What Happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC?

What Happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC

If you regularly watch QVC, you might have even watched Mary DeAngeli cooking yummy things ‘In the Kitchen with Mary’ on QVC on Saturday mornings. This show was so much fun to watch, where Mary made cooking look easy and exciting.

This show feels different these days. Some of Mary’s fans wonder what happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC. This show became part of another show called ‘In the Kitchen with David.’ 

If you want to know more about this topic, Is the show  “In The Kitchen With Mary”  Gone? Has Mary left QVC? Stay tuned. We will describe everything in this article.

How Did “In the Kitchen with Mary” Become a Hit?

The credit for the success of the show  “In the Kitchen with Mary” goes to no other than Mary, who engaged the viewers through her friendly and relatable personality. In this program, she featured various entertaining topics, adding humor or interesting stories. This created a pleasant experience among the viewers who watched this show. She helped people with common cooking challenges, taught about the latest food trends, and provided simple and tasty recipes. 

This show was more than just a cooking show. It ran on the QVC network for more than ten years. People liked the show because Mary made them feel like they were right there with her in the kitchen. All this contributed to the success of this show, making “In the Kitchen with Mary” a hit.

What Led to the Format Change?

So, the show went through a big change. It started as just ‘In the Kitchen with Mary,’ but then it became part of another show called ‘In the Kitchen with David.’  David Venable became the main host, and Mary was like a guest sometimes. Maybe they did this because they wanted more viewers to watch them, or perhaps things were changing with how people shopped from home. 

DeAngelis announced to her followers in early November that she would no longer be on In the Kitchen with David on Sundays. Instead, the show “In the Kitchen w/ Mary” will still be on QVC2 every Saturday at 11 am ET.

Many people like to see Mary and David together, but some people miss how the show used to be when Mary was the main host. Changes like these can create different feelings among viewers, leading people to have mixed opinions while watching the show.

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What Happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC

How Has the Change Impacted the Show’s Legacy?

Even with the changes in the show, a lot of her fans love Mary DeAngelis on QVC. People love her because she genuinely enjoys cooking and connecting with her fans. Many people miss how her old show was, but they are happy as it is still a part of ‘In the Kitchen with David.’ QVC has often switched things up with their shows to ensure they are giving viewers what they want to watch and buy. 

For the last three weeks, she has not been on. Her fans were thinking Does anyone know if this show is over? Has Mary left QVC? The answer to this question is No. Even though the show has changed, Mary’s cooking skills are still amazing, making her one of the favorite hosts on QVC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “In the Kitchen with Mary” Canceled?

No, it has merged with “In the Kitchen with David.”

What Was the Reason for the Change?

Likely a strategic decision to appeal to a broader audience and adapt to the changing home shopping landscape.

Can Fans Still Enjoy Mary’s Cooking Expertise?

Yes, through her cookbooks and active social media presence.

Final Thoughts

After having so much change in her original show on QVC, many of her followers are sad about the change. But many thought it was for a good reason to help the show keep up with what people like to watch and buy.

Despite that, Mary DeAngeli still does great at cooking, sharing recipes, and connecting with people on social media. She adapted to the change and stayed happy with it. She is giving her best to her audiences every time she enters the show.

There’s a lot more coming from Mary DeAngelis on QVC. So be sure to keep up with her on QVC, QVC2, and her official social media.

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  1. Mary DeAngelis hosts In the Kitchen with Mary, is a gem. You have answered by all answers, thanks to the writter.

  2. I miss Mary on In The Kitchen with Mary on Saturdays…it’s not the same without her!
    When you have a good thing, you always have to change it ☹️…not happy!!

  3. Maybe is has something to do with “David’s” ego! Did you notice the part about SHE is just a guest on HIS show? Just saying!

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