What Happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC?

Did you ever watch ‘In the Kitchen with Mary’ on QVC on Saturday mornings? Mary Mary DeAngeli would cook yummy things, which was so much fun to watch. She made cooking look easy and exciting.

But lately, the show seems different. Some fans wonder what happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC. Are you curious, too? Let’s find out together.

How Did “In the Kitchen with Mary” Become a Hit?

In the Kitchen with Mary’ was more than just a cooking show. People have loved watching it on QVC for more than ten years. Mary DeAngeli, the host, was always excited and happy to cook. She showed how to make different recipes and how to use cool kitchen tools. People liked the show because Mary made them feel like they were right there with her in the kitchen.

What Led to the Format Change?

The show changed a lot. It used to be just ‘In the Kitchen with Mary,’ but then it became part of another show called ‘In the Kitchen with David.’ David Venable became the main host, and Mary was a guest sometimes. Why did this happen? Maybe they wanted more people to watch, or things were changing with shopping from home. Some people liked seeing David and Mary together, but others missed how the show used to be.

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What Happened to In the Kitchen with Mary on QVC

How Has the Change Impacted the Show’s Legacy?

Even though the show has changed, people still love Mary DeAngeli on QVC. She loves cooking, and that makes many fans love her too. Some might miss her old show, but they’re glad she’s still on ‘In the Kitchen with David.’ Changing shows around is something QVC does sometimes. It’s part of how they keep up with what people like to watch and what they want to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “In the Kitchen with Mary” Canceled?

No, it has merged with “In the Kitchen with David.”

What Was the Reason for the Change?

Likely a strategic decision to appeal to a broader audience and adapt to the changing home shopping landscape.

Can Fans Still Enjoy Mary’s Cooking Expertise?

Yes, through her cookbooks and active social media presence.

Final Thoughts

In the Kitchen with Mary’ changed a lot on QVC. It joined with ‘In the Kitchen with David.’ Some fans might be sad about the change, but it was done for a good reason. It helps the show keep up with what people like to watch and buy.

Mary DeAngeli is still great at cooking, and people still love her. You can find her in her cookbooks and on social media. The way ‘In the Kitchen with Mary’ changed shows how TV shows have to change sometimes and how the people we love on TV can change too.

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  1. I miss Mary on In The Kitchen with Mary on Saturdays…it’s not the same without her!
    When you have a good thing, you always have to change it ☹️…not happy!!

  2. Maybe is has something to do with “David’s” ego! Did you notice the part about SHE is just a guest on HIS show? Just saying!


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