Mary DeAngelis QVC: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Cancer, Baby

Mary DeAngelis QVC

Are you curious to know about Mary DeAngelis’s life in detail? Mary DeAngelis is a famous TV host on QVC. She co-hosts the Kitchen with David show on QVC and is loved by many audiences.

Mary started her career in a call centre. She loved helping customers over the phone. Her great passion for assisting people in a friendly manner led her to become one of the most successful hosts and engage with many online audiences. She loves her job.

This article will discuss Mary’s age, husband, Net Worth, Cancer, Baby, and more. We will learn about her childhood, where she went to school, and how she became a TV star. We will also learn about her personal life and health and how she helps people understand and fight cancer.

Early Life and Education

Mary DeAngelis was born in Columbus, Georgia, on July 13, 1975. As she grew up, her life was full of excitement and change.

Thomas Green is the dad of Mary, who was a soldier in the United States Army. Because of her dad’s job, Mary needed to move a lot during her childhood. They live in West Point, New York, and Frankfurt, Germany. They must have seen many parts of the world.

Mary’s family was always there for her even though she needed to move a lot. Julie Green, her mom, always ensured their home was warm and loving. Elizabeth Green was Mary’s sister with whom she had many adventures. Mary also has an aunt named Julie, an important part of her life.

Growing up in a military family was fun for Mary, but she knows it might not be the same for everyone. Moving a lot taught her how to adapt to new places and be strong, skills that helped her later in her career.

Many graduated, but we don’t have all the details about Mary’s school years. Her education and her exciting childhood helped her understand people from all over. This understanding is one of the reasons she’s such a great TV host on QVC today.

Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameMary DeAngelis
Nick NameMary
Date of Birth07/13/1975
Age48 years as of 2024
Birth PlaceColumbus, Georgia
Origin ResidenceWest Chester, Pennsylvania
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionTV Host
Net Worth$3 Million USD as of 2024
Marital StatusMarried
Famous forQVC Host

Physical Appearance ( Height, Weight)

Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Height5’5″ Feet
Weight63 kg
Dress Size6 US

Personal Life (Family, Husband, Children)

FatherThoms Green, aka Tom
MotherJulie Green
SiblingElizabeth Green aka Liz (sister)
RelativePaternal Uncle: Bill Green
ChildrenElizabeth Green, aka Liz (sister)
HusbandDanny DeAngelis

Mary DeAngelis Husband

Mary DeAngelis’s Husband and children

Mary DeAngelis married Danny DeAngelis, whom she calls “Mr.D.” This couple is perfect for each other. They are both super friendly and love to laugh together.

Mary and Danny married on October 10, 2010, at Blarney Castle, a beautiful place that holds a special place in their hearts. They live in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where QVC’s headquarters are located.
They both love going on adventures.

They have traveled to different parts of the world and tried different foods together. They have a lot of respect for each other. Their relationship is filled with love and respect.
Mary is also a stepmom to Danny’s children from a previous relationship.

Even though they haven’t talked much about having a baby of their own. Mary loves being a stepmom. She often talks about her stepchildren on her QVC blog and social media, showing how much she cares for them.

Mary doesn’t have her own children, so being a stepmom is new to her. She loves her stepchildren and dedicates her time to them. Mary and Danny’s family are filled with joy and happiness.

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Career At QVC

Mary DeAngelis QVC

Before she worked at QVC, Mary DeAngelis had some different jobs. She worked as a flight attendant for US Airways, where she met people from all over the world. Working as a flight attendant helped her learn how to communicate with various people.

After that, Mary worked in a call centre, where she helped customers over the phone. This job made her communication skills even better.

Then, Mary started working at QVC. At first, she was a Call Center Representative and enjoyed talking to customers over the phone. Her talent was noticed, so she became a Social Host. This meant she could interact with people on social media and live chat.

In 2009 Mary got a great opportunity when she joined the TV team at QVC. People enjoyed watching her on TV because she was friendly and fun. Mary has appeared on many shows on QVC and often works with her friend David Venable. Viewers like her because she knows a lot about the products and makes them feel special.

One of Mary’s biggest achievements is hosting a show called “In the Kitchen with Mary” on QVC2. In it, she shares simple recipes and shows cool kitchen items you can buy on QVC. People love watching her cook, and the show is top-rated.

Mary went from being a flight attendant to a TV host because she loves talking to and helping people. Now, she’s a star on QVC because viewers love her warm personality and her passion for her job.

Mary DeAngelis Family

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Mary DeAngelis Cancer Journey

Back in 2019, just before Christmas, Mary DeAngelis got some tough news: she had thyroid cancer. It was a real shock, but Mary didn’t let it get her down. She’s a tough cookie, and she was ready to take on this challenge.

In January 2020, Mary had surgery to remove the cancer. After the surgery, she needed to take it easy for a while, especially with her voice. Mary works as a TV host, so her voice is important for her job. During this time, Mary showed a lot of bravery. She knew something wasn’t right, so she kept going to different doctors until they figured out what was going on.

Because they caught the cancer early, Mary was able to get the treatment she needed to get better. And now, she’s back to being healthy again.

Cancer changed Mary’s life. It made her realize how important it is to take care of herself. Even though it was tough, Mary stayed strong. She took a short break from her job at QVC to get better, but then she came back even more determined than before. Her battle with cancer has helped her see life and health in a new way, and she talks about this with her audience on QVC.

Mary’s fight with cancer has also made her want to help others. She knows finding cancer early and having support while getting better is important. Even though we don’t know all the details, Mary wants to raise awareness about thyroid cancer and help others who might be going through the same thing. Her story inspires her, and she uses her job at QVC to share it with others.

Mary DeAngelis Son

Mary DeAngelis Weight Loss Journey

Mary DeAngelis has been honest about her struggles with overeating when stressed. This started in high school, and food became a way for her to feel better. But it led to unhealthy eating and gaining weight. Mary knew she needed to make a change, so she started on a path to get healthy.

Mary wanted to get better, but it wasn’t easy. She had to overcome the habit of eating when she was upset, something that started when she was in high school. She also had to deal with the stress and worry that made her want to eat in the first place. This was about more than just diet and exercise.

Mary wanted to achieve her goals, so she tried different things. She read books to learn about eating well and feel motivated. She started meditating every day to handle stress better. She also made sure to be around positive people and thoughts, knowing it would help her. Mary worked hard, and it made a big difference in her life. She lost weight and feels better about herself.

Now, she’s careful about what she eats and thinks about food more healthily. Mary shares her story on her QVC blog and social media, inspiring others to live healthier lives. Her journey proves that anyone can make positive changes in their life with determination and the right approach.

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Mary DeAngelis Net Worth

Mary DeAngelis is a successful TV shopping host, especially known for her work on QVC. While her wealth isn’t confirmed, it’s estimated to be around $3 million. Most of her income comes from her QVC hosting job, where hosts typically earn between $40,000 and $110,000 annually. Mary has been with QVC for a long time and is very popular, which has helped her earn a steady income and take on more opportunities.

She has appeared on many shows, which has boosted her earnings. Additionally, Mary has created her brand through her work at QVC and on social media, likely increasing her income even more. Her success is a great example of how hard work and talent can lead to success.

Mary DeAngelis Family

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Mary DeAngelis really enjoys cooking and sharing recipes on her show, “In the Kitchen with Mary.” But her passion for food doesn’t end there. She loves trying out local dishes and learning about different food traditions when she travels. She even writes about these food experiences on her blog so her followers can enjoy the fun.

When she’s not working or traveling, Mary spends time with her rescue cat, Jasper, whom she and her husband adopted in October 2016. Jasper is like family to them, and Mary loves sharing photos and stories about him on social media.

Mary also loves hanging out with her family and exploring new places with her husband, Danny. Whether it’s a quick day trip or a faraway adventure, Mary and Danny enjoy discovering new things together. Her life is full of exciting experiences, and she enjoys sharing them with her loved ones.

Less Known Facts About Mary DeAngelis

  1. Mary DeAngelis enjoys reading books, which she finds inspiring and relaxing.
  2. Despite her busy schedule, Mary meditates to reduce stress and maintain a positive mindset.
  3. Mary’s care for animals goes beyond her cat Jasper; she is passionate about animal welfare and uses her platform to raise awareness.
  4. Cooking is not just a TV gig for Mary; she loves experimenting with new recipes at home.
  5. Mary is multilingual, speaking several languages, including German, thanks to her upbringing in diverse locations.
  6. When not working, Mary prefers outdoor activities like hiking and exploring nature, especially while traveling.
  7. Christmas is Mary’s favorite holiday, and she enjoys everything from the decorations to spending time with family.
  8. Mary is a coffee lover and enjoys trying different types of coffee, always starting her day with her favorite brew.
  9. Music is a relaxation method for Mary, who enjoys various genres after a busy day.
  10. Mary actively supports her community, often promoting local businesses and services on social media to help her followers discover them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Mary DeAngelis?

    Mary DeAngelis is a popular TV host on QVC. People like her because she’s friendly and lively.

  2. How old is Mary DeAngelis?

    Mary DeAngelis is currently 48 years old as of 2024.

  3. What is Mary DeAngelis’s role at QVC?

    Mary is a Program Host at QVC. She started as a Call Center Representative and then became a Social Host. Now, she talks to shoppers on different platforms, something she really enjoys.

  4. Where was Mary DeAngelis born and raised?

    She was born in Columbus, Georgia, on July 13, 1975. Her dad was in the Army, so she lived in many different places growing up.

  5. What was Mary DeAngelis’s early career before joining QVC?

    Before QVC, she was a flight attendant for US Airways and worked in a call center.

  6. Who is Mary DeAngelis’s husband?

    Mary’s husband is Danny DeAngelis. They got married on October 10, 2010.

  7. What about Mary DeAngelis having a baby?

    Mary is a loving stepmother to Danny’s child, but there is no public information about their pregnancy.

  8. What happened to Mary DeAngelis’s health?

    Mary had thyroid cancer but had surgery in January 2020. She’s all better now and supports cancer awareness.

  9. What is Mary DeAngelis’ estimated net worth?

    Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She makes most of her money from QVC.

  10. What are Mary DeAngelis’s interests and hobbies?

    Mary loves food and travel. She also enjoys spending time with her rescue cat, Jasper.

  11. How did Mary DeAngelis make her money?

    Her work at QVC, hosting many shows, has helped her earn money.

  12. How did losing weight help Mary DeAngelis?

    Mary’s weight loss journey has significantly impacted her health and lifestyle, improving her overall well-being and self-confidence.

  13. How did cancer change Mary DeAngelis’s life?

    It was a big challenge, but she fought hard and won. Now she supports cancer awareness.

  14. What does Mary DeAngelis do for fun?

    She spends time with her cat, Jasper, and her parents and explores new places with her husband.

  15. Why is Mary DeAngelis important to QVC?

    She’s been with QVC for a long time, starting as a Call Center Representative and now as a Program Host. She loves connecting with shoppers.

  16. What are some notable moments and achievements in her career?

    Among Mary’s many achievements at QVC, one that stands out is her role as the host of “In the Kitchen with Mary” on QVC2. This show is a spin-off of the original “In the Kitchen” show hosted by David Venable.

Final Thoughts

Mary DeAngelis has had a life full of ups and downs, just like a storybook. She grew up in a military family, which taught her to be tough and adaptable. Her job at QVC has been successful, but that’s not the only cool thing about her.

She’s been through some tough times, like when she found out she had thyroid cancer. But she didn’t give up. She fought the cancer and beat it. Her weight loss journey is another part of her story showing her determination and bravery.

But Mary’s life isn’t just about work and tough times. She loves food and traveling, and she has a rescue cat named Jasper, who she really loves. She’s also a big supporter of helping animals.

Mary DeAngelis is an amazing person. Her life shows us that no matter our challenges, we can overcome them with hard work and a positive attitude. Mary’s story inspires us all, whether it’s her job, health struggles, or hobbies.

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