Stacey Rusch QVC: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Height

Stacey Rusch QVC

Stacey Rusch is a friendly and well-known T.V. host in America. She’s also a reporter, presenter, anchor, and brand ambassador. Stacey comes from Brambleton, Virginia, and people love her for her charming personality and how much she cares about her work and community.

Stacey is a big part of the QVC network. She first showed up as a guest for Susan Graver, and now she’s a favorite host on the channel. She loves helping women find clothes that show who they are. At QVC, she likes that there are so many choices for women of all different sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

This blog post explores Stacey Rusch QVC’s life, including her Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, and Height. We’ll learn about her education, career, hobbies, and more. It will be a fun and interesting look at a person who’s done many great things!

Early Life and Education

Stacey Rusch was born on April 6th in the United States. We don’t know exactly where she was born, but she spent a lot of her life in Brambleton, Virginia. Every year, she celebrates her birthday with her close friends and family, and it’s a time to think about all the great things she’s done.

Stacey grew up with just her mom. Even though it can be tough to be a single parent, her mom made sure Stacey had everything she needed. Stacey talks a lot about how strong her mom is and how she learned to work hard from her. Even though her dad wasn’t around when she was young, she still loves him very much. She’s a forgiving and understanding person.

When it was time to go to college, Stacey went to Berufsakademie Mannheim. It’s an outstanding school known for being tough but teaching a lot. She got a Bachelor’s Degree in Science there, which helped her learn how to think carefully and understand the world.

Her time at this school helped make her the successful woman she is today. It shows how important education can be in helping you grow and do well in your job.

Stacey Rusch Family
Stacey Rusch Husband & Daughter

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Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameStacey Rusch
Nick NameStacey
Date of BirthApril 6th
Age34 years (Approx)
Birth PlaceUnited States
Origin ResidenceBrambleton, Virginia
EthnicityNot known
Nationality American
ProfessionBachelor’s Degree in Science
SchoolNot known
College/ UniversityBerufsakademie Mannheim
EducationBachelor’s Degree in Science
Net Worth$3 million USD as of 2023
Marital StatusMarried
Famous ForQVC Host

Physical Appearance ( Height, Weight)

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight56 Kg
Dress Size 4 (US)
Shoe SizeNot Known

Personal Life (Family, Husband, Daughter)

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
SiblingNot Known
HusbandThiemo Rusch

Stacey Rusch Daughter
Stacey Rusch Daughter

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Personal Life

Stacey Rusch is married to a man named Thiemo Rusch, who comes from Germany. Thiemo is a smart and successful person who went to a well-known school in Germany called Berufsakademie Mannheim. Now, he has a big job at Audi America, Inc., where he’s the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations. He’s in charge of offices in different cities and helps sell Audi cars in the U.S.

Stacey and Thiemo have a loving and strong relationship. They respect each other and have shared many life experiences together. Before they had their family, they lived in Germany and traveled worldwide, learning about different cultures. Now, they live in Brambleton, Virginia, and are involved in their community, helping out with events and activities.

They have a daughter named Arabella, born in November 2015, who brings joy and happiness to their lives. Stacey and Thiemo are good at balancing their busy careers with being parents. Stacey works on T.V., and Thiemo has his big job at Audi, but they make sure to spend quality time with their family. They used to live in Washington, D.C., before moving to Brambleton, adding to their interesting life story.

Family is really important to Stacey. She loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and even their pet dog, Amadeus. She often shares pictures of their family life on social media. Stacey believes her family gives her strength and inspiration, and thanks them for her success and happiness.

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Career At QVC

Stacey Rusch started her career as a Yoga instructor, teaching a special kind of yoga called Vinyasa. This yoga helps people feel balanced and calm by moving with their breath. Stacey was so good at it that she taught at some really important places like NASA, the White House Athletic Center, and even the CIA. She helped many people feel better and be part of a community.

Then, Stacey decided to try something new. She became a reporter and host on T.V. She worked on FOX5’s Morning News show, Good Day DC, and Good Morning Washington on ABC7. She got really good at talking to people on live T.V. In April 2022, she got a job at QVC, hosting a show called PM Style Thursdays.

At QVC, Stacey did great. She started as a guest for a famous fashion designer named Susan Graver and quickly became a host. People loved her lively personality and her sense of style. She even got to work as a fashion designer and helped Susan Graver with her global brand. Stacey helped women find clothes that let them show who they are.

Stacey’s career has lots of amazing moments. She went from being a yoga instructor to a T.V. host, showing how talented and flexible she is. She’s not afraid to try new things. Her success at QVC, both as a host and a fashion designer, is really special. Stacey’s story shows that if you love what you do and work hard, you can be successful in many different things.

Stacey Rusch Dog
Stacey Rusch Dog

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Stacey Rusch’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Stacey Rusch’s estimated net worth is about USD 3 million. This amount comes from what she’s earned from her different jobs on T.V. and as a brand ambassador. Net worth means the total value of everything someone owns minus what they owe, and it can change over time.

Stacey’s main way of making money comes from her successful T.V. career. She’s worked on many big T.V. shows as a host, reporter, presenter, and anchor, and that’s helped her earn a lot of money. Stacey also makes money by being a brand ambassador, where she helps promote products and gets paid for it.

Her job at QVC has really helped increase her net worth. As a host on the show, she’s seen by millions of people, which usually means she gets paid well. Plus, she’s worked as a fashion designer for Susan Graver, a popular seller on QVC, which has also helped her make more money. Stacey has made a steady income by helping create and promote new fashion trends, adding to her net worth.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Stacey Rusch has many interests, and one of her favorite things to do is travel. She thinks traveling helps open your heart and mind, giving you new ways to see the world. Before she and her husband had their family, they traveled worldwide, learning about different cultures. These trips have helped them see the world in new ways.

When she’s not working on TV, Stacey loves to spend time with her family. She enjoys these special moments and often shares pictures on social media. Shopping is another thing she likes, which makes sense since she works in fashion.

Stacey also loves to travel to exciting places like Mexico, Barbados, Rome, and Abu Dhabi. These trips give her a break from her busy life and help inspire her in her work. She’s also a big animal lover, and her family has a pet dog named Amadeus, who brings even more happiness to their lives.

Stacey Rusch Daughter & Husband
Stacey Rusch Daughter & Husband

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Less-Known Facts About Stacey Rusch

  1. Stacey Rusch is not just a T.V. host; she’s also a certified yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa yoga, a flowing style connecting movement with breath.
  2. She’s taught yoga at some pretty amazing places, including NASA, the White House Athletic Center, and even the CIA. That’s quite an impressive list!
  3. Before having their daughter, Stacey and her husband, Thiemo, lived in Germany and traveled all over the world. They must have had some incredible adventures!
  4. Speaking of her husband, Thiemo Rusch is a big deal at Audi America, Inc., where he’s the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations.
  5. Stacey and Thiemo have a daughter named Arabella, born in November 2015. She’s the apple of their eye.
  6. Their family also includes a furry friend, a pet dog named Amadeus. Pets really do make a house a home, don’t they?
  7. Before joining QVC, Stacey worked on FOX5’s Morning News show, hosted Good Day DC, and reported for Good Morning Washington on ABC7. She’s a real pro!
  8. At QVC, Stacey quickly moved up from being a guest for fashion designer Susan Graver to hosting her own show. She even became a fashion designer herself and worked as Susan Graver’s Global Brand Developer.
  9. Stacey’s hard work has paid off. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is around USD 3 million. That’s quite an accomplishment!
  10. Travel is a big passion for Stacey. She believes it can open your heart and mind and change your life. With all the places she’s been, it’s easy to see why she feels that way!

Final Thoughts

In this blog post, we’ve closely examined Stacey Rusch’s life. We’ve explored everything from her early days and education to her exciting career at QVC. We’ve also peeked into her personal life, talked about how much money she might have, and even learned about her hobbies.

Stacey Rusch’s life story is really something special. She started as a yoga teacher and became a much-loved T.V. host at QVC. But that’s not all. She’s also a dedicated family person and someone who cares about her community. Plus, she has some fun interests like travel.

What makes Stacey so amazing is how she’s been able to do so many different things and do them all well. She’s worked hard, been creative, and stayed true to her beliefs. Her story shows you can reach your dreams through passion and hard work. It’s a story that can inspire all of us, no matter what we want to do in life.

Stacey Rusch Family
Stacey Rusch Family

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stacey Rusch?

Stacey Rusch is famous in America as a T.V. host, reporter, presenter, and anchor. She’s also known for being a brand ambassador. People love her for her friendly and charming personality, and she’s really committed to her work and her community.

What is Stacey Rusch’s date of birth?

Stacey celebrates her birthday on April 6th. She grew up in the United States.

What is Stacey Rusch’s educational background?

Stacey went to Berufsakademie Mannheim, where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

How did Stacey Rusch start her career?

Stacey’s career began as a Yoga instructor. She taught a special kind of yoga called Vinyasa at some really important places like NASA, the White House Athletic Center, and even the CIA.

What was Stacey Rusch’s first job?

Her first job was teaching Vinyasa yoga at some very well-known places.

How did Stacey Rusch transition from being a yoga instructor to a T.V. host?

After teaching yoga, Stacey moved into T.V. She worked on several shows and got a job at QVC in April 2022.

What is Stacey Rusch’s role at QVC?

At QVC, Stacey started as a guest and then became a host. She even got to work as a fashion designer.

Who is Stacey Rusch’s husband, and what does he do?

Stacey’s husband is Thiemo Rusch. He’s from Germany and works as the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations at Audi America, Inc.

Does Stacey Rusch have any children?

Yes, Stacey and Thiemo have a daughter named Arabella, who was born in November 2015.

Where does Stacey Rusch currently live?

Stacey and her family live in Brambleton, Virginia. They are very involved in their community.

What is Stacey Rusch’s estimated net worth?

Stacey’s estimated net worth is around USD 3 million as of 2023.

What are Stacey Rusch’s sources of income?

Stacey makes money from her T.V. work and also as a brand ambassador.

What are some of Stacey Rusch’s personal interests and hobbies?

Stacey loves to travel and spend time with her family. She also enjoys shopping and has a pet dog named Amadeus.

How has Stacey Rusch’s career at QVC contributed to her net worth?

Her work at QVC has helped her earn a lot of money, which has added to her net worth.

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