Why is QVC Still Selling WEN? Behind the Controversy

Why is QVC Still Selling WEN

Are you amazed by the fact that WEN is still sold at QVC? WEN by Chaz Dean is a hair care brand. It has gained a lot of attention from the people and has been in debate in recent times. The brand has gained a huge presence in QVC despite many controversies and questions about its safety and effectiveness.

Many of the audiences wonder, why is QVC still selling WEN. The answer is simple: QVC focuses on factors such as the brand’s loyal customer base, legal considerations, and the significant financial impact of WEN’s sales on QVC and still selling the products.

In this article, we will discover and explore WEN’s journey, its popularity, controversies, and the reason behind QVC’s trust in this brand. If you are interested in learning about the story of WEN and QVC, please keep reading. Our article will provide detailed information about WEN’s journey, from its rise to popularity to its recent controversies. So, we hope you will stick with us as we take you through the ups and downs of WEN’s history in the haircare industry.

Why is QVC Still Selling WEN?

QVC keeps selling WEN products despite hearing a lot of complaints. The complaints are mostly about hair loss and scalp problems. They still do this because many customers of WEN still like their products. Nobody official has said they have to stop selling them.

WEN has a different way of cleaning our hair. They use special conditioners instead of using regular shampoos. This method is called co-washing. It helps to get rid of dirt without taking away the natural oils from our hair, which some shampoos do.

A lot of people still prefer WEN because they say their hair looks and feels better. As it is made with natural stuff people still like it. WEN says their products can do five things: clean like shampoo, condition, deeply condition, untangle hair, and leave it feeling soft. Since they use things like plants, many people like its natural way to take care of their hair.

QVC makes a lot of money from selling WEN products. So that may be the main reason they are still selling it.

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The Popularity of WEN

The story of WEN haircare starts with Chaz Dean, a young guy with big dreams and a solid plan to build his career. Chaz spent his early years moving around New Jersey and Pennsylvania before settling in Semi Valley, California, when he was about 14. It was there where Chaz found out that his passion for hair care was ambitious. He believed in a thoughtful approach to beauty, which became the backbone of his products and brand.

Chaz originally wanted to be a photographer and even took classes in high school, but he felt something was missing. So, he shifted gears and started focusing on makeup and hairstyling. In May 1993, he launched his brand and introduced the first-ever 5-in-one hair product. People started noticing how much healthier their hair looked after using his stuff.

His products are like a shampoo, conditioner, and detangler all in one. Chaz promises that you won’t need to use any heat styling tools after using his products. Celebrities like Teri Hatcher, Angelina Jolie, and Marcia Cross loved his stuff and even invited him to their parties.

In 2005, Chaz got a big break when he launched WEN on QVC, a popular shopping network. It became super popular and even had celebs like Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields endorsing it. WEN was known for its cool way of cleaning and conditioning hair without damaging it. It was like a new way of washing hair without causing any harm.

The Controversy Surrounding WEN

Why is QVC Still Selling WEN

WEN a well-known hair care company, faced a big problem. Many customers, more than 21,000 of them, said that using their products made their hair fall out and their scalps hurt instead of making their hair better. This caused the FDA to look into it in 2014, and that same year, over 200 women took WEN to court in California. 

In 2016, WEN agreed to pay $26 million to settle the case out of court, but they didn’t admit they did anything wrong. People who had trouble with their products could get up to $20,000 each. But even after that, complaints about WEN products kept coming in, and by 2021, the government had gotten more than 21,000 complaints. 

Even with all this bad news, WEN products are still being sold, and a lot of people still believe in them. Big stores like QVC are still selling WEN stuff without saying anything about the problems. Some people might not trust WEN anymore, but it’s clear that WEN has made a big impact on the hair care world.

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Why QVC Continues to Sell WEN?

QVC is still selling WEN products despite the controversy. Here’s why:

Loyal Customer base: Many people love WEN because it makes their hair healthier and easier to manage. While some have had negative review experiences, most customers are happy with the products.

Legal Standpoint: There’s no law forcing WEN to stop selling its products. The FDA is looking into the issue. So, until they finish the investigation, the products are considered safe to sell. In the United States, companies are solely responsible for making sure their products are safe for use. It is left up to them to decide whether or not to remove a product from the market.

Financial considerations: WEN is a top-selling brand on QVC. It is making a lot of money for the network. Removing such a popular product could have impacted their finances. So, QVC may think that selling WEN products is more beneficial than not.

In 2020, the WEN brand got several awards from QVC, like Best Shampoo, Best Treatment, Hairspray, and the QVC Icon Award. 

Despite a few complaints, a QVC spokesperson said that the number of products sold is more important than any bad reputation. Many customers still trust WEN’s promise to make hair healthier with natural ingredients. WEN keeps finding new ways to please its loyal customers. QVC makes a lot of money from selling WEN. 

They know that hair loss can have many causes, so WEN might not work for everyone. That’s why QVC still sells WEN products and makes a huge profit from it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is WEN?

    WEN is a popular brand of hair care products founded by Chaz Dean. They offer cleansing conditioners instead of regular traditional shampoos.

  2. Why is WEN controversial?

    WEN has faced controversy because some customers have reported hair loss, scalp irritation, and other problems after using their products.

  3. Has WEN been recalled?

    No, as of 2024, there hasn’t been a legal order to recall WEN products.

  4. Why does QVC continue to sell WEN?

    QVC keeps selling WEN because it has many loyal customers, and there hasn’t been a legal order to stop selling it. Plus, it’s a profitable product for them.

  5. What is the current status of the lawsuits against WEN?

    The lawsuits against WEN ended with a $26 million settlement in 2016. However, the FDA is still investigating.

  6. Are there people who are satisfied with WEN products?

    Yes, many people are satisfied with WEN products and continue to use them.

  7. Is WEN safe to use?

    WEN products have had mixed reviews. Some people have no issues using them, while others have experienced problems. As with any product, individual experiences may vary.

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Final Thoughts

The WEN brand has faced many challenges but has become very successful on QVC. This success is thanks to loyal customers, their business goals, and legal matters. Even with current legal issues, many customers still like WEN’s hair care products. 

However, the brand’s controversies show there might be issues with their personal care items. As customers, we need to know the facts and pick products that match our needs and preferences. 

If you’ve tried any of their products, please comment down your thoughts below. 

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  1. I have used Wen for about 9 years now & I LOVE it! At one point, un 2017, I suffered from an ” episode” of “telogen effluvium”. My hair just ” stopped growing.” I actually thought at the time that perhaps ” Wen” had something to do with this, but shortly thereafter realized that it was due to the fact that I had lost 30 pounds relatively quickly. My hair eventually ” self- corrected”. I continued to use Wen & still do to this day. I feel very badly for those that have had such adverse reactions! So hard to believe that a product that has been extremely beneficial to millions has also caused others so much harm! Would be wonderful if some type of ” allergy” testing could take place prior to use!,

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