What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC?

What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC

Do you remember the mouth-watering delightful pies and pastries that you remember those lovely pies on QVC? The Company everyone loved, and people used to buy their product any day of the week, is no longer on QVC.  

Have you wondered What happened to The Real Pie Company on QVC? Today, they work independently outside QVC, offering a great selection of pies and pastries.

The Babich family-owned British company has been absent from the QVC for over a year. Do you wonder why? or do you think this Company stopped selling on QVC? What made them so famous? Read this article to the end to find the mystery. 

What is a Real Pie Company On QVC?

Real Pie Company is a food manufacturer from the UK owned by Husband-and-wife team Kira O’Donnell Babich and Fred Babich. They previously worked with QVC. They are locally sourced businesses with unique recipes and deliver products with the motto “created to the crust.”

What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC?

The Company has stopped its program on the QVC channel for over a year. The Company or QVC has no official statement regarding this; we also don’t know exactly why. It could be they wanted to sell elsewhere, or they have got into financial problems.

Many fans are worrying because they have stopped selling mouth-watering pies and pastries. But little do they know that they can still buy their pies in other stores. People think they might make a comeback on QVC someday.

What Made The Real Pie Company So Popular on QVC?

Real Pie Company has journeyed with QVC for over 13 years. This show has reached and connected with many people through this time. This Company is a family-owned company. They are a small team, making every pie by hand using the best ingredients. They have a slogan that each of their pie is “crammed to the crust.”

People love their mouth-watering varieties, including steak, pepper cheese, chili Beef, and many more. Their freshly made pies are loved by many, and people order them any day of the week.

The Real Pie Company was established in 1996, and this British Company quickly became a favorite show on the QVC channel. They first started their offering on QVC in 2007. 

This company claims that it uses the best quality ingredients to make its products with great text and texture. Their unique recipes are the reason people love this. They often provide special offers to their customers and have amazing delivery service. They individually wrapped and labeled the products and delivered them, maintaining a good temperature. This is why Real Pie Company was so popular on QVC.

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Why Did The Real Pie Company Stop Selling on QVC?

Many fans of the Real Pie Company are worried about their absence on QVC. They missed the unique recipes and juicy flavors Real Pie Company provided.

The Company or QVC has not given any official statement about this. However, various sources have claimed that the Company is focusing on other sales channels and stores. QVC could also be the reason they stopped selling the product. QVC is well known for mysteriously canceling deals with other brands. It might be that this product had a lot of competition and they were not selling well. So, to focus on the other brands and products, they made this. decision

There have been some claims that the Company might have had some money problems. There are also some rumors regarding the hygiene issues with the Company. People claimed that since very few people worked there, they probably didn’t have time to clean the kitchen.

According to Companies House, the directors all have addresses in Lancashire, but the manufacturer operates out of an industrial site in Crawley. This could also be one of the possible reasons Real Pie Company stopped selling on QVC.

But don’t worry, you can still buy their pies in other stores, and maybe they’ll come back to QVC someday.

What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC
Real Pie Company on QVC

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What’s the Current Status of The Real Pie Company?

Despite their discontinuation with QVC, the Real Pie Company says: “We continue to follow that philosophy even today, offering you a great selection of pies, pasties, pastries, and crumbles that have all been made with quality ingredients using our very own recipes.”

They have not talked about QVC on their social media pages. But with the conversation with their customers, they talked about new ways to sell their products, and they might have some plans with the QVC in the future.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

For over 13 years, the Real Pie Company’s presence at QVC has led them to connect with its customers emotionally. But now, their absence has left a void in their products, and many people are trying to fill it.

Many customers love buying their pies and pastries but cannot now. They want the Company to return to QVC. They are asking questions about the absence of the Company on QVC. But they are also happy about the Company working independently, hoping it’s returned. 

On the other hand, many people said this product is expensive and not worth it. Many loved the taste of their pies and steaks but were disappointed after not getting “crammed to the crust” as advertised.

These are the opinions of the people, which may vary from each other. However, they have shared their love for the product and Company and are unhappy to see the brand close in QVC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Real Pie Company still trading?

Yes, their products are available on their website and other retailers.

Who owns the Real Pie Company?

The husband-and-wife team, Kira O’Donnell Babich and Fred Babich, owns it.

How long has Real Pie Company worked with QVC?

Real Pie Company has worked with QVC for more than 13 years.

Final Thoughts

As a Real Pie Company fan ourselves, we understand your concern about The Real Pie Company disappearing from QVC. It feels very sad not to know what actually happened, but there could be several reasons. It could be because of business decisions made by QVC or financial issues with the Company.

It would be best to be happy that the Real Pie Company is still making pies and that you can buy their products from other stores or shops. Their return to QVC is not confirmed, but this is a question every true fan deserves to ask. We hope for their comeback in QVC soon.

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