What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC?

What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC

If you have ever watched the QVC shopping channel, you may know about the Northern Nights brand on QVC. If you are still wondering, let me inform you that this trendy Brand is famous for making comfortable bedding items. 

But Nowadays, I am reading reviews from customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of their current purchase. Some say they are scratchy, others say they are too short, and some say the seams on the sheets are unraveling. But some people also say they can still count on the products from this Brand. But What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC? Northern Nights was the “best product ” for a long time.  

In this article, we will explain what happened to this Brand and people’s experiences with this product. You will get to know what has changed with this Brand in the last few years.

So, to know about the Northern Lights journey in QVC, starting from its rise and downfall, stay tuned with our article. We will uncover all the topics today like a detective. 

What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC?

Northern Nights brand has been bedding items and home textile products for a long time. But in recent days,  the company has received a huge downfall. Many people are giving bad reviews about the company. 

Many people complained that their sheets were shredded after a few washings. Some complain about the poor quality cotton they use now. Many people are unsatisfied with the product, as they are less lovely and soft than they were in earlier days.

There could be various possible causes behind this problem. People say that the quality of this Brand went down as   Northern Nights started manufacturing its products in China. Before, they were made in Portugal and India. 

Many people now say they won’t buy any products from this Brand. It leaves us wondering if this Brand will survive in the future. 

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The Rise of Northern Nights

The success of the Northern Nights brand started 20 years ago when they started providing the finest natural fiber bedding to provide premium home comfort to their customers.

From the beginning, they started creating the best design products and selling them at affordable prices, which attracted many customers. QVC was very popular during the initial days, so after this Brand got connected with QVC, many people started trusting it.

The famous products from Northern Nights were its Mattress and the Supima cotton sheets. These products were very soft and luxurious. They used good quality materials, and it was long-lasting. These products have 8.3/10 ratings, which is pretty good.

They provided good quality products with comfort and quality. The designs were super luxurious. All these qualities kept their customers happy, leading The Rise of Northern Nights to this height. 

What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC

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The Decline in Quality

People started complaining about the products in the last few years, especially after Covid. They realized that the product’s quality and its experience differed from what it used to be earlier. Even their best-selling products were getting negative reviews. 

People said they couldn’t find 100% cotton, as it was mixed with something. People also felt disappointed with the selection and price.

Giving his dissatisfaction about the product, one user wrote in the QVC community chat: 

“The quality went south when Northern Nights started manufacturing their products in China. The last set that I purchased from them, about ten years ago, was very disappointing. The corners on the fitted sheet were shredded after a few washings; the top sheet and pillowcases would never lie flat. I iron my cotton sheets, so this shouldn’t have happened. The fabric itself felt thinner and of poorer quality cotton than the sheets I bought from them in the early 2000s. I haven’t bought anything from Northern Nights since. Like many lines on the Q, like Quacker Factory, Louis, Bob Mackie, Dennis Basso, and others who are no longer carried, vendors were forced to cheapen their products to fit the Q’s pricing guidelines.”

This all started after the Brand shifted its manufacturing. So, with this step, they are now focusing on the quantity of the product rather than quality. These things are letting people down.

The Shift in Manufacturing

Northern Lights brand used to manufacture its products in Portugal and India at the beginning. But after the big Covid hit, they shifted their manufacturing to China. They said they took this step because of the cheap labor, manufacturing cost, and high earning opportunities.

However, this step of the Northern Lights brand is not working in the favor of their customers. Many people seem very unhappy about the feel and quality of this product. While being the same product user myself, I also feel the same.

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The Impact on Customers

Many people are now worried about the downfall of the Brand because they used to get the best quality at affordable prices earlier. But now the case has been totally different. Customers are also really concerned about the future of the company.

 The change in manufacturing location has impacted the quality and coziness of this product. In recent days, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, this product has gotten a  lot of negative reviews.

Once upon a time, this Brand was used to create awesome and comfy stuff people loved. But lately, people have said this Brand needs to focus on better quality products. Many people are thinking about switching to other brands. So, people are no longer loyal to this Brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Northern Nights?

    Northern Nights is famous for making top-notch bedding items like sheets and fluffy blankets. It became trendy on QVC because of its fancy and long-lasting products.

  2. What happened to Northern Nights on QVC?

    Lately, people have seen that the quality of Northern Nights items has decreased. The sheets and blankets that were once soft and fancy now feel rough and not as nice. Also, where they make these products has changed from Portugal and India to China.

  3. Where are Northern Nights products made?

    In the beginning, Northern Nights items were made in Portugal and India. But now, they are being made in China.

  4. Are Northern Nights products still available on QVC?

    Yes, you can still find Northern Nights products on QVC. However, many people would not like the lower quality of the products and wonder what will happen to the Brand on QVC in the future.

  5. Are there alternatives to Northern Nights products?

    Yes, other brands sell good bedding products. But which Brand you choose will depend on what you like regarding material, how much you want to spend, and other things.

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Final Thoughts

The shift in manufacturing impacted the company. The company really needs to focus on this. From providing the best quality products to customers for 2 decades to getting a lot of negative reviews lately, this has impacted the company’s growth. 

In order to survive in the future, this company needs to start satisfying customers and providing the best quality products again instead of focusing on money. They should be concerned about getting their loyal customers back.

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2 thoughts on “What Happened to Northern Nights on QVC?

  1. I was fortunate enough to have gotten one of their mattresses while it was being made in India. I sleep on it nightly and it has held up perfectly. I wondered why recent reviews were all bad. Now i know. China has ruined quality. Yet, the prices are outrageous. People really should refuse to buy their products. There’s an ultimate price to pay in the long run when choosing companies that don’t care about quality. I only choose labels that aren’t made in china.

  2. I just bought what was supposed to be a northern nights down king comforter. The plastic bag said northern nights but the actual tag on the blanket itself doesn’t. The tag on the blanket says prestige home textiles. RN 92859. Made in China. Is it a forgery?

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