What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC? 2023

Remember those delightful pies that used to tantalize your taste buds on QVC? What happened to The Real Pie Company on QVC?

Once a well-known dealer on the channel, the British company specializing in pies and pastries has been absent from QVC for over a year. Many fans are left wondering why. Let’s unravel the mystery behind their disappearance.

What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC?

Quick Answer: The Real Pie Company used to sell pies on QVC but stopped. We don’t know exactly why. It might be because they wanted to sell elsewhere, or QVC decided to stop selling their pies. They might have had money problems too. But don’t worry, you can still buy their pies in other stores, and maybe they’ll come back to QVC someday.

What Made The Real Pie Company So Popular on QVC?

The Real Pie Company’s popularity on QVC was no accident. Established in 1996, this British company quickly became a favorite on the channel, starting its offering in 2007. Their success can be attributed to:

  • Quality Ingredients: They used high-quality ingredients to make pies, pastries, baked goods, and crumbles. This made their food taste great and have a wonderful texture.
  • Unique Recipes: People loved their unique and traditional recipes. They gave an authentic taste that viewers enjoyed.
  • Special Offers: Their products were often part of special offers on QVC. This made them easy to buy and attractive to many people.
  • Consistent Presence: They were on QVC for many years, and this helped customers trust them and stay loyal to their brand.

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Why Did The Real Pie Company Stop Selling on QVC?

The absence of The Real Pie Company from QVC has left many puzzled. Here’s a closer look at the possible reasons:

  • Focusing on Other Sales Channels: The company started selling products online and in different stores. This new plan might be why they stopped selling on QVC.
  • QVC’s Decision: QVC is a big place to sell things and has a lot of competition. They might have stopped selling The Real Pie Company’s products if they weren’t selling well or for other reasons inside the company.
  • Financial Difficulties: We can’t be sure, but the company might have had money problems. They might have had to stop selling on QVC if that’s true.
What Happened to the Real Pie Company on QVC
Real Pie Company on QVC

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What’s the Current Status of The Real Pie Company?

Despite their absence from QVC, The Real Pie Company is still active:

  • Website Listing: Their website still says they sell through QVC, but there haven’t been any new updates about it.
  • Social Media Activity: They haven’t been talking about QVC on their social media pages lately.
  • Customer Engagement: In a recent question-and-answer session with customers. They said they’re thinking about new ways to sell their products. This might mean they have plans for the future.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

The Real Pie Company’s absence from QVC has stirred emotions among its loyal customer base. Once a staple on the channel, their products have left a void that many customers are eager to fill. Here’s a closer look at their sentiments:

  • Expressions of Longing: Customers want the company to return to QVC. They’ve said things like, “I used to love buying their products, but I haven’t seen them in a while. I hope they come back soon!” and “I’m so sad they’re not on QVC. Their pies are my favorite!”
  • Inquiries and Concerns: People are asking questions and worrying about why the company isn’t on QVC anymore. They’re asking things like, “Has anyone heard anything?” and “I’ve been trying to find out why they’re not on QVC.”
  • Loyal Following: The Real Pie Company has many loyal customers who are sad and miss their favorite pies. They’ve said things like, “I’ve been a loyal customer for years. I’m really sad they’re not on QVC anymore,” and “I hope they come back to QVC soon. I miss their pies!”
  • Hope for the Future: Even though people are disappointed, they still hope the company might return to QVC or sell in other ways.

These feelings from customers show how much they love The Real Pie Company. The company’s products have made people happy and helped them feel close to the brand. People really miss them on QVC, and they hope the company will come back soon.

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Main Reasons for Stopping Selling on QVC

A summary of the main reasons includes:

  • Company’s Focus on Other Channels: The company decided to sell more online and in different stores.
  • QVC’s Decision: QVC might have stopped selling their products because they weren’t selling well or for other reasons inside the company.
  • Potential Financial Difficulties: We can’t be sure, but the company might have had money problems. If that’s true, it might be why they stopped selling on QVC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Real Pie Company still trading?

Yes, their products are available on their website and other retailers.

Who owns the Real Pie Company?

Owned by the husband-and-wife team, Kira O’Donnell Babich and Fred Babich.

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Final Thoughts

So, what really happened to The Real Pie Company on QVC? We don’t know, but it could be because of business choices or money problems. The good news?

The Real Pie Company is still making pies; you can buy them elsewhere. Will they come back to QVC? We don’t know, but it’s an interesting question. For now, people who love pies can keep enjoying them and hope the company will return to the channel they used to be on.

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