Lisa Robertson QVC: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Engage, Married

Lisa Robertson is more than just a pretty face. She’s a T.V. star, a businesswoman, and someone who knows how to engage people and make them smile. People love her for her charm, clever jokes, and passion for what she does.

Lisa is famous for being on Q.V.C., one of the biggest T.V. shopping shows. Many fans tune in to see her, and she always finds new ways to keep them interested. Her age, net worth, and whether she’s married or has a husband are often topics of interest to her fans.

In this article, we’re going to explore Lisa’s life. We’ll learn about how she got started, how she became famous on Q.V.C., and what she’s doing now, including details about her age, net worth, and marital status.

So, get ready for an exciting trip into the life of Lisa Robertson. Her story is a great example of how dreaming big can make amazing things happen!

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Lisa Robertson’s Background and Early Life

Lisa Robertson was born on November 7, 1965, in a small town called Collegedale, Tennessee. As of 2023, she’s 57 years old.

Growing up, Lisa had a loving family. Her parents, Charles and Treva Charlene Robertson, were always there for her and her four brothers and sisters. They are Cheryl Sears, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Terry Allen Robertson, and Daniel Todd Robertson. Lisa’s family taught her to work hard and always try her best.

Lisa went to college at Southern Adventist University from 1984 to 1988. She loved fashion and design, so that’s what she studied. After she finished college, she entered a beauty pageant and won the title of Miss Tennessee in 1989.

Winning that title gave Lisa a chance to do something important. She became the spokesperson for the Drug-Free Tennessee program. She went around to schools, businesses, and community groups to talk about the problems with drugs.

The Governor of Tennessee, Ned McWherter, thought she did such a great job that he gave her an Outstanding Service Award. Her work in this role showed how much she cared about helping others.

Lisa Robertson QVC

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Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameLisa Robertson
Nick NameLisa
Date of Birth November 7, 1965
Age57 years as of January 2023
Birth PlaceCollegedale, Tennessee, United States
Living nowChester County, Pennsylvania, United States
Zodiac SignScorpio
ProfessionTV Personality, fashion, and home decor designer
SchoolNot Known
College/UniversitySouthern Adventist University
Education QualificationGraduate
Net Worth$5 Million USD as of 2023
Marital StatusIn a Relationship
Famous forT.V. Personality, fashion, and home decor designer

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Height5’10” Feet
Weight56 kg

Personal Life (Family, Husband, & Children)

FatherCharles Robertson
MotherTreva Charlene Robertson
SiblingBrothers: Terry Allen Robertson and Daniel Todd Robertson
Sisters: Cheryl Sears, Kimberly Ann Johnson
HusbandJeffrey Lawrence
DaughterSamantha Lawrence

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Lisa Robertson’s Personal Life

Lisa Robertson’s Fiancé Jeffrey Lawrence
Lisa Robertson’s Fiancé Jeffrey Lawrence

Lisa Robertson, the well-known and loved host from Q.V.C., has shared some joyful news with her fans. She and Jeffrey Lawrence are now officially married! The couple kept the exact date a secret but hinted at a summer or early fall 2023 wedding.

They wanted their wedding day to be special and private, with only their closest family and friends there. It must have been a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. They are starting this new and exciting part of their lives together as a married couple. Fans are thrilled for them and wish them all the best in their journey as husband and wife.

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Lisa Robertson’s Career and Q.V.C. Journey

Lisa Robertson’s journey into home shopping began in 1991 after she left beauty pageants. She started her career at Shop At Home, a Knoxville, Tennessee store that sold electronics. There, she learned a lot about selling things.

After working there for a little while, she joined a team that made a new T.V. shopping channel called VIA-TV. Lisa worked there for three years, improving at talking about products and connecting with people watching at home.

In 1994, Lisa got a big chance to work with Q.V.C., a famous shopping channel. She became a star there, talking about fashion, beauty, jewelry, and more. People loved watching her, and she helped create new shows and build a community of shoppers who tuned in to see her.

Lisa’s show was so popular that over 20 million people watched it every week. But being famous also brought some problems. Some people started stalking her, and it got so bad that the police had to step in. Lisa had to take steps to keep herself safe. This tough time in her life shows how important it is for famous people to be careful and protect their privacy.

Lisa Robertson family
Lisa Robertson family

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Lisa Robertson’s G.I.L.I. Line

In 2012, Lisa Robertson started something new. She created her own fashion brand called G.I.L.I. This brand makes things like handbags, jewelry, gift cards, shoes, and decorations for the home.

Lisa has a great sense of style and always wants to make things that are good quality. Because of that, her brand quickly became popular. She saw that her business was growing fast, so in 2014, she made a big decision. She left her job at Q.V.C. to focus on her brand. It was a brave choice, but it shows how much she believed in her actions.

Lisa Robertson’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Lisa Robertson has done really well in her career. She’s worked in fashion, beauty, and T.V. and has a net worth of $6 million. That’s a lot of money! It lets her live a nice life and buy some fancy things.

She has a beautiful house in Pennsylvania. It’s big and modern, with tall ceilings and big windows that let in lots of sunlight. The house is surrounded by green plants and trees, making it a peaceful place for Lisa to relax when she’s not working.

But that’s not all! Lisa also has a vacation house in California. She can go there to enjoy the sunny weather when she wants a break from her busy life.

Lisa loves fashion, and it shows. She often wears fancy clothes made by famous designers. She has a great sense of style and is proud of her dress.

Traveling is another thing Lisa enjoys. She’s been to many exciting places worldwide, like Europe and tropical islands. She likes to learn about different cultures and see new things.

Lisa also takes good care of herself. She likes to exercise and eat healthy food. She even shares her workout routines and healthy eating tips with her followers online.

So, what can we learn from Lisa’s life? She’s made a lot of money and uses it to enjoy nice things like beautiful homes, fancy clothes, and exciting trips. But she also cares about staying healthy and helping others. Her story shows that she’s worked hard to make her dreams come true and wants to improve the world.

Lisa Robertson QVC

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Post-QVC Career and Awards: Continued Success

Since Lisa left Q.V.C., she’s done some pretty amazing things in fashion and on T.V. She’s been on famous shows like “Good Morning America,” “The Anderson Cooper Show,” and “The Bethenny Frankel Show.”

But that’s not all! From 2013 to 2015, Lisa was part of “Project Runway All Stars.” This let even more people see how talented she is.

In 2014, people noticed how much she was doing for fashion. They gave her a special award called the Philadelphia Woman of Distinction Award. It was a big honor and showed Lisa’s importance in fashion.

Lesser Known Facts About Lisa Robertson

  1. Lisa Robertson was born on November 7, 1965, in a small town called Collegedale, Tennessee. It’s a place with fewer than 10,000 people.
  2. She went to Southern Adventist University in Tennessee and studied how to care for people’s health for a long time.
  3. Before being on TV, Lisa was in beauty pageants. She even won the title of Miss Tennessee in 1989.
  4. Lisa didn’t start at Q.V.C. right away. First, she worked at two other places where they sell things on T.V., called Shop At Home and Home Shopping Network.
  5. Lisa knows karate! She’s trained hard and has a black belt.
  6. Lisa wrote a book! It’s called “It’s a Beautiful Life,” and it came out in 2016. She talks about life, style, and how to look good in it.
  7. Lisa loves animals. She has had pets like dogs and cats and likes to show pictures of them on social media.
  8. She’s good at cooking and likes to make food for her friends and family. Lisa even shares her recipes and tips on her website and social media.
  9. Lisa likes art a lot. She collects it and likes to go to art galleries and museums. She talks about her art experiences with her followers on social media.
  10. Lisa loves to make her home look nice. She’s good at decorating, and her house in Pennsylvania shows how much she cares about making things look beautiful.

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Final Thoughts

Lisa Robertson’s story is an exciting one. She went from winning a beauty pageant to being on T.V. and even starting her own business. She’s worked hard and never gave up, even when things got tough.

Lisa had to deal with scary people stalking her but stayed strong. People love her because she knows a lot about fashion, beauty, and style, and she’s friendly and fun to watch on TV.

She’s also done a lot with her brand, G.I.L.I., and has been on different T.V. shows and in the fashion world. Lisa’s made a name for herself.

But there’s more to Lisa than just her work. She loves her pets, likes art, and enjoys cooking and making her home look nice. She has many interests, and people can’t wait to see what she’ll do next. Her story shows that you can achieve great things with hard work and a love for what you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did Lisa Robertson leave Q.V.C.?

    Lisa left Q.V.C. in 2014 to work on her fashion brand, G.I.L.I. She wanted to grow her business and try new things in fashion and T.V.

  2. What happened to Lisa Robertson and Eric McGee?

    Lisa and Eric McGee were together for a long time. Even though Lisa is 11 years older, they were close. But as of 2023, they are not together anymore.

  3. Where is Lisa Robertson moving to?

    There’s no news about Lisa planning to move from her home in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

  4. Where does Lisa Robertson live now?

    Lisa lives in a big, beautiful house in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It’s worth $800,000.

  5. How old is Lisa Robertson?

    Lisa was born on November 7, 1965, so she’s 57 years old in 2023.

  6. What is Lisa Robertson doing these days?

    Lisa is working on her fashion brand and being part of different T.V. shows and fashion events.

  7. Who is Lisa Robertson?

    Lisa Robertson is a former Q.V.C. host, entrepreneur, and fashion expert. She is best known for her long tenure at Q.V.C. and her fashion brand, G.I.L.I.

  8. What does Lisa Robertson do for a living?

    Lisa works on her fashion brand and participates in fashion and T.V. projects.

  9. Where is Lisa Robertson working now?

    Lisa is busy with her fashion brand and other fashion and T.V. work.

  10. What happened to Lisa Robertson Q.V.C.?

    Lisa left Q.V.C. in 2014 to work on her own fashion brand.

  11. Where does Lisa Robertson live?

    Lisa lives in a lovely house in Pennsylvania.

  12. Why did Lisa Robertson leave Q.V.C.?

    She left to work on her fashion brand, G.I.L.I.

  13. What is Lisa Robertson’s net worth?

    Lisa’s net worth is about $5 million.

  14. How did Lisa Robertson get started in the television industry?

    Lisa started at Shop At Home in Tennessee and then worked for Home Shopping Network before joining Q.V.C. in 1994.

  15. What is the story behind Lisa Robertson and Duck Dynasty?

    Lisa Robertson from Duck Dynasty is a different person. She’s married to Al Robertson from the show.

  16. Is Lisa Robertson married?

    Lisa Robertson is married to Jeffrey Lawrence and has been in a long-term relationship.

  17. What are some of Lisa Robertson’s popular products?

    Lisa’s brand, G.I.L.I., makes things like handbags, jewelry, gift cards, shoes, and home décor.

  18. How can fans connect with Lisa Robertson?

    Fans can follow Lisa on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website.

  19. What sets Lisa Robertson apart in the fashion industry?

    Lisa knows a lot about style and what people like—her time on Q.V.C. helped her understand what shoppers want.

  20. What does Lisa Robertson’s house look like?

    Lisa’s house is big and modern, with many windows and beautiful greenery.

  21. What was Lisa Robertson’s experience as Miss Tennessee?

    Lisa was Miss Tennessee in 1989 and spoke to people about staying away from drugs. The governor gave her an award for her work.

  22. What can fans expect from Lisa Robertson in the future?

    It’s hard to say exactly, but fans can look forward to more from Lisa’s fashion brand and her work in fashion and T.V. She’s always trying new things and working hard, so there’s sure to be more exciting stuff to come.

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