Lisa Robertson Engaged & Married To Jeffrey Lawrence

Lisa Robertson, who many remember from her days on QVC, is in the spotlight again. Lately, two phrases have been making rounds: “Is Lisa Robertson married” and “Lisa Robertson’s wedding to Jeffrey Lawrence.” It all started with whispers about her getting engaged.

Then, the big news came – she had her wedding! With all this excitement, there’s one big question on everyone’s mind: Who is the man she married? Join us as we take a closer look at Jeffrey Lawrence and discover the story of his relationship with Lisa.

Lisa Robertson’s Married to Jeffrey Lawrence

Lisa Robertson's Married to Jeffrey Lawrence

Lisa Robertson’s Married to Jeffrey Lawrence

The news of Lisa’s engagement to Jeffrey Lawrence had already created a buzz. But the recent announcement of their wedding has left fans elated. Contrary to prior updates, the couple exchanged vows in a picturesque setting, speculated to be around July 29th or 30th.

Lisa shared a captivating photo from their wedding day on her official Facebook page. The snapshot showcases Lisa, radiant in her elegant white wedding gown, alongside her new husband, Jeffrey.

Their genuine happiness and affection for each other shine through, making it a moment to cherish for their vast fanbase. The decision to keep the wedding date under wraps added an element of surprise, making the revelation even more special for Lisa’s dedicated followers.

This summer has been particularly eventful for the couple. Jeffrey’s daughter, Samantha, also recently celebrated her wedding. Such simultaneous joyous occasions highlight the deep bond and unity within the family.

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Lisa’s Heartfelt Message

Expressing her profound joy and gratitude, Lisa penned a touching message about her union with Jeffrey. She mentioned, “I found the man I want to spend my life with… and this weekend I married him.” She described the intimate ceremony shared with a close-knit group of friends and family. Her words resonate with the depth of their bond and their immense love.

Who is Jeffrey Lawrence in the World of Home Improvement?

Jeffrey Lawrence isn’t just any regular guy; he’s a skilled contractor in the Home Improvement space. Operating under the renowned Coventry Contractors based in Pennsylvania, he’s made a name for himself with his expertise. So, when you think of home renovations, think of Jeffrey!

How Does Jeffrey’s Age Compare to Lisa’s?

Born in 1972, Jeffrey is 51 years old as of 2023. This makes him only slightly younger than Lisa. With his distinguished appearance, marked by a goatee-type beard, he certainly carries an air of maturity and wisdom.

Lisa Robertson and Jeffrey Lawrence
Lisa Robertson and Jeffrey Lawrence Engaged (married)

Does Jeffrey Have Any Unique Personal Traits?

Indeed, he does! A tattoo adorns his right arm tricep, hinting at a deeper, perhaps adventurous side to him. Additionally, he often graces Lisa’s Facebook live videos, a testament to their close bond.

Who Holds a Special Place in Jeffrey’s Heart?

Jeffrey is a doting father to an adult daughter named Samantha. In June 2023, Samantha tied the knot, and Lisa’s house was the backdrop for this joyous occasion. Samantha is not just family; she’s also a vital part of Lisa’s team, often seen in Facebook live cooking sessions.

What Do Jeff and Lisa Enjoy Doing Together?

Traveling is a shared passion for the couple. From the lush landscapes of Ireland to the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean, they’ve journeyed together, strengthening their bond. They also indulge in recreational activities like boating and bike riding, truly living life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Jeffrey’s profession?

    Jeffrey is a renowned contractor in the Home Improvement domain, affiliated with Coventry Contractors in Pennsylvania.

  2. How old is Jeffrey Lawrence?

    As of 2023, Jeffrey is 51 years old.

  3. What are some of Jeffrey’s personal interests?

    Jeffrey enjoys traveling, boating, and bike riding and has a penchant for Captain Crunch cereal.

  4. Is Lisa Robertson engaged To Jeffrey Lawrence?

    Yes, Lisa Robertson is engaged To Jeffrey Lawrence.

  5. Is Lisa Robertson Married To Jeffrey Lawrence?

    Yes, Lisa Robertson is married to Jeffrey Lawrence, and the date is speculated to be around July 29th or 30th.

Final Thoughts

Lisa Robertson’s journey has been inspiring, from her successful stint on QVC to establishing her brand and now embarking on a new chapter with Jeffrey Lawrence. Their story reminds us that love can blossom at any stage in life; it’s a beautiful sight to behold when it does.

As they embark on this new journey, their story offers hope and inspiration to many. Here’s wishing the couple endless joy and a future filled with love and togetherness.

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  1. Congratulations to you both. I am so happy for Lisa bc I was a big fan of her on QVC & I am so glad she found her love!!! Much happiness to you both!!!

  2. I watched QVC back in the day you hosted. Loved your profound enthusiasm then and still to this day. So thrilled you found your love. Just goes to show never ever too late. Congratulations- you deserve much happiness my far away girlfriend. Best wishes to you both!!

  3. I am so very happy for you and Jeff, Lisa! I wish you all the happiness in your journey through life together! Have a wonderful time together! Big Hugs

  4. wow, what a surprise Lisa. you are still missed on QVC. Glad you have found so much happiness. Best of everything to you both.

  5. Hi Lisa! Best Wishes on your new adventure with Jeffrey! Have been watching you since you started on QVC and you’ve been great in your own business (I have spent a lot there!) Best to you and Jeff!

  6. I am so happy for Lisa and Jeff. She has inspired me over the years, and I will miss
    her showing us beauty secrets and chats with the likes of Dr. Denese, Leslie Blodgett, etc. It was a gut punch when she announced that she was leaving the q, and then again when she said she is closing the business. So glad she shared her life with us.
    I dont think qvc will ever have another Lisa.

  7. Have followed you for years. So happy you found your soul mate. Will miss your enthusiasm, and dedication to bring your customers, timeless ideas and great products. God bless.


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