What Did Antonella Nester’s Husband Do for a Living?

What Did Antonella Nester’s Husband Do for a Living

Antonella Nester is a former host of the popular TV shopping channel QVC. If you are a fan of QVC TV shows, you might know her from her time on the show. But have you ever heard about her husband, Chris Nester, and what he does? We are here to discover that.

Like his wife, Chris is not in the spotlight. We do not know much about him. Chris Nester’s job is somewhat of a mystery. However, Chris’s career significantly changed when they both lost their jobs around the same time. Chris was never a spotlight guy. He worked away from the public’s eye. They both made bold decisions when they lost their jobs.

Antonella and Chris have had tough times in recent years. They never gave up; they remained strong. Antonella is such a positive person that she shares their story on Facebook and YouTube. In this article, we will discover in depth the life of Antonella Nester’s husband and their story filled with strength, positivity, and a determined spirit.

What Did Antonella Nester’s Husband Do for a Living?

As of 2024, we do not know about Antonella Nester’s husband’s profession.

Antonella’s husband, Chris, had mostly maintained a low profile, away from the spotlight. Many of us are unaware of his profession. But we do know that Chris and Antonella both lost their jobs at the same time.

They both lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, which created many problems for many families, including them. This couple’s real struggle began there.

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Chris Nester: The Man Behind the Scenes

What Did Antonella Nester’s Husband Do for a Living

As we know, Chris was never a spotlight guy and used to stay out of the public eye. We do not have much information about Chris’s job. All we know is he lost it at the same time Antonella lost her job at QVC around the 2019 COVID pandemic. The pandemic made them sell their house. They started living on a boat full-time. Chris was a private person, but he always had a huge role in Antonella’s success.

Chris had suffered from a heart attack, but he recovered quickly. At the same time, Antonella was diagnosed with cancer. Chris always accompanied her to her final chemotherapy session. He always showed his unconditional support and love throughout her treatment. Their story teaches us that when we have the love and support of our partner, we can overcome every difficulty.

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How did Antonella and Chris meet each other?

Antonella and Chris’s love story started when they were in college. They became close friends in a short time and fell in love. They started dating and got married in a beautiful ceremony. Antonella mentioned that her husband, Chris, struggled to make money for living expenses.

Despite all the challenges, the couple saved money to buy things. They always stayed together through their ups and downs in life. They had three children: Michael, Philip, and Hope. They are now living independently, but sadly, their daughter Hope passed away due to cancer. This couple’s love and support for each other never decreased towards each other, no matter in happy or difficult times. They always have a positive attitude and make their family happy.

A Life on the Waves: The Nester’s New Home

Chris and Antonella made a bold decision after they lost their jobs. They had to sell their house and move to a 42-foot sailboat. They did not take this decision in a hurry. After they lost their jobs, they decided to live in a boat, which was part of their retirement plan.

The couple used to live with their adult son and two cats on the boat in Maryland. They plan to explore the East Coast and head South when the weather gets colder.

They had many challenges in their life, but still, they are enjoying their treatment on the boat. Antonella is a former QVC host. She has never given up on her hobbies. She loves collecting and trading vintage singer sewing machines. She also has a plan to sew curtains for their new home. Antonella and Chris love their life on the waves.

Overcoming Adversity: Health Challenges and Resilience

Antonella’s family went through very hard times beyond just losing their jobs. She faced serious health issues in her life. She came to know that she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer and later discovered she had breast cancer in 2020. She found a lump on her left hand. She had to remove it, so she went to the doctor.

Before that, she also had been suffering from leukemia. The doctors recommended three months of chemotherapy. With all those, Chris never leaves her alone. He stood by her side and always supported her.

In 2021, Chris had a heart attack while Antonella was dealing with her health issues. His heart was 95 percent blocked, but fortunately, they got him to the hospital and saved him. Despite facing these challenges, Chris not only focused on his recovery but also supported Antonella through her cancer treatment. Chris always showed his love and support towards Antonella in every matter.

Throughout all these hardships, the couple remained strong. Antonella kept a positive attitude and even shared their journey on YouTube and her Facebook page to keep everyone updated on their progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What did Antonella Nester’s husband do for a living?

    As of now, we do not have much information on what Chris did. But we know that Chris lost his job at QVC around the 2019 pandemic, and at the same time, Antonella lost her job.

  2. How did the Nesters adjust to their job losses?

    After losing their jobs, they boldly decided to sell their house. Then, they started living in a boat. They stated that living in the boat was their retirement plan, but due to job loss, they started it earlier.

  3. What health challenges have the Nesters faced?

    The Nesters had really hard times in the past few years, facing serious health problems, along with job losses. Antonella discovered she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a kind of blood cancer. Later, she also found out she had breast cancer. While she was getting treatment, Chris also had a heart attack. But as of now, they are doing completely fine.

  4. How have the Nesters shared their journey?

    Nesters share their life journey through YouTube videos and Facebook posts. Antonella has been updating people about their experiences and challenges. Despite all the challenges, they always have a positive attitude.

Final Thoughts

As of 2024, Nester’s job hasn’t been known as he is a private person who prefers to keep a low profile in social circles. Despite his mystical nature, we all know that the couple shares a lovely and supportive bond.

They had many ups and downs in their life but always supported each other. Chris consistently supported Antonella during her tough times, chemotherapy, and many more. Despite facing job losses and serious health challenges, they have remained a strong and united couple.

Their story inspires today’s generation, where they have never-ending, unconditional love for each other. They have shown that despite many challenges, we can overcome everything with love and support. Staying strong together is the main part of living a happy life. Now, they are living a happy life, and we wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

If you have any more information about Antonella’s husband, Chris. Please let us know in the comments below.

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