Kerstin Lindquist QVC: Age, Husband, Daughter, Weight Loss

Kerstin Lindquist QVC

Kerstin Lindquist is someone you might recognize if you watch QVC. She’s a host who many people trust and like because she knows a lot about the products she talks about and she’s good at her job.

But Kerstin is not just a host on QVC. She’s also a wife and a mom. She has even written a book and is really into staying healthy.

Kerstin has faced some tough times, like struggling to have a baby and working on weight loss. But she didn’t give up. She worked hard and became someone others look up to, especially when balancing work and home life.

In this article, we will learn more about Kerstin Lindquist from QVC. We’ll learn about her age, husband, and daughter. We’ll also talk about her journey with weight loss. We want to show you a full picture of this amazing lady, not just the parts you see on TV.

Early Life and Background

Kerstin Lindquist was born in Orange County, California, on October 27, 1977. She had a happy childhood with a family that taught her to work hard and have strong values.

From a young age, Kerstin loved the performing arts. She took part in many school plays and shows. Life wasn’t always easy for her. She had to work part-time jobs to help her family and pay for her college education. But she didn’t give up. She worked hard in school and did well.

After finishing high school, Kerstin went to Franklin and Marshall College. There, she studied and earned a degree in Political Science. College was a busy time for her. She was involved in different activities on campus. She also followed her love for acting and started getting into journalism.

Kerstin Lindquist

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Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameKerstin Lindquist
Nick NameKerstin
Date of Birth October 27, 1977
Age45 years As of 2023
Birth PlaceOrange County, California, USA
Origin ResidenceWest Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
ProfessionJournalist, Actress, & Author
CollegeFranklin and Marshall College
Education qualificationGraduation
Net Worth$1 Million as of 2023
Marital StatusMarried
Famous forQVC  host
DebutFilm:” 100 Girls” (2000)

Physical Appearance (Height, Weight)

Eye ColorGray
Hair ColorBlonde
Height5’6″ Feet
Weight58 kg
Dress Size4 (US)
Shoe Size9 (US)

Personal Life (Family, Husband, children)

Boyfriend/ HusbandDan Lindquist (married in 2003)
ChildrenDaughters: Grace and Georgia
Son: Ben
Kerstin Lindquist Family

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Personal Life: Marriage and Family

Kerstin’s life story is about her deep bond with her husband, Dan. They first met in 2000, and after dating for three years, they decided to get married in 2003. Dan has always been there for Kerstin, helping her through some really tough times, including being unable to have a baby for a long time.

Their wedding was a very personal and special event. They chose a place that meant a lot to both of them to say their vows. They focused on their love story when planning their wedding, ensuring it was a day that truly celebrated their love and the start of their new life together.

Sadly, the road to becoming parents wasn’t easy for Kerstin and Dan. They had to face the sadness of losing babies before birth and the frustration of being unable to have a baby. But they didn’t give up. Their love for each other kept them going.

After some time, they started thinking about adoption. Their dream came true when they adopted a wonderful little girl. Their story of not giving up and building their family, even when it was hard, gives hope to others going through the same thing.

Now, as mom and dad, they work hard to ensure they have time for each other and their daughter. They believe in keeping family traditions and values. Their love for their daughter and strong bond show their dedication to their family.

Career At QVC and Acting

Kerstin Lindquist Husband
Kerstin Lindquist Husband

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After finishing college, Kerstin started working as a news reporter in her local area. She got good at reporting and even tried her hand at acting. She didn’t become a big star, but she did get to be in some commercials and small parts on TV shows. Even then, she kept getting better and stayed excited about her job in the entertainment world.

In 2011, she joined the QVC team. Since then, she has become an essential part of the network. She has shown many different products on TV and has become friends with other hosts and people who work at QVC.

People who watch QVC really like Kerstin. She has a way of talking about products and the people who make them that viewers connect with. This has made her a person viewers trust and respect when shopping from home.

But Kerstin didn’t stop there. She also started her product lines. This let her use her creativity and business skills even more. She connected with her viewers in a new way, sharing things she cares about, like staying healthy and making homes look nice and fashionable. These products show her tastes and interests and let her connect deeply with her audience.

Personal Growth: Weight Loss and Health

Kerstin had a tough time with her weight for many years. But one day, she chose to start living healthier. She worked hard, ate good food, and started exercising. Because of this, she lost a lot of weight.

Many people find her story very inspiring. Kerstin likes to share what she learned with others. She advises and cheers people who want to be healthier and happier. She even became a yoga teacher to help people find peace in their minds and bodies.

Besides her job, Kerstin loves to help her community. She works with groups that help people in different ways. She chooses to support causes close to her heart and her life experiences.

Kerstin cares about helping others. She supports things like assisting people to adopt kids, teaching others about fertility, and starting programs for health and wellness. She believes in doing good things to change other people’s lives positively.

Kerstin Lindquist Son

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Kerstin Lindquist Net Worth

Kerstin Lindquist is doing well for herself; she has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. This didn’t just happen by chance. She worked hard and became a successful host on QVC, a big part of how she earned her money. But that’s not the only way she makes money; she has other jobs and projects that add to her wealth, too.

But Kerstin is not just about making money. She also cares a lot about helping others. She spends time and effort doing charitable work, which means she helps people in her community who need it. This makes her not only rich in terms of money but also rich in kindness and generosity.

So, Kerstin Lindquist is not just a person with a lot of money but also a big heart. Her hard work and dedication to her job and community show that she is a successful TV personality who adds value to her community.

Kerstin’s Work-Life Balance Philosophy

Kerstin is a person who knows how to keep her work and personal life in harmony. Even though she has a job that asks a lot of her, she always makes time for her family and takes care of her feelings and needs. She understands that looking after every part of her life, not just her job, is vital.

The secret to Kerstin’s great balance between work and home life is her deep faith and the help and love she gets from her family and friends. She is firm about setting limits to have a good mix of time for work, family fun, and her hobbies and interests. This way of thinking helps her work well while being a caring and present wife and mom.

Kerstin Lindquist Family

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Kerstin’s Impact on Others

Kerstin is a well-known host on QVC, but she is also an author and someone who loves to help others. She has made a big difference in many people’s lives. She works hard in her job but takes time to be with her family and help out in the community. This shows people you can do well in your job and still have time for family and helping others.

She has faced some tough times but didn’t let that stop her. She kept going, and now she shares her story with others. This helps people see that they can get through hard times, too. Kerstin tells people to believe in themselves and to lean on their friends and family when times get tough. She is a great example for others because she shows you can overcome any challenge with faith and strong relationships.

Lesser Known Facts About Kerstin Lindquist

  1. Kerstin is someone who loves yoga. She is a certified yoga teacher who likes to help others find peace and stay healthy.
  2. She can speak Spanish well because she studied in Spain in college.
  3. Before joining QVC, she worked as a news reporter in her local area. She even got to be the main person presenting the morning news on CBS.
  4. Kerstin and her husband, Dan, have a strong marriage. They have been happily married for more than 18 years.
  5. She has shared her personal story in a book called “Five Months Apart.” In this book, she talks about the hard times she and her husband faced when trying to have a baby and how they adopted their daughter.
  6. Kerstin has a deep Christian faith, which she often talks about on social media and in interviews.
  7. She has a big heart for animals, especially her two rescue dogs, who are a part of her family.
  8. Besides her work, she spends time helping others through charity work. She supports groups that help with adoption, help people learn about fertility, and promote good health.
  9. In her free time, she likes to cook and shares her favorite recipes and tips for eating healthy on her social media.
  10. When it comes to vacations, Hawaii is her top choice. She has been there many times with her family and loves it a lot.
Kerstin Lindquist Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Kerstin Lindquist known for?

    Kerstin Lindquist is famous for being a TV host on QVC. Besides that, she is an actress and writer and even teaches yoga. She has become quite popular and has done many great things in her career.

  2. What is Kerstin Lindquist’s background?

    Kerstin grew up in Orange County, California, in a family that greatly cared for her. When she was little, she learned to work hard and value important things. She went to Franklin and Marshall College and got a degree in Political Science.

  3. What is Kerstin Lindquist’s net worth?

    As of 2023, Kerstin Lindquist has a net worth of $1 million. She earned this money from her successful job at QVC and other jobs she has done.

  4. How did Kerstin Lindquist become a QVC host?

    Kerstin became a part of the QVC family in September 2011. Since then, she has become a very important person on the channel. People like watching her because she is real and connects well with them.

  5. What is Kerstin Lindquist’s philosophy on work-life balance?

    Kerstin thinks having a good balance between work and personal life is very important. She believes in having clear boundaries and making time for family and things she enjoys. Her faith and the support from her family help her maintain this balance.

  6. What philanthropic causes does Kerstin Lindquist support?

    Kerstin helps out with many charitable groups and projects. She supports causes close to her heart, like adoption awareness and helping people stay healthy.

  7. What is Kerstin Lindquist’s personal transformation journey?

    Kerstin has shared that she worked hard to become healthier. She focused on eating well and exercising to lose weight and feel better.

  8. Is Kerstin Lindquist leaving QVC?

    As of now, in 2023, there are no plans for Kerstin to leave QVC. She has been a part of the QVC team since 2011 and is a loved host.

  9. Where is Kerstin Lindquist going?

    There is no news about Kerstin planning to leave QVC or join another company. She is still a valuable member of the QVC team.

  10. What happened to Kerstin Lindquist’s daughter?

    Kerstin hasn’t shared any specific details about her daughter in public. But she mentioned that her daughter was adopted, and she and her husband faced difficulties having children, including experiencing miscarriages.

  11. How old is Kerstin Lindquist?

    Kerstin was born on October 27, 1977, and is 45 years old in 2023.

  12. What does Kerstin Lindquist’s husband do?

    There isn’t much information about what Kerstin’s husband, Dan, does for a living. But we know he has always been there for Kerstin, especially during the tough times they faced while trying to start a family.

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Final Thoughts

Kerstin Lindquist is a person who shows us how to be strong, loving, and successful. She has touched many people’s lives through her work and her kindness. She keeps improving in her job at QVC, and many people look up to her.

She works hard but takes time for her family and helps others through charity work. This makes her a great example for people who want to do well in their jobs and improve the world.

Kerstin’s life shows us that if you want something and work hard for it, you can get it. Even when things are tough, you can get through it with the help of friends and family. Kerstin Lindquist has done many good things in her life, and she shows us the amazing things that can happen when you don’t give up.

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