Monifa Days QVC: Age,Husband,Net Worth,Weight Loss,Height

Monifa Days QVC

Monifa Days is a talented person who wears many hats. She’s an actor, business owner, and TV host, and she comes from Detroit, Michigan. Now, she’s a well-loved host on QVC, a TV channel where people can shop for all kinds of things. Her lively personality and the way she talks to people on TV have made her a big hit with those who watch her.

Monifa really loves her job at QVC. You can tell because she often uses the hashtag #ilovemyqvcjob when she posts on social media. She’s a big part of the QVC family; people enjoy watching her.

This blog post delves into Monifa Days QVC: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Height, and much more. We’ll explore her upbringing, education, career beginnings, hobbies, family life, and financial success.

We’ll also learn about her family and how much money she’s made in her career. It’s going to be a fun and interesting look at a person who’s done a lot of cool things!

Early Life and Education

Monifa Days was born on January 28, 1972, in Detroit, Michigan, a city famous for its cars and lively culture. But she didn’t just grow up in Detroit. She also spent a lot of her childhood in Chicago. These two big cities, both full of life and different kinds of people, helped make Monifa the talented and interesting person she is today.

We don’t know a lot about Monifa’s family, like her parents or if she has any brothers or sisters. But we do know that her family was really important in her life. They taught her values that she still believes in and follows today.

Monifa is not just talented; she’s also really smart and well-educated. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit and got a Bachelor’s in Acting. This helped her learn all about how to be a great actor. But she didn’t stop there. She went on to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to get a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. This shows how serious she is about her acting career.

Monifa’s education wasn’t just about getting degrees. It was about becoming the best actor she could be. She worked hard to learn everything she could about acting, which has helped her become successful. Her love for acting and her dedication to learning about it have made her a star.

Monifa Days Husband
Monifa Days Husband

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Quick Overview

Personal Details (Age, Date Of Birth)

Full NameMonifa Days
Nick NameMonifa
Date of BirthJanuary 28, 1972
Age51 years as of 2023
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan, United States
Origin ResidenceLos Angeles, United States
EthnicityNot Known
ProfessionTV Host, Actor, Entrepreneur
SchoolNot known
College/ UniversityWayne State University
EducationUSD 5 million as of 2023
Net Worth$5 million USD as of 2023
Marital StatusMarried
Famous ForQVC Host

Physical Appearance ( Height, Weight)

Eye ColorNot Known
Hair ColorNot Known
FigureNot Known
Height5’8″ inches
Weight68 kg
Dress SizeNot Known
Shoe SizeNot Known

Personal Life (Family, Husband, Children)

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
SiblingNot Known
DaughterMakila (Daughter)

Monifa Days Family
Monifa Days With Daughter and Husband

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Monifa Days Career At QVC

After finishing college, Monifa Days set out on an exciting path in the world of Acting. She even helped start the Congo Square Theatre Company. This wasn’t just a place for her to act; it was a way for her to help other artists express themselves too.

Monifa acted in many popular plays like Layla’s Dream, Wedding Band, The Bluest Eye, and Spunk. People could see how talented and dedicated she was every time she performed. These plays helped her improve at acting and made her well-known in the theatre world.

But Monifa didn’t just stick to Acting. She wanted to try something new and connect with even more people. That’s when she became a host on QVC, a famous TV network in America. We don’t know exactly how she got the job, but we do know that she was drawn to hosting after years of Acting, writing, and directing.

Once she started at QVC, Monifa really shined. She was warm, friendly, and real; people loved watching her. She quickly became a favorite host on the network. Even though she switched from acting to hosting, she was still able to be successful. This shows how talented and committed she is.

One of the coolest things about Monifa’s career is when she won a big acting competition sponsored by TNT. She beat 2500 others and won a prize worth over $100,000! This win wasn’t just about the money; it was a sign of her talent and hard work.

Monifa’s success as a QVC host is also something to admire. She has a special way of connecting with the people who watch her and brings a lot of energy to the screen. Her story is inspiring, especially for anyone wanting to be an actor or host. Her journey shows that you can achieve great things with talent, hard work, and a love for what you do.

Monifa Days

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Monifa Days Personal Life

Monifa Days is married to a man named Will, and they have an extraordinary love story. They first met at their university and fell in love over time. They’ve been married for over twenty years now, and Will has always been there for Monifa, supporting her in everything she does.

Their relationship is strong and full of love. They respect and understand each other and love spending time together. They’ve been married for a long time, but they still care for their relationship, ensuring it stays strong.

But their love story isn’t just about them. They have a daughter named Makila, and she’s a big part of their lives. She’s smart and has big dreams, and she even went to the University of Chicago, one of the best schools in the country. Monifa and Will are really proud of her.

Monifa, Will, and Makila love spending time together as a family. They go on adventures and even share pictures of their trips on Instagram. They also love to sing karaoke together, and one of their videos even went viral online! They know how to have fun and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Family is super important to Monifa. Her husband and daughter give her the love and support she needs to do well in her career. She loves spending time with them and often shares pictures of her family on social media. You can see how much she loves them in everything she posts.

Monifa’s family isn’t just a big part of her personal life; they also inspire her in her work. Her love for her family shines through in everything she does; they are a big reason she’s been so successful. Her story shows that family can be a source of strength, love, and joy, no matter what you’re doing in life.

Monifa Days Daughter
Monifa Days Daughter

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Monifa Days Net Worth

Monifa Days has done really well in the world of entertainment. She’s worked hard, and it shows in her success. As of 2023, she has a net worth of $5 million. That’s a lot of money and comes from everything she’s done in her career.

Monifa has many talents and uses them to make money differently. She’s an actor, a host on QVC, and even runs her own fitness company, MoFit Days.

Her job at QVC is one of the main ways she makes money. People really like her on the network, and she gets paid well for her work there. We don’t know exactly how much she makes, but QVC hosts usually earn between $62,500 and $122,339 a year. That’s a big part of her net worth.

But Monifa doesn’t just make money from hosting. She’s also been in some popular plays and even won a big acting competition. That’s added to her earnings too.

And don’t forget about her fitness company, MoFit Days. Monifa used to be a fitness instructor, and now she’s turned that passion into a business. That’s another way she makes money.

Monifa’s success isn’t just about the money, though. Being on QVC has made her more well-known, which could lead to even more opportunities in the future. Her story shows that you can achieve great things if you work hard and use your talents. It’s not just about the money; it’s about doing what you love and succeeding.

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Personal Interests and Hobbies

Monifa Days is a talented actor and host and has many different interests and hobbies. Let’s take a look at what she loves to do when she’s not working.

  1. Mentoring Young Writers: Monifa cares about helping others. She’s part of the Lena Waithe Hillman Graduate Mentorship, where she helps young people learn how to write. She loves to help the next generation of writers grow and learn.
  2. Gardening: Monifa loves to garden. She finds joy and peace in taking care of plants. It’s like a way for her to relax and connect with nature.
  3. Trying New Foods: Monifa loves food! She enjoys trying new restaurants and tasting different kinds of food. It’s a fun way for her to explore new flavors and enjoy the art of cooking.
  4. Spending Time with Family: Family is essential to Monifa. She loves spending time with her husband and daughter, whether it’s just a regular day or an exciting adventure. She even shares pictures of their fun times on Instagram.
  5. Karaoke with Her Husband: Monifa and her husband love to sing karaoke together. They have so much fun doing it that one of their videos even went viral online!
  6. Traveling: Monifa loves to travel. Some of her favorite places to visit are the Maldives and Seychelles. These beautiful spots allow her to take a break, explore new places, and relax.

So, Monifa’s life is full of exciting hobbies and interests. Whether she’s helping young writers, gardening, trying new foods, spending time with family, singing karaoke, or traveling to beautiful places, she knows how to enjoy life. Her passions show she’s dedicated to her work and cares about her community, family, and personal growth. Seeing how she balances her busy career with the things she loves to do is inspiring.

Monifa Days Daughter and Husband
Monifa Days Daughter and Husband

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Less-Known Facts About Monifa Days

  1. Theatre Performer and Co-Founder: Monifa is not just a host on QVC; she’s also a talented actress. She even helped start the Congo Square Theatre Company and has acted in many popular plays.
  2. Mentor to Young Writers: She loves helping young writers grow. Through the Lena Waithe Hillman Graduate Mentorship, she guides them in their writing journey.
  3. Gardener and Food Lover: Monifa enjoys gardening and trying new foods. She loves exploring restaurants and sharing her food adventures with others.
  4. Fitness Enthusiast: She’s into fitness and even runs her own fitness company, MoFit Days. It’s part of what makes her income so diverse.
  5. Travel Lover: Monifa loves to travel. Her favorite places to visit are the Maldives and Seychelles, where she can explore and relax.
  6. Karaoke Fun: She and her husband, Will, love to sing karaoke. They even share videos of their singing on social media!
  7. A Hero at UNC Charlotte: Monifa helped students to safety during a scary shooting incident at the University of North Carolina Charlotte in 2019.
  8. Champion of Diversity: She believes in diversity and inclusion. Monifa teaches courses and takes part in projects that promote these important values.
  9. Resilient and Adaptable: Her journey from starting a theatre company to hosting on QVC shows her strength and adaptability.
  10. Family-Oriented: Despite all her success, Monifa’s family is her heart. She loves sharing their special moments and adventures on social media.

Final Thoughts

Monifa Days is an amazing person who has done many things in her life. She’s an actress, a businesswoman, and a TV host. Born in Detroit, she worked hard to become a favorite host on QVC. But that’s not all she’s about. Monifa loves her family, helps young writers, and has many hobbies.

Here’s what makes Monifa’s life so special:

  1. Her Career: Monifa has done a lot in her work life. She’s acted, started businesses, and hosted TV shows. Her success shows how talented and hardworking she is.
  2. Her Family: Monifa loves her family very much. They are a big part of her life, and she spends lots of time with them.
  3. Helping Young Writers: She cares about helping young people learn to write. Monifa works with a program that helps them grow their writing skills.
  4. Her Hobbies: Monifa has many interests. She likes gardening, trying new foods, singing karaoke, and traveling to beautiful places.
  5. Her Values: She believes in treating everyone fairly and equally. Monifa teaches about these values and works on projects that help make them real.

Monifa’s life is full of success, love, and fun. She’s worked hard in her career and enjoys her time with family and hobbies. Monifa also helps others and stands up for what’s right. Her story is a great example for all of us. It shows you can achieve great things with hard work, love for family, and a passion for life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Monifa Days?

Monifa Days is a talented person who has done many things. She’s an actress, a businesswoman, and a TV host on QVC. She also started a theater company and a fitness company.

When and where was Monifa Days born?

Monifa was born on January 28, 1972, in Detroit, Michigan. She later lived in Chicago.

What is Monifa Days’s educational background?

Monifa went to Wayne State University and got a degree in Acting. Then she went to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and got a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

What was Monifa Days’s early career like?

Monifa started a theater company and acted in many plays like Layla’s Dream and The Bluest Eye.

How did Monifa Days start her career at QVC?

Monifa wanted to try hosting on TV, so she went to QVC. We don’t know all the details about how she started there.

What are some notable moments and achievements in Monifa Days’s career?

Monifa won a big acting competition and got more than $100,000 prize. She’s also a popular host on QVC.

Who is Monifa Days’s husband?

Monifa’s husband is named Will. They met in college and have been married for over 20 years.

Can you tell me more about Monifa Days’ family?

Monifa and Will have a daughter named Makila. They like to go on adventures and sing karaoke together.

What is the role of the family in Monifa Days’s life?

Monifa’s family is very important to her. She spends a lot of time with them and shares pictures on social media.

What is the estimated net worth of Monifa Days?

Monifa’s net worth is $5 million as of 2023.

What are the sources of Monifa Days’s income?

Monifa makes money from hosting on QVC, acting, and her fitness company.

How has her career at QVC contributed to her net worth?

Monifa makes a good salary from QVC, which helps her build her net worth.

What are Monifa Days’s personal interests and hobbies?

Monifa likes to help young writers, garden, try new foods, spend time with her family, and sing karaoke.

How does Monifa Days spend her free time?

Monifa spends her free time with her family, singing karaoke and traveling to beautiful places like the Maldives and Seychelles.

What are some less-known facts about Monifa Days?

People might not know Monifa’s love for gardening, trying new restaurants, singing karaoke with her husband, running her fitness company, and her favorite travel spots.

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