Did Antonella QVC Host Husband Dies? News Inside!

Antonella QVC Host Husband Dies

Do you like to watch movies? If yes, then in some scenes, you might think, how could life be so hard for someone? Well, in this article, we are going to talk about Antonella Nester, a former QVC host.

You won’t believe the painful incidents that occurred in her life. Nowadays, several rumors are spreading on social media, and many fans of Antonella are questioning, did Antonella QVC host husband die? Let’s find out.

 No, former QVC host Antonnella’s husband has not died, but he suffered from a heart attack. Not only this, they had really tough times. His husband lost his job. She was laid off from QVC, and they had to sell their house and live in a boat.

But Antonella proved that these challenges are nothing in front of her. She suffered from the bad days and came back stronger. How can someone find happiness in so much chaos? You may be wondering. Please read our article until the end and learn about this extraordinary journey. This journey inspires others and is a way to face hard times in life. This is the journey of Antonella Nester.

In this article, we will also explain what problem she suffered from and how she managed to come back stronger. There is so much you can know. So, stay with our article till the end.

Did Antonella QVC Host Husband Dies?

No, Former QVC host Antonella’s husband, Chris Nester, did not die.

While Antonella was fighting cancer and was about to receive her fourth and last round of chemotherapy, a sad incident happened to her husband.

 On July 23, 2021, Antonella shared a nearly 2-minute-long video on YouTube explaining the heart attack of her husband. She wrote, ‘Heart attacks don’t always present in the classic style.’ In the video, she was sitting outside of the hospital and praying for his husband.

Her husband had a 95 percent blockage on his heart, but they immediately brought him to the hospital, and he is completely fine now.

After that, he continued to support Antonella during her cancer journey.

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The Struggles of Antonella and Chris Nester

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many problems and hard times for so many people. The real struggles of the Nester family also started with the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, Antonella was laid off by QVC in 2019, where she had worked for a long time as an amazing host.

Her husband had also lost his job at the same time. While dealing with the financial crisis, Antonella found out that she had breast cancer and leukemia. She was told to do four rounds of chemotherapy and other radiation treatments. For this, they had to sell their house and move on to their 42-foot sailboat.    

If you think hard times ended for her, you’re mistaken. When she was about to go her last round of chemotherapy, her husband suffered from a heart attack.  

  Antonella Nester says,:

“If I were a person going to the movies to see this storyline, I would walk out shaking my head saying, ‘That’s so unbelievable, so unreal. How does something like that even happen?'”  

This couple also lost one daughter from cancer a couple of years ago. A normal person could have easily broken apart from this amount of pain and suffering. But Antonella decided to face the challenges and come back stronger.

Despite facing many hard times in life, Antonella considers herself blessed.

Antonella QVC Host Husband Dies

Chris Nester’s Heart Attack

On July 23, 2021, Antonella shared a video on her YouTube channel in which she talked about the heart attacks that don’t always come in classic style. 

You guessed it right. She was talking about his husband Nester’s heart attack. She explained that his husband had 95 percent blockage in his heart. She was thankful that they acted immediately to bring him to the hospital. Nester thought he had acid reflux with lots of burpings, but things got worse for him.

So, she says people should pay attention to the signs. She waited outside a hospital for her husband and prayed he would recover well while she was still fighting cancer. It was a tough moment for this beautiful couple.

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Chris’ Recovery and Support for Antonella

Chris recovered very quickly after his heart attack. Three days later, on July 26, Antonella posted a short 11-second video on YouTube of them being together, holding hands and laughing. They said, “We can do this!”.

 Antonella promised to keep her fans regularly updated. Chris was also doing well enough to leave the hospital. He even went with Antonella for her final chemotherapy session. 

At his hard times, Chris not only focused on himself but also supported Antonella through her cancer treatment. He was there for her, making her feel strong and loved. Their story shows us that love and a positive attitude can help us overcome any obstacles that life throws toward us. Their story is a lesson on how remarkable some people can be when they love and support each other at their difficult times.

Antonella and Chris’ Relationship Journey

Antonella and Chri’s relationship journey starts in college. They first met in college, where they became very close friends. They soon started developing feelings for each other and decided to start dating. After a while, they wanted to be together forever, so they got married in a beautiful ceremony.

Antonella said that her husband couldn’t make enough money for their living while they were married. They used to save money to buy the things they liked. But they are happy with what they have. They stayed together and overcame their problems, making their family super strong.

This couple has three children, Michael and Philip, who live independently now, and their daughter, Hope, died of cancer.

Whether the times are happy or sad, this couple always loves and supports each other.

Antonella’s Cancer Battle

In 2020, after she lost her job at QVC, Antonella found out that she had breast cancer. She found a lump on her left hand and went to the doctor to remove it at first. 

  Before that, She also discovered that she had leukemia. So after that, her doctors suggested she do chemotherapy for the next three months. It was a tough time for her, but her husband, Nester, was by her side. He always loved and cheered her. 

It was a tough time for her, and both couples had recently lost their job. But Antonella was determined to get well soon and ready to fight. After her first surgery, she underwent another surgery in March 2021. This was the time when she fought off the cancer. 

On July 30, 2021, Antonella finished her chemotherapy. Everybody congratulated them and wished her well. Finally, she beat the cancer and is doing completely fine now. 

What are Antonella and Chris doing now?

After leaving the QVC show and facing all these challenges, this couple sold their house and bought a boat, which is their new home. They are enjoying all of their retirement in the boat and going on adventures.

She shared on her social media that their boat is currently located in Maryland. She and her husband live with cats Samba and Wizard. They plan to cruise the East Coast and head south when temperatures drop after the summer. Even today, She has not given up on hobbies, like collecting and trading vintage Singer sewing machines. She said she is also planning to sew curtains for the boat. 

 We can see that she is loving her life.

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Final Thoughts

So, your question is, Did Antonella’s qvc host husband die? Has been answered. The answer is no. Although Chris suffered from a heart attack, he survived it with the great support of Antonella. 

Despite facing cancer, she cared and cheered for her husband.

This shows how much love and care they have for each other. Despite facing job losses and serious health issues, they have always stayed strong together. Their story teaches us about love, hard work, and the attitude of never giving up. Now, they are living a happy life. We wish them all the best for their future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Antonella Nester’s net worth?

As of 2024, Antonella Nester’s Net worth is around 2 Million Dollars.

How old is Antonella Nester?

Born on January 12, 1964, As of January 2024, she is 58 years old.

Is Antonella Nester Married?

Antonella Nester is married to Chris Nester. You may have heard about her husband after his heart attack incident.

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  1. I watched Antonella all the years she was on QVC. She was one of the great hosts who told the truth and didn’t lie. She was entertaining and always full of information about what she was presenting. God bless both you and your husband. Know that you’ve been missed for a long time but never forgotten.

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