since then, these couples have enjoyed living together and raising their kids happily. They had their son Trevor in May 2005. From his first marriage, Jill has also been a stepmom to Doug’s daughter, Kylie.

Doug owns his own company, and he is also helping the Just Jill brand as an operations and sales manager. He also works with QVC and HSN as part of Just Jill Agency. He is doing his job and helping Jill in her brand with a good balance in his life.

Unknown Facts about Jill Bauer.

  • Kylie is the daughter of her husband, Doug, from their previous marriage.
  • In 2014, she announced her second pregnancy but had a miscarriage four weeks later.
  • Jill occasionally appears on some segments of the NBC show Today with Hoda & Jenna.

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Final Thoughts

Many people are sad about Jill Bauer leaving QVC, but they are excited to see her exciting return from her own brand “Just Jill”. We are excited to see what she will do next. Is this her second act, or is she planning something even bigger?

The class and memories she has left to the audiences in the QVC are forever in our hearts. 

She is moving on in her life with great memories and life lessons. We know this was a planned thing on her part. Knowing her next adventure will be just as amazing!

Follow us for more updates regarding Jill in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Jill Bauer?

As of Jan 2024, Jill Bauer is 55 years old.

Is Jill Bauer Married?

Yes, Jill Bauer married Doug Dunne on October 18, 2003.

How many kids does Jill Bauer have?

Jill Bauer has 2 kids. Her son, Trevor, and her stepdaughter, Kylie.  

What is the Net Worth of Jill Bauer?

Jill Bauer’s net worth is around 5 Million dollars.

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